• AIGETOA KTK Team Met PGM(HR/Admin)

    Dear Friends

    AIGTEOA KTK Team CS Sundaraju,ACS2 Prashant Govrav,Circle office Branch Sec Praddep, Branch president Deepa jainmet PGM(HR/Admin) wished him Retirement life(31 march 2014).AIGETOA KTK  Best wishes Shri Chandramouli PGM(HR/Admin).

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  • AIGETOA Circle body members attended meeting 22nd 23 march 2014

    Dear all 

    AIGETOA CS CP,CWC memebr CVP2,DS/DP and DRs of Raichur SSA attended Circle conference of AIBSNEA.

    CS Sundaraju Addressed open session,All team met GS Shri Prahlad Roy AIBSNLEA and discussed DRs issues and early resolution. Shri Prahlad Roy Assured  Whole heartedly  support to AIGETOA and DRs of BSNL.

     AIGETOA Karnataka Circle Body members attended Meeting 

     1. Raichur,Sindhanur SDCA

     2.,Bidar  SSA

     3.Gulburga SSA

     4.Bijapur SSA  

    All the DRs are expressed their good support coming days.Local/circle issues discussed planed to resolve with discussion with administration at all levels

    AIGETOA GULBURGA SSA Meeting Attended by CP ASHOK Y SHIGLI and CVP3 Seetharam and DRs of Gulburga SSA.

    AIGETOA RAICHUR SSA MEETING HELD AT SINDHANOOR SDCA.Meeting attended by CS Sundaraju and CVP1 Basavarju,DS Kishore,DP Neeraj chouduhray and DRs of Raichur SSA.

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    Minutes of AIGETOA Bijapur SSA Meeting. Date:  23/03/2014    

                        ACFS1  Shri Ajay Kumar has arranged the meeting near GM office,Bijapur.DP shri Sunil Vajarala  with 20 DRs from all the corners of SSA  like Sindagi,Badami,Hippargi,Mudhol  etc attended the meeting. In which one lady DR Smt B.Shushma  also came from Bagalkot SDCA.The DS shri Vivekanand was unable to attend due to some personal reason. Meting was presided by CWC member,Shri Hari Shankar Tiwari.It was fully interactive session & all the issues were discussed in detail. The major points were following

    1-Discussion on our genuine rights:

    a-Shri Hari Shankar has explained about the standard pay scale of E2 , E3 for JTO & SDE respectively.Starting from 1999MS RR ,1st PRC & 2nd PRC recommendation of DPE for giving E2 scale to JTO as no pension contribution has been  paid to DOT for any GE from 2001 batch itself.

    b-He has also explained that how 30% superannuation benefit is recommended by DPE in 2nd PRC & BSNL management has to only implement that for DRs.

    c-For career progression, he has told that since we joined in BSNL  (Schedule –A,CPSE) as GE & after qualifying the all India competitive examination so we should only rise to higher cadres of SDE,DE & DGM  in a time bound manner like other CPSEs.There can not be any lateral entry of any other outsider GE,directaly on higher cadres.In this  AIGETOA has got a major breakthrough by forcing the management to publish CPSU policy proposal on 14th march to employees.

    All the DRs listened & asked their queries ,which were clarified by Shri Hari Shankar & Shri Ajay Kumar.They felt very satisfied & motivated .

    2-Discussion on Strengthening the Association:

    3-Local issues of members:

    Since it was 23rd jan,the sacrifice day of Shahid Bhagat Singh,Rajguru & Sukhdev in giving  independence to our country so all the members have given 1 minute silence prayer to our martyrs.

    FinallyDP shri Sunil Vajarala has given vote of thanks & everybody has expressed their feelings for the united & strong AIGETOA in Karnataka


    Dear friends

    As per Review meeting of AIGETOA Karnataka circle decision to conduct meeting  at all SSAs. AIGETOA  Bangalore  SSA  taken step to conduct meeting covering BGTD,MS,STR,QA,BG East.

    Minutes of AIGETOA BANGALORE SSA Meeting.

    1. DS Chandran  and DP Lata jain didn’t attend the meeting due to their scheduled work  and intimated to the CS,CP and others by SMS.

    2. DFS Venkatesh murthy Explained  the Fund status for Bangalore account.

     As per Him BGTD is having maximum number of paid DR members and are paying Rs 100=00 per month and some DRs are paying Every 6 month.  BG East Fund Deposited to Bangalore account.  

    3. As per DS Chadran and DP Lata jain, instruction were given to each District body member to work towards strengthening all the units in Bangalore.

    Bangalore SSA includes

    (i). BGTD, BG-East, Mobile services, STR, QA, NGN(ii). Circle office Branch meeting is planned in the next week.

    4. CWC Member Harishankar Tiwari Explained the issues of DRs:-

    Each and every issue was explained and informed the gathering about how AIGETOA CHQ had discussed with the management after   agitation Notice was served and how BSNL management formed HLC, EPF Cell at corporate office, Time bond 4 year was agreed, CPSU policy is now ready due to effect of AIGETOA Agitation Notice.

    Meeting with COPU chairman and AIGETOA GS, GP CMD DIR HR, DOT Sec at every stage.

    5. CP,CS  Explained the problems of BGTD and DS Chandran has written a letter to PGM BGTD reg

    Agenda points. AIGETOA Bangalore SSA DRs  shown interest to improve service of CSC/Marketing Section. 

    All Agenda points were submitted to the PGM and he has asked for some Time to act.PGM has send all the details to the GM (Admin) for further clarification. 

