• JTO Request Transfer list published

    Dear Friends

    JTOs request tarnsfer list published by AGM HRD

    any issue submit before April 10.

    Request Transfer of JTOs

    Request Transfer of JTOs2

    Request Transfer of JTO3s


  • Save My Career in BSNL : Fight For Pay, Promotion & Pension

    BSNL on the way of degrading the direct recruit JTO cadre to E1 level and creating space for another direct recruitment at E3 level in the name of MT (Management Trainee) – Shall we see our career getting demolished, degradation of pay and denial of retiral benefits by just seating idle ????  Big NO… So Let us all start this fight together and tell BSNL Management that we are qualified executives and ready to perish in the “Fight of Self Respect, Dignity & Justice”. Our recruitment is already as MT and we are the successor of BSNL Management. We must be given our dues in terms of Pay, Promotion & Pension. There is no space for another direct recruitment above us. For more details. Click here 

    Massive Campaigning Program of AIGETOA – Activity to be performed:

    In the first step, all the direct recruits’ executives should submit their representation to the authorities mentioned. One copy for each authority must be submitted through proper channel and the advance copy should be sent directly to their address given in the representation through “Speed Post Only”. Remember if every direct recruit, irrespective of association will submit this representation, it will definitely force board of directors to re-think on their proposal for MT recruitment, Pay and Pension issue.

    The same representation must be filed as grievance to PMO PG portal. Click here for PG portal

    Procedure & Instruction for filing grievance in PG Portal. Click here for procedure & instructions for PG Portal

    Steps to Submit Individual Representation as Grievance to PMO PG portal :

    1. Type given link of PMO PG Portal : http://pgportal.gov.in/GrievanceNew.aspx

    2. Select an Option as “Public Grievance”

    3. Click on Grievance Pertains to : “Central Government Ministries/Departments”

    4. Select Ministry/Department : “Department of Telecommunications”

    5. Grievance Pertains to : “Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Corporate Office”

    6. Grievance Category : Select as “ Service Matters”

    7. Grievance description: Please write as “PDF file of representation is attached”

    8. Do you want to upload PDF Attachment: Select “Yes” and attached the PDF File of your representation.

    9. After filling the complete required information, Click on submit.

    10. On submitting you will get “Your Registration Number” which you required to fill on AIGETOA online Form.

    Important Note:

    1. Submission/sending of representation must be done before 20th Mar-2015, CHQ and Circle representatives must take the responsibility to contact each and every direct recruit.

    2. One scanned copy of representation must be sent for association on email id: wearebsnlmanagement@gmail.com  for the purpose of record for future need.

    3. After sending the representation and filing on grievance portal, each & every executive need to fill AIGETOA online form “Save My Career in BSNL : Fight For Pay, Promotion & Pension”. Click here for online form

    4. In the second step, this association will take a call for mass Dharna at BSNL corporate office and repeat the history of Dec-2008. (In Dec-2008, BSNL board was forced to take back the MT recruitment after notification).

    5. Remember, Present board is completely unaware of this conspiracy against direct recruits executives and carrying forward the decision of old board. If we all the 10000 direct recruit will send their representation we hope there is no need for second step.

  • Shri.Sundar Raju, CS AIGETOA KTK circle and Shri.Andeli, CS AIBSNLEA KTK circle have met Sr.GM(Admin)

    Shri.Sundar Raju, CS AIGETOA KTK circle and Shri.Andeli, CS AIBSNLEA KTK circle have met Sr.GM(Admin) Shri. Ashoke Kumar De Sarkar and DGM(Admin) Shri.Chakrapani Adiga and discussed about long pending demand of Rule-08 and Intra circle transfer of JTOs.and also discussed about the Request transfer of Shri. Rajesh patel to ITPC Pune.

    click here for the letter :Ltr to CGMT 11.03.15 





    Management Trainee in CPSE is nothing but induction of professionally qualified candidates at executive’s level for management succession plan. BSNL has already made recruitment of about 10000 professionally qualified executives in executive cadre hence there is no justification of another direct recruitment in executive cadre. Some of the dirty minds sitting at top BSNL management have wrongly projected before court of law and administrative ministry that BSNL doesn’t have executives with professional qualification who can replace ITS officers working on deputation so that they can create better bargaining situation for their illegal deputation. Because of such wrong submission, Court of law and administrative ministry directed BSNL to make recruitment of professionally qualified executives for creating suitable substitute of ITS working on deputation.

    This proposed MT recruitment at E3 will not only finished our career progression but also block all the paths of getting E2 pay scale for JTO equivalent and E3 for SDE equivalent. The worst sufferer will be the executives recruited after 01.01.2007 who are already facing pay loss even on E1+5 and further recruitment of JTO equivalent will be on E1 only. While submitting such wrong information, BSNL has forgotten that these 10000 professionally qualified executives will not see this game of dirty minds sitting ideal and will not remain silent on their career crush. They will surly react in strong possible manner and prove that such activity of dirty minds are nothing but futile exercise and wastage of precision time. 

    This association is already on the process of finalizing action plan to fight against such injustice and shortly come out with detail activity for resolution of our three major issues i.e. Pay, Promotion and Pension (PPP). Success of any fight will depends on commitment and participation of base members. This association hopes that all the direct recruits will show their full commitment and extend full participation. Although representatives of this association will contact each and every direct recruits through various mode but No one must wait for personal call from representatives to act. Every direct recruit must take self responsibility and act according to the plan to be uploaded on website. This association is confident that with commitment and support of all direct recruits we will be able to achieve the pay scale and status as proposed for MT, career progression at par with leading CPSEs of the country and 30% superannuation benefits in totality:



    GS Sh R P Shahu submitted the resolution of CEC to CMD BSNL and seeks agenda meeting for resolution of long pending HR issues. Click here for letter


    All  members ofAIGETOA  karnataka circle are requested to  deposit their subscription(Sep-13 to July-14 to  circle account and Aug-14 to March-15 directly to CHQ account) before 31st March-2015.