• AIGETOA Karnataka CEC Held at NTB on 11/03/2017

     AIGETOA Karnataka held its Circle Executives Committee meeting on the 11th of March 2017. AIGETOA CHQ Vice President Shri. Veerabhadra Rao was present to oversee the proceedings.

    The meeting started at 15:30hrs and went upto 19:00hrs. The Circle office bearers along with District office bearers from nearly all Districts of Karnataka attended the meeting and interacted on various issues.

    CP Shri. Ashok Y. Shigli and CS Shri. Sundarraju welcomed the Shri. Veerbhadra Rao. CP briefed the agenda points. He asked all Circle and District body members to participate in the  discussion with details and suggestions on the important agenda points at SSA/Circle/CHQ for the welfare of our members. 

    ACS Shri.Chandran  gave the opening remarks. He highlighted the mood of members after the MV. He mentioned that we must keep up the tempo in spreading the message of AIGETOA among the DRs. He mentioned that office bearers must be active in all Association activities as per the need of the hour. We must now concentrate on the registration of members along with salary deduction. There is a sense of disenchantment with all Associations due to the prolonging of the issues – PPP. The only solace was that AIGETOA brought these issues into focus in the last MV. Now it is left to be seen on what the so-called recognized Association achieves.

    The District Secretary report was submitted by all the Districts present.

    1.DS Report: Within SSA transfer/Intra circle transfer/EPF training period/Security refund of members/Collection of Membership forms in new format

    2.Fund status: Bank statement of year 2014-15/2015-16

    Circle/CHQ quota/Diary amount collected transferred to circle account

    Due pending from Circle to SSA(Online paid members directly to chq account)

    Circle Issues:

    1.Rule 8 Transfer: Anomaly in waiting list, consideration of spouse cases.

    2. Assigning work to all circle body members

    3.Re-organisation of SSA body/Formation SSA body in all Districts of Karnataka

    4.Formation of separate teams to support Circle body

    5.CHQ issues: Standard pay scale/pay parity/LDCE posting/DPC/CPSU Hierarchy

    6.Suggestions to CGMT for improvement of services in Karnataka Circle

    7.Co-ordination meeting with all unions and associations:Common issues.

    8.DRs Welfare measures  at Circle/CHQ.

    All Circle executives body members were directed to form various teams to assist Circle body and strengthen DRs of Karnataka Circle.

    1. Technical team – Chandran (MPLS), Harish (NGN), Jayakumar (Mobile), Uttam (Mobile), Venugopal (IT)

    2. Legal team - Srinivas Reddy (Kolar), Babugouda Patil, Basavaraj Thotta

    3. Women’s Welfare – Sumithra, Latha Jain, Anju, Deepthi,Himabindu.

    4. Admin/HR Team- Ajay Kumar, Sourabh Agrawal,Monipriya, Vamsi Krishna, Kishore Reddy

    5. Welfare of members – Vinod Bansal, Rambabu,Madan Shivakumar, Manoj TS.

    AIVP Shri Veerabhadra Rao addressed the CEC and answered all the queries by DRs on status of all issues and strengthening of our Association. He assured full of support from CHQ AIGETOA. 

    All District secretaries must send Report hard copy and soft copy before 30th March 2017.

    Vote of Thanks was proposed by CFS Shri. Vinod Bansal. 

    Joint meeting with AIBSNLEA CEC

    The morning session of 11th March was spent in a joint meeting with AIBSNLEA Karnataka in their CEC. GS and AIP of AIBSNLEA was present. The proceedings were presided over by Shri. Ullas Gaurav, CP. AIGETOA leaders – AIVP Shri. Veerabhadra Rao, CP Shri Ashok Shigli, CS Shri Sundarraju was also on the dias. The District Secretary reports were presented.

    The reasons for the below par performance in the last MV were analyzed. In some districts some specific issues emerged which the CHQ leaders of AIBSNLEA proposed some corrective action

    GS AIBSNLEA gave an elaborated speech on the developments in BSNL and DoT on various pending issues. He touched upon the twin aspects of the viability of BSNL and the HR issues.

    AIGETOA office bearers raised various issues in the Q&A session including the status of the pay-parity issue and the SAB trust formation. District secretaries mentioned some false assurance of other association which was misleading members.

    GS AIBSNLEA mentioned that such cases if brought to his notice will be taken up. AIGETOA office bearers felt that we need to curb this menace to increase the confidence levels of DRs on us.




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    AIBSNLEA CEC at CTO 11 am to 3pm  attended by AIGETOA ktk Circle and District body members.

    cec meetin1


    cec meetin3 cec meeting 5



    CEC meeting cec meeting2

  • Procedure for Rule 8 and Request transfer at SSA.

