• AIGETOA KTK Team met CGMT at circle office.

    AIGETOA KTK CP,CS,Org Sec,VP,ACS met CGMT Shri P Ragawan  on retiring on 31/03/2013 ,AIGETOA Team  wished CGMT , during his period Karnataka circle done tremendous development.

    1.  Rule 8 cases are pending: At present total 102 JTOs are in the Waiting list, we requested the CGM to relive maximum number of JTOs especially those who have requested for deputation and also the genuine cases like Spouse and Medical cases. CGMT has also taken congnisance  of the fact of Rule -8 list being piling up and discussed this issue in the last meeting with Sr GM(HR/Admin).Also he has Written DO letter to corporate office regarding the requirement of JTOs in Karnataka circle.
    2.Long Standing SDEs posting : SDEs can be posted in all SSAs particularly in Belguam, Raichur, Bellary SSA where there is acute shortage of SDEs .CGMT assured all the SSA are being taken care of as per the requirement that exists.
    3. AIGETOA KTK CS:In brief discussion on future of BSNL next coming days.
    CGMT expressed his full confidence on DRJTOs/DRJAOs working in BSNL, he has quoted that all of us need to concentrate on revenue areas, services must improve in all sections from up till down.

    Notice for one day mass CL on dated 8th April 2013 as a protest against negative approach towards following the court cases and delaying the posting of LDCE qualified executives.

  • AIGETOA KTK CS met Sr GM(HR/Admin) discussed the issues of DRJTOs/SDEs.

    AIGETOA KTK CS Mr Manjunath BG ,Mr VP Rohith Gohur,ACS Mr Sundarraju,VP Mr Sreenivas reddy met Sr(HR/Admin)/AGM(HRD).

    1.Rule 8 Transfer cases of Karnataka. CS Manjunath explained the issue in detail

    2.Inter SSA transfer cases of JTOs: GM (HRAdmin) assured to consider all the request as per the requirement of SSA.

    3.SDEs Transfer cases:We requested to Sr(HR/Admin) posting to all SSA.

    4.JTO Bellary medical case.will be processed and settled as early.



  • CS Manjunath BG met Sr GM(HR/Admn) at circle office.

    Dear all

    CS Manjunath,ACS Sundaraju met Sr GM(HR/Admn)at circle office. Detail discussion on agenda points

    1.JTOs Transfer issues. Sr GM(Admn) all the inter SSA order issued after end of this month after discussion with all GM according to requirement.

    Mutual transfer cases:After completion of verification sent for CGM approval.

    2.E2-E3 pending cases.Some of SDEs CR not recived circle office informed to all SSA send early

    3.Confirmation of JTOs list:Some of JTOs CR and special report not revived kept pending,.

    4.Posting of SDEs to raichur SSA/Bellary SSA and other SSAs where SDEs posting required for better service.:CS requested Sr GM(HR/Admin) posting of SDEs done based on requierement from all SSA, some of SSA posted more SDEs/JTOs balance not done .


    AIGETOA association meeting of HR and Finance department of BSNL is scheduled to held on 15th Mar-2013 in connection with the implementation of report of high level committee for settlement of EPF issues of DR Executives in BSNL.

    This association is very much hopeful that at least in this meeting some concrete decision will be taken to resolve various anomalies in EPF like pension contribution without ceiling to Rs 6500/-, Account Transfer issue, Contribution for training period etc due to which DR Executives as well Non-Executives are suffering a lot since long time without any fault from their part.

  • E2-E3 Time bond up grade of SDEs list issued

    Dear All

    SDEs E2-E3 Time bond up grade order 44 list  issued today ktkint.bsnl.co.in,any missing names inform us AIGETOA KTK .


  • Child Care Leave approved by MC

    AIGETOA has always been fighting for Implementation of “Child Care Leave” in BSNL and has pursued this issue at all platforms be it MOC, be it DOT, be it BSNL Management. The issue was also taken at different forums by AIGETOA like United Forums of BSNL Executive Associations & united forum & JAC.

  • AIGETOA KTK met CGMT and Sr GM(Admin/HR) at circle office.

    AIGETOA KTK CP,CS,Org Sec.ACS met CGM sri P Ragavan 4.30 pm at circle office and discussed the issues pertaining to DRJTO/DRJAOs and SDEs of karnataka circle.

    1. Rule 8 cases are pending: At present total 102 JTOs are in the Waiting list, we requested to relive more number of JTOs who have completed 5 years of service/spouse cases.

    CGM Reply: CGM assured to look into the matter with open mind and discuss with Sr. GM to accommodate as many officers as realistically possible including spouse and other genuine cases. He patted the DR. JTOs for their exemplary work in the field and remarked that we are irreplaceable.

    2. E2-E3 time bound up-gradation of SDEs who had qualified LDCE 2007.

    Sr, GM Reply: The Sr. GM in the presence of CGM assured the cases are already processed and the orders will be released shortly.

    3. Intra SSA transfer request is not considered for JTO/SDEs :

    CGM Reply: He has suggested that the cases may be resolved with the respective SSA as per with transfer policy and already issued letter to SSA Heads.Any help can be extended for inter SSA cases considered  every year regularly according to requirement.

    4. Release of JTO/SDEs requesting for deputation to other organization.

    CGM Reply: Since the JTOs/SDEs are doing commendable Job hence are non expendable, the request for deputation is unlikely to be considered in the present scenario.

    We thanked CGMT for giving appointment to discuss the long pending and genuine issue of DRJTO/DRJAOs of karnataka circle.We are expecting good result after this meeting.



  • AIGETOA Raichur & Bellary SSA Meeting held on 03/03/2012

    1.AIGETOA RAICHUR SSA meeting held  Main Telephone Exchange Shindhnur SCDA.

    All members of Raichur SSA attended. AIGETOA KTK CP Mr.Ashok.Y.Shigli,VP Mr.Rohith ghour,ACS Mr.Nagraj C and Raichur SSA DS/DP/Org Sec,DFS,all SSA body members attended. Discussed issues of DRJTO/DRJAOs facing at Raichur SSA.

    2.AIGETOA BELLARY SSA meeting held at Main Telephone Exchange Bellary.CP Mr Ashok Y Shigli,VP Rohith Ghour DS/DP/DFS and All members of Bellary attended discussed the problems at SSA.

    Minutes of meeting updated soon.