• Hunger strike started today Oct 29-Nov 03.

    Indefinite non cooperation and week long hunger strike( from 10 Hrs to 17 Hrs) started on 29th Oct-2012 and continue up to Nov 3rd, All the unions & associations  are on relay hunger strike.

    Mr Sundar raju, ACS completed hunger strike on 1st day .CP Ashok Y shigli,Org Sec Manoj T S and members supported. Raichur Mr Basavaraj Totta DS, Bellary members attended. All the DS/DP of other SSA take part and send the report on daily basis by 3PM.

    on 30/10/2012 CS Manjunath and more members on hunger strike. All the members are requested to join at Circle office/SSA HQ during lunch hour and closing time.Forum of BSNL Union and associations CS met Under secretory   Karnataka Governor submited memorandum. At circle office DS DNW Mr Harishankar Tiwari addressed hunger strike.

    In Bellary and Raichur ,Belgaum All associations and unions  submitted memorandum to DC, members on hunger strike.

    31/10/2012 CP Ashok Y shigli,VP Rohith ghour compleeted hunger strike,Org Sec TS Manoj,DS Bangalore Mr Chandran and members of DNW,circle office supported.Mr Chandran addressed hunger strike at circle office.AIGETOA started this moment in 2009 operation sacrifice at Delhi over 3000 DRJTO/DRJAOs gathered  but MOC promised but not done .all the wrong policies made by BSNL are against  DRJTOs/DRJAOs.After compleetion  of  completion of 12 years of service not even single promotion is given to them.Last LDCE was conducted by management in such a manner that total  total 20 court casesare  filed.In  DGM Recruitment No Internals executives allowed by BSNL management.

    AIGETOA DNW Unit all unions and associations hold lunch hour hunger strike.











  • Wish You All Happy Dasara

    Dear friends

    AIGETOA KTK circle wishes all Happy Dasara to you and your family members.

  • List of Inter-Circle R-8 Mutual transfer cases of JTOs of KTK Circle as on 16.10.2012

    Mutual transfer cases of JTOs of KTK Circle  published in intranet.If any changes inform to AGM(HRD)Circle office and aigetoaktk@yahoo.co.in.AIGETOA KTK take the issue with respective circles for early getting transfer.

    mut R-8 as on 16.10.2012 (1)



  • AIGETOA Hubli SSA body Formed.

    Dear friends

    The Hubli meeting conducted and was successful with the

    presence of Mr Shilou Rao President of AIGETOA , Mr Nagraju ACS AIGETOA KTK

    The following points discussed
    1) Most of the DRJTOs members demanded to resolve the Pay anamoly of JTO Batch 2007 and 2008.
    2) Some of JTOs EPF Balance sheet not tallied with the amt what
    deducted from the salary. So asked the members to give personal
    representation with all details to peruse the case at circle office.
    3) Two members requested about the spouse case transfers . The AIGETOA assured them to get it transfers genuine demands.
    4) There is no local major problems  facing at present any issue CS will discuss with Administration.
    5) AIGETOA   clarified many other issues like medical bills reimbursement for indoor treatment,inter circle transfers  and other formal procedures.

    The SSA body Unanimously elected as follows
    1)  DP  : Mr Venkata Rao      Mobile:   9449858185
    2)  DS  : Mr: Gunasekhar      Mobile:  9483502445
    3)  DT  : Smt Soujanya           Mobile:  9449858195




    AIGETOA CHQ President attended meeting addressed the members on various issues like LDCE posting pending  due to various CAT cases,CPSU hierarchy,DGM RR ignored the talented DRJTOs/DRJAOs and not fixing pay scales  of JTO/SDE. 

    AIGETOA CS,CP,org Sec,CFS and Bangalore SSA DS,ADS,members of BGTD,DNW,Mobile services burnt DGM RR shown anger against management not considering internal DRJTOs.


    In Bellary all DRJTOs/DRJAOs attended lunch hour demonstration ACS  AIGETOA KTK Mr Nagraj, and all members burnt DGM RR and submited memorandam to DGM(Admin).



  • AIGETOA Karnataka meeting at Hubli on 21/10/2012

    Dear All

    AIGETOA Karnataka circle is going to conduct the meeting at Hubli sunday 21/10/2012 for all North Karnatataka DRJTOs/DRJAOs and requested to utilize the oportunity to meet AIGETOA All india presidnent and also discuss the issues. kindly spare time and attend the meeting for our own better carrier progress in the  organizataion.

    AIGETOA KTK CS,CP,ACS,VP,Org Sec and DRJTO/DRJAOs of Hubli,Belgaum,Bellary,Bijapur,Raichur attending  the meeting to discuss on various issues of BSNL and members. all are welcome.

    AIGETOA CHQ President shri ShilouRao addreesd the members.

    Venue: Conferance Hall GM office , Near Railway staion Hubli.

    For further details Conatct :

    Mr C Nagaraju ,ACS AIGETOA KTK  Mobile:9448010009










  • Time bound promotion in JTO cadre (Subsequent upgradation) issued circle office

    Dear All

    Circle office issued time bound promotion of JTOs Any missing names verify and send the details to us and AGM(HR) Circle office.

    tb sb 12 order






  • Mass Dharna on 15th Oct 2012

    Dear Friends
     mass Dharna on 15th Oct 2012 held at circle office. JAC all associatiosns and unions participated.
    All CS/DS expressed why BSNL management is making wrong policy.This is only due to ITS officers working on deputation without having any responsibility.
    CS Manjunath spoke how DRJTO/DRJAOs of sufferer in BSNL due to wrong policy of ITS management and how it affected carrier of all Engineers, even after completion of 10 years not single promotion is given to DR-JTO/JAOs.
    AIGETOA started the moment operation sacrifice in 2009 itself. KTK circle members strength was 40.Now all associations and unions joined hands for the same agenda.
    End the ITS problem forever.
    All DRJTOs/DRJAOs of different SSA attended. Raichur,Belgaum,Bellary,Mysore,Hassan,Gulburga hold mass dharana.
  • Confirmation JTOs 2007 After compleetion of probation period.

    Dear All
    Circle office issued confirmation list of JTOs 2007 recruited Total 138 after compleetion of two years regular service.

    All the DRJTOs are requested to verify your name,Any of DRJTOs not in list inform us we will discuss with circle office administartion.

    Click here for list of JTOs:Conf 2007

  • AIGETOA KTK Memebrs Eamil details.

    Dear all

    All the DS/DP/DFS and Organizing Sec are requested to send the total members list for modification SMS list and give login and password to each individual members of Karnataka.

    Some members not getting SMS send their details/ Mobile number,Email ID to aigetoaktk@yahoo.co.in