AIGETOA CHQ  is in support of all the demand of JAC except one or two but due to some technical difficulty as we are not the part of JAC and have no sufficient time to serve the notice to the management, AIGETOA is only extending moral support to the proposed strike and members are advised to not confront with striking employees and maintain peace.

     No: CHQ/AIGETOA/340                                                               Dated: 14th Dec 2011


    The CMD

    Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd

    Bharat Sanchar Bhawan

    Janpath, New Delhi-110001


    Sub: -    Moral support to proposed strike called by JAC on 15th Dec-2011 – Reg.


    Dear Sir,

    It is to bring your kind notices that, all the demand raised by JAC are equally concern with the members of this association except VRS where AIGETOA has different opinion. It is regrettable that BSNL management has failed to address the issues raised by JAC through mutual negotiation even after passing sufficient time.

    Although this association will refrain in physical participation in proposed strike on 15th Dec 2011 but decided to extend moral support to strike called by JAC on 15th Dec-2011.

    It is needless to mention that, if issues get not settled in due course of time this association can fully participate in further activity of JAC for the same issues.

    Yours faithfully

     (R.P. Shahu)

    Copy to:

    1. The Hon’ble Minister, Communication & IT, GOI.
    2. The Secretary, DoT, Govt. of India.
    3. The Director (HR), BSNL CO.
    4. Sh.N.K.Narang, PGM (SR), BSNL CO.
    5. The Convener, JAC for moral support to the strike called on 15th Dec 2011

  • AIGETOA KTK CS,Org Sec,ACs Met GM(Admn) on 08.12.2011

    AIGETOA KTK CS Manjunath,ACS Sundarraj,Org Sec TS Manoj Met GM(Admn/HR) at circle office,GM(Admn) Assured solve the issues as early as possible.

    1)4 years Time bound financial up-gradation for 2005 DR-batch.

     ( Names of officers Missing 2001/2002 Batch DR-JTOs):GM(Admn)  assured  such cases will solve any pending.

    2) E2 to E3 Financial up-gradation to DR-Batch 2001/2002.(Work is in progress.)

    3) Confirmation of JTOs after completion of two years :GM(Admn) assured work in progress.

    3) Mutual transfer cases delayed due to many queries from KTK circle more  than 40 cases pending in Karnatka circle. We informed GM(Admn) only Karnataka circle asking so many queries other circle doing very fast.:GM(Admn) assured take necessary step  minimize delay.

    4) Rule-08 cases are pending from long period (Spouse cases).We requested GM(Admn) those willing Rule 8 cases consider as DR-JTOs completed 10 years services in Karnataka.GM(Admn) assured Look in details of not willing members consider some urgently needed cases..

    5) Deputation cases to be resolved.GM(Admn) assured Look in matter.

    6) Inter circle transfer cases. GM(Admn) assured those willing SDE transfer applications forwarded to Corporate office those already applied.

    7) Excess staff available at Mobile Development section should be utilized to other sections. We requested GM(Admn) At present Mobile section only one GM(Dev/OP) utilize the staff of development in operation and Network planning remaining staff used for SSA if necessary.

    8)EPF during training period of DR-JTOs /TTAs/JAOs to be considered. GM(Admn) not received any  instruction from Corp office.

    9) Gradation list anomaly to be rectified. Any discrimination in Gradation list submit verify on the issue.

    10) AIGETOA KTK Circle planning to print executive Dairy for members   for 2012: GM(Admn)Assured  all  help from Administration.

  • HP High Court has issued the verdict in favour DR-JTOs

     Congrats to All. HP High Court has issued the verdict in favour of(DR-JTOs) us and instructed BSNL Management to conduct LDCE at earliest. LDCE notification is expected to come soon.

  • On request of united forum of BSNL absorbed executives

    On request of united forum of BSNL absorbed executives and analyzing the facts in the fields where unabsorbed ITS officers have started lobbying, vindictive action and loot in BSNL acting reverse to their dignity which is defeating basic motto of their delayed repatriation, AIGETOA CHQ has decided to extend moral support to the “Candle Light March” to be organized on 1st Dec-2011.