• AIGETOA KTK Circle and District Body members had meeting with Circle Administration on DRs issues of Karnataka circle.

    AIGETOA KTK Circle Executive committee members & Distrait Secretaries had meeting with Circle administration on various issues of DRJTO/SDEs of Karnataka circle.

    CS Sundaraju ,CP Ashok.Y shigli,AFS Ajaay kr,DS Raichur Kishore Reddy ,DP Shiafq Mandya,Balagandhi DS Kolar and DRs

    I.Meeting with Shri P.Nagraju CGMT and CS Thanked CGMT and Circle administration  for Handling  court case of long standing JTOs transfer case.  

    II .Meeting with PGM(HR/Admin) Agenda points.

    1.CS Thanked PGM for handeling court case and Reveling of JTOs transferred to other SSA.

    2.Rule 8 Transfer and Request Transfer of JTO/SDE : PGM(HR/Admin) assured all the administration work started it will be completed early.

    3.Security Refund of JTOs after completion of 5 years of service.

    4.Cancellation Temp Deputation JTOs within circle. PGM assured look into it.

    5.Shortage of JTO/SDEs at SSA CS requested

     Equal distribution of SDE/JTO to all SSA required.

    All DS Give Feedback on number of JTO/SDEs post vacant in your SSA

    III.Meeting with AO Anjaneya

     Reg  Security Refund of JTOs after completion not done by Circle: All DRs Secrurity refund will be done after transfering Fund through ATC from other circle.AO Spoken to other circle where Security amount pending.

    All DRs those compleeted 5 Yers of service give reprsantation for Refund early.

    EPF training period  period : AO assured all work started and He will meet EPF office next week. All SSA gven instruction to complete the process early.

  • Case filed by JTOs against Long standing JTO transfer order dismissed by CAT Bangalore.

    Dear All

    The case filed by a section of JTOs  against the long-standing JTO transfer order  issued by Circle Administration last year has been dismissed by honorable court.

    Finally, justice has been extended to JTOs who were waited  for transfer to Bangalore from different SSAs of Karnataka for more than 5 years.

    We are very much thankful  to Karnataka Circle Administration  for dealing  the case successfully.

    We  extend thanks to both the CS AIBSNLEA and CS AIGETOA for their co-operation and for their stand of getting the long standing JTO’s Transfer Order issued last year.


    :MEETING WITH CGM, KTK & PGM(HR/ADMN) :-  Shri.Sundar Raju CS,AIGETOA, KTK and Com Ashok Shigli, Pres. AIGETOA, KTK Com H Y Andeli, CS, Com M K Banagar FS, Com S K Hiremath, ACS(HQ), met CGM,KTK & PGM(HR/Admn) separately and discussed the following:

    1) RULE -8 transfers of JTOs:- We strongly protested for not issuing Rule-8 transfers of JTOs. we are fighting this issue to get justice to DR. JTOs for last so many years. This issue was dragged for the one reason or the other. Why Circle Admn is taking this issue very lightly. Now enough is enough. Now Circle Admn should act without delay. Otherwise, Both Associations will go for agitation. And also,  We have demanded for increasing consideration of Rule-8 transfers up to 135. CGM told that now up to 70 cases will be under consideration and orders will be issued as early as possible. After this order Circle will start process for another batch. 

    2)Consideration of Request transfers of JTOs who have completed 2 years of Service from one SSA to other SSA(Inra-Circle transfers):-

    CGM informs that we have published pending request transfers of JTOs. Now We have called all SSAs to submit the long standing  list of JTOs.

    3) Holding of DPC for filling up of  JTOs aginst JTOs who completed 5 years of tenure in RTTC Mysuru.:-

    We will conduct DPC as early as possible.4) Modifications of transfer and posting order of Incoming AGMs/DETs to KTK :- We have strongly protested for modification of some AGMs/DETs order. This is clearly indicates that Circle Admn is working under pressure of some corner to please some body after throughing out  transfer policy, rules regulations in vogue. What is the fate of  officers obeyed order? Now, we have demanded to cancel the modified orders immediately and restore faith in Circle Admn. CGM assures to look into.

    5) Reliving of JTOs/SDEs/DETS who transferred in the interest of service.:- It is unfortunate, orders issued in the last year were not implemented. CGM informed that the given order list will be implemented.

    6) intra-Circle deputation/temporary transfers in the cadre of JTOs/SDEs/DETS.:-

    We have strongly protested for deputation/Temp transfers within Circle. Some JTOs/SDEs will try to get place they wanted through back door entry to join their place by passing waiting list. This will definitely demoralise the officers who were waiting sincerely long time. we have appealed to CGM to restore faith in Circle Admn. By cancelling these orders of Deputation/Temp transfers. 


  • AIGETOA CHQ Update.

    AIGETOA Writes to


    AIGETOA KTK CS Sundaraju and CP Ashok Y.Shigli attended Genral body meeting  of AIBSNLEA Tumkur SSA.

    CS/CP met DRJTO/DRJAOs  of Tumkaur SSA and  discussed the problems faced at SSA and Extended all kind of support from both associations in Tumkur SSA.

    Shri  UlhasGurav ACS spoke on financial condition of BSNL, Organisational matters, DPC positions of A&F Executives etc. he appealed all members to strengthen our assn

    Shri S K Hiremath ACS(HQ) spoke on strengthening of  BSNL by hard work of each and every staff. GS of AIBSNLEA  is doing excellent job in CHQ by resolving long pending issues and updating day-today’s development of staff 

     Shri Sundar Raju CS AIGETOA spoke that Dr.JTOs are frustrated for not considering Request transfers of JTOs even after 10 to 14 years due to one or the other reason. inthe recent meeting with Admn after two hours  Admn agreed to consider Rule-8 transfers of JTOs up to batch 2005.

    Shri H.Y Andeli CS  AIBSNLEA spoke that our only ass is taking care of all cadres likeEngg, Accounts, Stenographers Civil, Electrical, Architect, Rajabhas Adhikaries. Our GS is giving equal treatment to all cadres. Organisational action of UF has not only succeedin stopping MT recruitment but our long pending issues started resolving. In circle level, No circle is ill-treating Dr.JTOs. Other Circles are issuing Rule-8 transfers and intra circle transfers regularly. We strongly protested and after giving ultimate threat to Admn.UF has succeeded in  considering rule-8, request transfers of JTOs which was stopped long back by the Admn. CS told that only UF of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA can sincerely try and resolve long pending transfer issues of JTOs.

    AIBSNLEATumkur  SSA New body formed in the presence of all executives.

    1.president Shri  G C Shivashankar AO

    2.District Secretary  Shri S Bharath DRJTO(Batch 2009)

    3.Finance  Secretary Shri A Sathyappa  JAO