    7. MP Circle issue (AIP R.P Shahu ji’s resignation and MP Circle CGM’s Nonsense comments against DRs and AIGETOA Leadership):- 

    CGM MP is working for some other associations thinking like Judge in BSNL. Circle head is never expected to utter such words direct recruits. We will not tolerate such incidents anywhere in India some elements trying to divide unity DRs We will never ever allow such things.. 

     All Bangalore SSA DRs have decided to get ready for any call/program from CHQ in the coming days. 

    All DRs Present at the meeting Codenamed the knowledge level of CGMT MP and demanded Apology immediately or Suspension or Transfer. We must unite all DRs irrespective of associations to teach a lesson so that such activities are not repeated further in the future.

  • Application for the Allotment of Departmental Staff Quarters for the year 2014-15 in Bangalore.

    Dear Friends

    Application for the Allotment of Departmental Staff Quarters for the year 2014-15 in Bangalore. 

    CLICK HERE Details WL 201415

  • Review meeting of AIGETOA Fight for Your Right, Agitation of Direct Recruits.

    Review meeting of AIGETOA Fight for Your Right, Agitation of Direct Recruits.

    1.CS Shri. Sundaraju Welcomed all circle body members and thanked every circle body members for  participating actively in agitation i.e. “Fight for your rights”. He has appreciated  Shri.Prashant Gaurav,ACS2 and Shri.Harishankar Tiwari,CWC Member for leading agitation from Karnataka circle during entire agitation period also he also appreciated all DS/DP/members for showing full confidence during dharna on AIGETOA circle/CHQ .

    2.Prashnat Gaurav, ACS2, explained how efficiently the CHQ has taken issues  and raised it to highest levels i.e.  CMD/DIR HR/MOC,MOS/COPU/DOT.


    This agitation was a continuous effort in entire country like Mass Dharna, Hunger strike at jantar mantar, after BSNL management failed to solve issues in the time bond manner. 

    AIGETOA CHQ met H’ble CMD and GS/GP fully able to convince management about all the issues. Interestingly only 5 minute slot allotted was extended for 2 and half Hours. Immediately CMD informed all section GM in corporate office to look into the details and EPF Cell also formed at corporate office to look into any anomaly and asked to submit report within one week. Hence One week Hunger strike differed expected issues will solve. 

    Even after one week, a report was submitted by management but AIGETOA was not satisfied.

    Finaly AIGTEOA CHQ Decided to go on indefinite hunger strike and 5 DRs along with AIP R.P Shahu

    After 3 days of hunger strike at jantar mantar, all DRs gathered  and decided to enter corporate office peacefully, more than 500 DRs have entered the office.

    After seeing the agitators from AIGETOA, CMD had called medical team to check up and requested to stop hunger strike, also instructed DIR HR to discuss the issues, but discussion ended futile as management was still keeping its stand of forming a committee.

    1. AIGETOA CHQ,Core team decided to sit on DHARNA at CO until resolution of our issues. 
    2. COPU Chairman had meeting with CMD/DIR HR/GM Est and AIGETOA Team. 

    High level committee formed by scrapping earlier committees for core issues and decision of new committee is asked within one month.

    1. After discussion with DIR HR, AIGETOA Deferred strike for one month with positive assurance from management expected orders soon for, time bond 4 year, Training period EPF contribution, CPSU Hierarchy.  

    CP Ashok Shigli  thanked every DRs of Karnataka who have shown confidence on AIGETOA and who have supported directly and indirectly during the agitation period. More than 90% DRs are now members of AIGETOA Karnataka. Some of DRs are not able to join Enmass due to fear of transfer and posting and Fear of bad remark on APAR and threatening/warning letter of controlling officers belonging to other associations, but all have morally supported AIGETOA. 

    Direct recruited TTAs of SNATTA also gave their support letter to AIGETOA KTK.

    AIGETOA KTK team thanked their support  and extended all kinds of support in coming days.

    Total 12 DRs of Karnataka Circle participated at Delhi from different SSAs. 

    Shri. Jayakumar, CFS have Explained the Fund status of AIGETOA KTK.

    ALL SSA s have submitted the members list  upto Feb 2014,More than 400 paid members we have.

    AIGETOA KTK Circle body decided to take with PGM/CGMT. 

    • Rule 8 transfer cases as more than 67 waiting list are there. Most of DRs who are working for more than   10years away from their family for social commitment.
    • Request transfer of DRs to different SSAs units after collecting list/details from all SSAs.
    • All circle body members agreed to visit each SSA and attend District body meeting all over Karnataka as per Feedback/Scheduled plan.
    • All the District body is requested conduct SSA meeting and send Feedback to circle.
    • AIGETOA KTK Decided to give Feedback to SSA/Circle  head to improve the service in all areas where ever required. 
    • Any SSA  DRs, facing problem be it individual/Work area, Please inform your DS to discuss with local administration to resolve at local and maintain peace at work. Please show your full commitment for our beloved company ‘BSNL’


  • CS Sundaraju had meeting with PGM(HR/Admin)

    Dear Friends

    AIGETOA KTK CS Sundaraju had meeting with PGM(HR/Admin)

    Submitted a letter to pending issues of DRs of Karnataka circle. PGN(HR/Admin) Assured to discuss with all concerned section and SSA GM to take necessary action resolve as early as possible, Details updated after getting Feedback of All Circle/District body members.

    1.Rule 8 Transfer  cases pending more than 4 Years waiting list increasing every year only sufferer DRs.

    2.Request transfer of DRs to different SSA/Units.As per Transfer policy every executives  tenure complete.Posting unit/Place/SSA/Circle.1620698_717916211572767_39308953_n