• AIGETOA KTK Meeting Honorable Railway Minister Shri Sadanand Gowda at his residence on 27/09/2014.

    AIGETOA Circle Body members, Shri Sundar Raju, CS KTK, Shri Harishankar Tiwary, CWC KTK and Shri Prashant Gaurav, ACS KTK meet Honorable Railway Minister Shri Sadanand Gowda at his residence on 27/09/2014. AIGETOA KTK owes gratitude to Shri Sadanand Gowda for giving his valuable time to listen to the issue of DRs in BSNL. He was very generous and receptive towards ours issue and assured that he will forward our write up to Honorable Mister of Communication Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad. He assured to pass on the views shared by us to MOC in best possible way, but also urged and called upon all the employees to work hard for betterment of BSNL. AIGETOA KTK will not leave any stone unturned, to work for the betterment of DR fraternity

    IMG_20140927_215258Memorandam submited Honorable Railway Minister Shri Sadanand Gowda  :letter to MOC


    GS Shri R P Shahu, All India President Shri Ravi Shil Verma, AGS Shri Amit Roy, Vice President Shri Mantosh Kumar and CWC Member Delhi Circle Shri Shubendu Sharma met Hon’ble Minister of Communications Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad ji in presence of Hon’ble MP Shri Jagdambika Pal ji on 26th September 2014. Hon’ble Minister specified that AIGETOA is the first association with who he has met and for that we should be thankful to Shri Jagdambika Pal ji but for him this meeting would not have taken place. The meeting lasted for around 15-20 minutes.

    Shri Jagdambika Pal initially briefed the Hon’ble Minister about the direct recruits and about the problems and hardships faced by us in our entire career of BSNL. Shri Pal told minister that this is the group which will play a key role in the revival of BSNL but unfortunately they have been marginalized by BSNL management. Hon’ble MoC then asked us to explain the issues in detail. The meeting was quite interactive with minister asking for several inputs in regard to the issues. Minister asked us whether the group belongs to Indian Telecom Service. We apprised the minister that we were recruited after formation of BSNL and till then we have been manning all the important services of BSNL. Minister also asked us when the first recruitment took place and how many batches have been recruited till date. In the brief time which was made available to us, our team apprised the hon’ble minister about the burning issues of Pay scale, Pay Parity, Superannuation benefits and lack of promotional avenues for the direct recruits. We were able to explain to the minister that BSNL is not having any dearth of talent and the need is to have a proactive management which can utilize the potential to its fullest.

    Hon’ble minister asked for our view on the revival of BSNL. We expressed our belief in the government and its policies and assured hon’ble minister that whatever decisions government will take for the wellbeing and revival of BSNL, the Direct recruits of BSNL will give its hundred percent and they are willing to go to any extent to revive the BSNL.

    Finally, Hon’ble MOC told that he has taken note of the issues and will definitely do the needful after going through the representation submitted by us, in the, meanwhile every one of us should be ready to take extra efforts for reviving BSNL. We assured minister for the same.

    Dear friends, we have once again taken our issues to the highest level and we definitely hope for a positive outcome. However in the mean time we should be equally concerned with our responsibilities and expectations of the government from the young and the most dynamic group of BSNL. Each one of should make it a habit to analyze his output every day and should ponder on whether he has been able to justifying his salary. Each one of should target for delivering at least two hundred percent of his potential. With this thought in mind there are no reasons why BSNL will lag behind.

    In the meanwhile, we express our deepest and sincere gratitude for Hon’ble MP Shri Jagdambika Pal ji who since one year has been standing for the cause of BSNL and the direct recruits in particular. Yesterday also he apprised the Hon’ble Minister about the prevailing scenario in BSNL and the reasons for its downfall. We are very much sure that his efforts will yield fruit and definitely BSNL as well as the Direct Recruits will get its due with his blessings and his tireless efforts. We convey our heartfelt thanks to the hon’ble MP for the kindness and the caring attitude towards the direct recruits.

    Glimpses of Meeting with Hon’ble MOC. Click here

    Letter & Presentation Submitted to Hon’ble MOC. Click here


    Dear Freinds

    AIGETOA 1 st District Conferance Helad at CTO maximum DRs attended from all units of Bangalore.