    Dear All

     Circle office issued guidelines to maintain waiting list of intera circle and foreword applications to circle

    mantain register.

    procedure for R8 & Request Tfr.


    Shri.Sundar raju, cs, AIGETOA and Shri.Hiremath,CS,AIBSNLEA had meeting with Shri.P.Nagaraju,CGMT KTK circle, Shri.Agarwal, GM(Admin) KTK and Shri.Angadi,DGM(Admin) KTK circle  in the chamber of CGMT KTK circle.

    1) Rule-08 transfer: CGMT informed that upto the year 2014 who have applied at unit controlling officer will be considered.

    we also requested to consider the Spouse cases on 1:4 basis as per the corporate office guidelines.

     if any request is applied in the year 2014 reached late in circle office please inform circle admin section so that your transfer will be considred.

    2) Intracircle transfer request: CGMT Assured that this year the administration will try to clear the waiting list.

    3) Posting of LICE Passed JTOs: we reqested to retain maximum number of JTOs in the same SSA.

    4)Staff stregth at SSAs: we requested to post the Executives as per the working lines at SSA.

    Rule 8 WL according to Date of application. any problems inform us circle administration given 15 days time .

    Letter submited to CGMT:Letter to CGMT 03.03.2017

    Waiting list publish at all SSA .tfr rule-8


  • AIGETOA Circle Executive body meeting

    2nd AIGETOA Circle executive body meeting 

    Venue              :     5th Floor Conference Hall, NTB, Bangalore

    Date                :     11/03/2017 (Saturday) 10 am to 3pm

    (Detail Agenda points sent to all by mail)

    Agenda points:

    1. Collection of Membership Forms in the new format

    2. Maintenance of Membership Register.

    3. Fund status Circle/CHQ SSA/Quota .

    4. Circle issues:

    Rule 8/Intera circle transfer/EPF/Security deposit/Service related    plan of action

    5. CHQ issues: Pay parity, SAB, CPSU hierarchy: plan of action

    6. Discussion on strengthening AIGETOA KTK Circle: plan of action

    Co-ordination with other Unions and Associations. stratgetic alliance on common DRs issues.

    7. Joint meeting with AIBSNLEA Circle body.

    8.  Assigning of work to all  CEC members

    9. Re-organisation of SSA Body/Formation of SSA body.

    10.  Formation of separate teams to give support and feedback to Circle body


    With Best regards 

    CP Ashok y Shigli

  • AIGETOA Membership & Deduction of Subscription Form

    1. Revised Declaration for Deduction of Monthly Subscription from Salary :

    The Clause of signature of controlling officer on the declaration form for deduction of monthly subscription is stands DELETED. Now the declaration form is to be signed by executive and Circle/District/Branch Secretary of the association only.


    2. AIGETOA Membership Form:

    All Circle/District Secretaries are requested to ensure that the proforma is filled in duplicate by all our members, signed by them and countersigned by the Secretary and one copy handed over to the administration, keeping the other copy with us.


  • UF AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA Had meeting with CGMT

    AIGETOA KTK CP  ASHOK Y SHIGLI, and CS AIBSNLEA S.K Hiramath Had meeting with CGMT on 09.02.2017.

    Submited Letter to CGMT karnataka circle regarding Rule 8,intra circle transfer and LICE postings,EPF etc. after detailed discussion CGMT ageerd to consider our points in total

    Letter to CGMT 060217



  • Grant of facility of Deduction of subscription to AIGETOA, the Applicant Association- regarding.

    Dear All

    Circle administartion issued Grant of facility ot AIGETOA

    AIGETOA Sub ktk

    AIGETOA-Sub Hq


    FLash News :

     BSNL Board approves formation of Superannuation Trust by LIC. First step in right direction. Many more steps are to be achieved. It’s just a beginning. Fight for full quantum and date of implementation to continue. AIGETOA thanks one and all for the support extended.

     Together we can… Together we will…


  • CHQ Update:Grant of facility of deduction of subscription to AIGETOA the applicant association

    BSNL CO has extended the facility of ”Deduction of Subscription from Salary”to AIGETOA. The monthly subscription of Rs 100 per member will be deducted and deposited directly to CHQ which will further distribute to Circle and District level. Click here for letter

    All District Secretaries are requested to ensure that the proforma is filled in duplicate by all our members, signed by them and countersigned by the Secretary and one copy handed over to the administration, keeping the other copy with us. Click here for membership form

    Monthly salary deduction format All DRs submit to office bearrs of AIGETOA New sub_ded_form

  • Happy Republic Day

    We The Young Generation Of This Nation
    Should Make A Vow
    A Vow To Protect This Nation
    From The Manacles Of Racism
    And All Acts Of Discrimination.
    Happy Republic Day Brother.

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