• AIGETOA Circle Executive body meeting

    AIGETOA Circle executive body meeting  

    As   decided earlier .after discussion with circle body members

    (Date and venue confirmed today)

    ALL DS must complete the pending work of association.

    (Agenda points sent to all by mail)


    With Best regards 

    CP Ashok y Shigli

  • AIGETOA Membership & Deduction of Subscription Form

    1. Revised Declaration for Deduction of Monthly Subscription from Salary :

    The Clause of signature of controlling officer on the declaration form for deduction of monthly subscription is stands DELETED. Now the declaration form is to be signed by executive and Circle/District/Branch Secretary of the association only.


    2. AIGETOA Membership Form:

    All Circle/District Secretaries are requested to ensure that the proforma is filled in duplicate by all our members, signed by them and countersigned by the Secretary and one copy handed over to the administration, keeping the other copy with us.


  • UF AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA Had meeting with CGMT

    AIGETOA KTK CP  ASHOK Y SHIGLI, and CS AIBSNLEA S.K Hiramath Had meeting with CGMT on 09.02.2017.

    Submited Letter to CGMT karnataka circle regarding Rule 8,intra circle transfer and LICE postings,EPF etc. after detailed discussion CGMT ageerd to consider our points in total

    Letter to CGMT 060217



  • Grant of facility of Deduction of subscription to AIGETOA, the Applicant Association- regarding.

    Dear All

    Circle administartion issued Grant of facility ot AIGETOA

    AIGETOA Sub ktk

    AIGETOA-Sub Hq


    FLash News :

     BSNL Board approves formation of Superannuation Trust by LIC. First step in right direction. Many more steps are to be achieved. It’s just a beginning. Fight for full quantum and date of implementation to continue. AIGETOA thanks one and all for the support extended.

     Together we can… Together we will…


  • CHQ Update:Grant of facility of deduction of subscription to AIGETOA the applicant association

    BSNL CO has extended the facility of ”Deduction of Subscription from Salary”to AIGETOA. The monthly subscription of Rs 100 per member will be deducted and deposited directly to CHQ which will further distribute to Circle and District level. Click here for letter

    All District Secretaries are requested to ensure that the proforma is filled in duplicate by all our members, signed by them and countersigned by the Secretary and one copy handed over to the administration, keeping the other copy with us. Click here for membership form

    Monthly salary deduction format All DRs submit to office bearrs of AIGETOA New sub_ded_form

  • Happy Republic Day

    We The Young Generation Of This Nation
    Should Make A Vow
    A Vow To Protect This Nation
    From The Manacles Of Racism
    And All Acts Of Discrimination.
    Happy Republic Day Brother.

    Image result for republic day messages


  • Rule 8 option Form to AP or TS Circle without changing WL.

    Dear All

    As per our disucssion with circle administartion option to AP or TS called all are requested send urgently.

    Rule 8 waiting list published on 10.01.2017 15 days over we need to start process  Rule 8 cases.

    Rule 8 optin AP or TS Circle




  • AIGETOA Callender 2017

    callender 2017

  • AIGETOA Karnataka Diary 2017 Inaugurated by CGMT Karnakata Circle

    Dear Friends,

    CGMT ktk1 GM admin GM mobile service

    AIGETOA KTK Diary 2017 Released by our beloved CGMT Karnataka circle, Shri. P. Nagaraju.

    On behalf of all the members of AIGETOA KTK, CP Ashok Shigli, CS Sundarraju, ACS Sourab Agrawal, ACS Chandran  and Executive body members of Circle Office met CGMT and presented him with the first copy of our Diary. He appreciated the work of young executives in BSNL. Today being the launch of MobiCash in association with SBI at the Circle office, he was happy to see the pictures of the national level launch featured prominently in the front pages of AIGETOA diary.

    AIGETOA KTK Circle also met GM Admin, GM MS, AGM HRD, DGM Admin. AIGETOA met all other associations’ leaders and handed over the AIGETOA Diary 2017 .

    We are very much thankful to AIGETOA AP Team for supplying excellent quality diary this year with CMD message, DIR HR message, CGMT message besides GS AIGETOA message.

    All DS are requested to collect copies of our diary and distribute to all DRs of their SSA.