    All DRs shown full confidence on AIGETOA  and again decided to Form Single body covering all units of Banaglore(BGTD,BG East,STR,STP,NGN) Unanamsaly elected new body

    AIGETOA Bangalore New SSA body

    District President Ms. Lata Jain 9449027635
    District Vice-President – I Mr. Anish 9449850546
    District Vice-President – II Shri Vijay Dasi 9449085000
    District Vice-President – III Mr. Venkateshmurthy 9449078777
    District Vice-President – IV Shri Satish 9449015018
    District Secretary Shri Srinivas Chandrappa 9448562412
    Asst. District Secretary – I Mr. Manik K 9483540666
    Asst. District Secretary – II Ms. Pallavi  9449815162
    Asst. District Secretary – III Mr. Vinod Bansal 9449856089
    Asst. District Secretary – IV Shri Vamsi Krishna 9482866200
    District Finance Secretary Shri Sivakumar Boppe 9448094500
    Asst. District Finance Secretary – I Mr. Rajesh Kumar 9449047040

    Core Committee of AIGETOA formed to guide and support AIGETOA Bangalore SSA for smooth working and strengthening of AIGETOA and solving issues of DRs.

    Mr. Chandran Thomas 9449850480
    Mr. Durgesh Kumar 9448279977
    Mr Rahul 9448010064
    Shri Uttam 9448010055
    Shri Amruth  9449859007

  • Joint Meeting by AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA Karnataka Circle on 29th & 30th sept 2014

    Joint Session of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA at Bangalore and Mysore.

    Joint session of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA will be at BG East Exchange premises,Bangalore on 29/09/2014(monday),1.30pm on wards.

    Joint session of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA will be at RTTC Mysore on 30/09/2014 1.30pm(Tuesday).

    Meeting will be addressed by Shri R P Shahu (GS AIGETOA) , Shri Prahlad Rai (GS AIBSNLEA) and other dignitaries from both CHQ/Circle side in the presence of  huge gathering of Executives. 

    All the DRs of Karnataka Circle are invited for the event where they can listen the views of our top leaders & interact directly to clear their queries regarding pay,pension & career. What is the plan of our association for bright Future of BSNL 

    Schedule of the joint Meeting. 

    Date:29th Sept 01.30pm 

    Venue:Bangalore NOC 
    Date:30th Sept,01.30pm 
    Venue: RTTC Mysore 
  • Welcome to AIGETOA Bangalore SSA District Conference on 26.09.2014.

    Dear Friends

     AIGETOA Bangalore SSA District Conference  on 26.09.2014
    CTO Building,6th Floor Auditorium 12pm on words : Lunch 13.30pm.
    PGM BGTD Shri K.L Jayaram, All GMs/DGMs of BGTD,STR,MPLS interact with DRs

    All DRs of Bangalore are welcome make it Grand success.

    1st District Conference, AIGETOA Bangalore 

    Venue:- 6th Floor, Auditorium, CTO Building

    Date:- 26th September (Friday), 2014

    Time:- 12:00 noon to 04:00 PM 

    Chief Guest:- Shri. K. L. Jairam

    PGM, BSNL Bangalore.


    Theme:- Improving the network and revenue of BSNL with special reference to Bangalore

    The question of usual cliché regarding success, turnaround in the Telecom Industry and usual banal phrase of career growth, ladder in the corporate world has taunted us in numerous ways. The theme has prodded our collective conscious in myriad of modes.

    There still remains remote hope with the kind of perseverance our brethren show in every day innovation, maintenance of the hardware and software in our organization. Yes, our smart works will result in BSNL reaching the targeted peak, with profits and market share but by far its nowhere in the sight as of yet.

    “The toil for respect and pride in this organization has opened before us doors that can cater to our needs. Choice and responsibility is ours. Peace has to be ours”.

                    The meet intends to create awareness, instill confidence and mobilization. To be aware of our strengths and mobilize our resources to ward off all evil and help reach BSNL to its glory and in turn prosper ourselves intellectually, innovatively, vocationally and monetarily. Please come up with leadership, ideas, change. Challenge the paths we have taken so far or the ones we have not trod upon. Challenge the achievement which we seem to have realized or seem to have lost. Let us begin anew. We buttress each other for a strong future and strive to steer for good in this changed scenario of new political, administrative dispensation. 



