• Release of Security Deposit of DR JTOs who have completed 5 years of Service.

    Dear all

    DRTOs  compleeted 5 years of service   send Letter for secuirity refund with details in format.

    .Security Refund of DRJTO




  • ONE DAY STRIKE on 27/07/2017



    press release related to 27th July 2017 One day strike. The press note is by the Convenor of the BSNL Unions and Associations of Executives and Non Executives. District Secretaries (Dist.Convenors) are requested to release this press release in your local district level news papers and TV channels. gundannack, Convenor,                                         24.07.2017 Press statement on the one day strike on 27


  • Circle body member CS CP CEC memebrs had meeting with circle administration.

    Dear All 
    CP Ashok shigli, CS Sundar raju and CEC Members Manjunath BG,  Monipriya visited circle GM(Admin/HR) and had detail discussion on various issues on 20/07/2017
    as per Agenda submitted by AIGETOA KTK to CGMT on 15/06/2017
    We met GM HR/admin. DGM staff/Admin AGM HRD.

     1.Calling of EPF option form for Higher Pension:                                                                                                                                  GM Admin assured  Accounts section meet EPFO .

    2.EPF  Training period interest to be credited to EPF office: Accounts section have already sent letter to epfo asking to provide the demand note and the same is expected from the EPFO shortly and will be credited as per the demand note.Pending SSA DS has to take iniative meet account section and  EPFO.

    3.Relieving of Rule 8 and Intra circle JTOs: 

    we thanked circle administration for reveling  throuh ERP

    4. LICE JTOs posting:

    We are requested to call options to LICE passed JTOs for posting all SSA.

    5. Sending VCs of LDCE and DPC candidate for their promotion from JTO to SDE: 

       Completed and sent to corporate office.

    6. Publication of Rule 8 waiting list on quarterly basis & separately for spouse cases:

       completed and published in the web site.

    7.  JTO/SDE transfer Request to other Circle/SSA is not forwarded by some SSAs including BGTD.

      Circle administration issued letter to all SSA.

    8. Submission of information of First TB Promotion data sought by BSNL CO for processing the case of implementation of uniform Time Bound Promotion after 4 years:

     Completed and sent to corporate office.

    9.Time Bond promotion of JTOs/SDEs E3 to E4  process started it will be completed  early.





    Copy of reply of rebutal by DoT in CP No 060/00001/2017 in CAT Chandigarh in OA No 060/00361/2015. Click here


  • Karnataka Circle published Elgibility list of JTOs.

    Dear all

    Circle administartion published Elgibility list.

    All are requested go through it in detail

    CEL Cvg ltr

    Eligibility List of JTOs

  • ALL DRs of karnataka circle open your Eyes go through letter submitted . Whether AIGETOA opposed RULE 8 ?

    Dear all

    DRs of Karnataka circle

    Some of DRs misguiding  by saying they only did Rule 8/only did intra circle transfer, AIGETOA opposed Rule 8 and AIGETOA Anti-DRs association.

    Let us  open their eyes,

    In BSNL, AIGETOA is the only one association working for 100% DRs  members.

    we are not having any hidden agenda to protect.

    After AIGETOA Intervention and Vigilant fallow up only everything was transparent.

    AIGETOA Karnataka circle has never and ever opposed Rule 8  process

    instead we started everything before they realise the importance of DRs and Rule-08.

    Now without AIGETOA DRs they cannot dream to resolve issues at every level.

    Letter to CGMT Reg Rule 8 by AIGETOA KTK.

    (Letter submited to CGMT on 12.05.2017 Copy :ltr to cgmt 12.5.17 Reg rule 8)

  • AIGETOA KTK Circle activly persuing all pending issues of DRs in karnataka.

    Dear All

    As per Letter submitted to CGMT all issues are actively considered by circle administration.

    Letter submited to CGMT on 15/06/2017 :Letter to CGMT 2017-06-15

    1.Now Rule 8 waiting published on 07/07/2017:Rule-8 WL as on 30.06.2017

    and discrepancies send representation to Circle office. before 22/07/2017

    Guidelines for Rule 8 waiting list Ref.procedure-for-R8-Request-Tfr.

    2.Time bond Upgarde  status from circle:Time bond upgarde reply to corp office

    3.VC of LDCE 2015 and DPC already sent.

    4.Releving of JTOs Rule 8/intera circle :relieving JTO Rule8


  • Last date for submission of membership form for salary deduction is 15.07.2017.

    As per guidelines, the change in membership can be submitted latest by 15.07.2017.
    All District Secretaries are requested to submit the forms in time and monitor the progress. Approach all the BSNL Recruited executives who are non members of JF and convince them to join AIGETOA, the Association exclusively representing the BSNL recruited fraternity and  strengthen the Unity movement. 
    Let us bring all BSNL recruited executives under the umbrella of Joint Forum.
    Today is last day for non member to join aigetoa.
  • AIGETOA Circle body meeting held at NTB on 11/07/2017

    AIGETOA Circle body meeting held at NTB  attended by 
    Ashok Shigli  CP
    Sundraju  CS
    vinid Bansal  CFS
    Manioj TS  Org Sec
    Chandran ACS
     Sumitra  AFS
     Uttam  ACS
    Jayakumar CEC member
     Shivakumar boppe CEC members/DFS BGTD
     Harish  DS NGN/CEC member
    Ajay kr  ACS 
     Durgesh kr  CEC members
    Agenda points Discussed 
    1.AIGETOA KTK Total paid members increased after  salary deduction .
    2. Fund status of circle account.
    Circle account Fund: Updated to all circle body members.
    3.All Circle and district body members concentrate New members addition and reorganization of  ssa body by Aug 31
    .Taking non members to aigetoa  membership : As per Joint CEC Resolution non members  become membe of aigetoa.
    4.Participation on strike 13 and 27.
    All members participate by applying one day cl. 
    5. CHQ. Issues
    .Informed to JS south for early transfer fund circle /SSA quota. 
    6, Finalization of AGM date.
     Decided to conduct AGM in the month of September.
     Date  will decided after verifying avilibility of  chq representatives. 
    Circle body Vacant post and adding new office bearers at levels ssa/ circle body. 
    7, SSA body formation and reorganization
    where DS DP DFS transferred. CS plan shortly 
    8, Meeting with joint forum  . CS will plan after discussing with CS SNEA. 
    jointly visit SSA.
    As per Joint forum resolution CS both association plan jointly visit all SSA.
    Resolution of joint CEC held at Delhi on 18/06/2017
  • AIGETOA Karnataka Circle Body meeting on 12/07/2017 5.30pm

    Dear All

    AIGETOA KTK Circle body meeting organsied on 12/07/2017 at NTB 5th Floor Conferance hall

    All circle body members,District body members of CO/MS/BGTD/MPLS NOC/STR/NGN are informed to attend.

    Discussion pending issues at SSA/Circle/CHQ and plan of action.

    Agenda points Sent by Email.