    AIGEOTA -Bangalore SSA Invitation

  • UAN of BGTD list has been published on 09/09/2014 BGTD intranet

    Dear Friends

       Please find the list of UAN allotment attached herewith. After persuasion of DS BGTD with Sr accounts officer, it was updated that the list has been published on 09/09/2014 BGTD intranet. Members are requested  to update there KYC with UAN. Preferred document for KYC are Adhar card/PAN/Bank account passbook.



  • GS submitted the concern of AIGETOA on the issue of HR integration of BSNL and MTNL

     CHQ Update

    GS submitted the concern of AIGETOA on the issue of HR integration of BSNL and MTNL

    GS submitted the concern of AIGETOA on the issue of HR integration of BSNL and MTNL. Click here for submission

    Our main concern are :

    • Pay scale of all executives of BSNL must be upgraded at par with MTNL executives along with notional pay fixation on point to point basis from 01-10-2000. Deference amount must be paid to all BSNL executives as arrear.

    • As absorbed executives/non-executives of BSNL and MTNL both are already covered under Central Government pension scheme, 30% superannuation benefit as ordered by DPE must be extended to all direct recruits executives/non-executives (who are not covered under government pension scheme) of BSNL and MTNL from Oct-2000.

    • BSNL and MTNL both must formulate common executives promotion policy before merger in such a way that seniority and availability of post can be delinked and time bound functional promotion up to SG-JAG level can be extended to executives. This will not only end hundreds of litigation on seniority issues already exist or likely to exist on merger of BSNL and MTNL but also fulfill the commitment made to the executives in terms of absorption condition.

    • GS writes letter to CMD BSNL on cases of appointment on compassionate grounds

      GS writes letter to CMD BSNL on cases of appointment on compassionate grounds to a dependent family member of BSNL employee died in harness thereby leaving his family in penury and without any means of livelihood. Click here for letter

      We are working in Government Company and serving various social obligations rather doing purely commercial business. Apart from this, we all are human being and supposed to have feeling of the pain of such fateful families. Decision on such cases must have been taken fast and out of turn but it is regret to mention that there are number of such cases lying pending since long with the corporate office High Power Committee to take decision upon which shows the level of sensitivity towards such pain. This is not only depriving the family of deceased but also challenging the loyalty of the working employees of BSNL.


    Dear Freinds

    As per the CHQs/Circle instructions of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA, Co-ordination committee is formed on 18/09/2014 at TWCO Hall, Main Telephone Exchange Building with following office bearers of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA. 


     The meeting was very cordial and very encouraging, discussed about the revival of BSNL and role of both the associations. 

    AIGETOA side                                         AIBSNLEA side

    1)  Mallesh Ganji                                  1) S V MOPAGAR

    2)  Rahul Agrawal                                  2) M S SVAMI

    3)  RAVEENDRA SINGH                       3) G I DALWAI


    Discussed pending issues of DRs of Karnataka Circle

    1) rule -8 cases: 

    2. E2-E3  standard pay scale introduce

    3. Finalisation of superannuation

    4. The Transport allowances in BSNL should revised

    5. JTO_SDE promotion as per DPE guidelines 

    6. Intra-circle transfer cases

    7. Relieving of JTOs ( who transferred to other SSA)

    8. Every Executive Recruited by BSNL should be ensure minimum 5  functional promotion

  • UAN is allotted by EPF Office to all EPF members of CMTS, Karnataka circle.

    Dear Friends

     UAN is allotted by EPF Office to all EPF members of CMTS, Karnataka circle. Please find the file attached herewith regarding the UAN allotted and KYC details of EPF members.           


                          All are requested to go through the list and confirm all the details mentioned in the file to the undersigned by 19th September 2014 for uploading in the EPF website. Email ID:   epfcmtsbg@gmail.com




  • 1st District Conference of AIGETOA Bangalore SSA.

    Dear Friends, 

          DS Chandran had meeting with PGM BGTD for  1st District Conference of AIGETOA Bangalore,PGM Agreed to address DRs of Bangalore SSA.
    • Venue- & Date will finalized Soon by core committee and Circle body members.
         All the DRs of Bangalore SSA attend  to give valuable suggestion .
        Detail discussion date,venue fixed today  evening at 17:30hrs at NTB.
         Formal notice is to be issued By DS AIGETOA  tomorrow. 
    DS AIGETOA Bangalore