The meeting held on 25-06-2016 at BG East, Bangalore-5, the district body of BG EAST is elected in the presence of Circle president Shri Ashok Shigli and Asst. Circle Secretary Shri Chandran Thomas of Karnataka Circle.



    Working Unit

    Contact Number

    T Lakshmi Narayana District Secretary BBNW 9449000200
    Vivek Asati District President MPLS 9481820986
    Guru Kamesh Reddy District Finance Secretary BBNW 9449002015
    K Manikyalarao Asst District Secretary MPLS 9483540666
    B.Nageswararao Asst District Secretary BBNW 9449015986
    P Srinivasarao Asst District Secretary BBNW 9449702005
    Zinu S Asst District Secretary MPLS 9483547799
    Dinesh Kumar District Vice President BBNW 9449083143
    Hema Latha Srivastava District Vice President BBNW 9482506924
    G Srinivasarao District Vice President BBNW 9449040027
    Pratap Jaldula District Vice President MPLS 9418008070
    Vijay Dasi Organizing Secretary(BBNW) BBNW 9449085000
    M V Rajesh Kumar Organizing Secretary(MPLS) MPLS 9449047040
    K Ravi Kumar Finance Secretary(BBNW) BBNW 9449004069
    C Vara Prasad Finance Secretary(MPLS) MPLS 9483515700
    P K Sahoo District Body Advisor BBNW 9449803875
  • 2nd Circle Conference of AIGETOA Karnataka was held on 17/06/2016 at RTTC Mysuru.

    AIGETOA Karnataka Circle 2nd circle conference was held at RTTC Mysuru on 17/06/2016 in the presence of Shri Ravihail Verma AIP CHQ and Shri Amit Roy AGS CHQ and  CHQ office bearers 

    AIGETOA CS/CP and Deligates DRs of All SSA attended  witnessed 2nd Circle conference.

    Karnataka All Circle body members/District office bearers and DRs intteracted with CHQ and Circle body.

    AIGETOA CHQ Observer AGS  CHQ Deepak Sahu and JS East Mr Ashok acharya conducted formation new Circle governing body.

    As per Constitution of AIGETOA 11 Executives has been eleected as the Karnataka AIGETOA Circle body.

    CIRCLE PRESIDENT Mr ASHOK Y SHIGLI CIRCLE OFFICE 9449857589 ashokshigli@gmail.com
    CVP1 Mr Bapugouda patil BELGAVI 9448010025 bapugouda@gmail.com 
    CVP2 Mr Basavaraj Totta RAICHUR 9449853933 bktotta@gmail.com
    CVP3 Mr MACHERLA PRADEEP KR CIRCLE OFFICE 9449010427 macherla.pradeep@gmail.com
    CVP4 Mr Naresh MS Gulburga 9482522925 sainaresh02@gmail.com 
    CIRCLE SECRETARY Mr SUNDAR RAJU CIRCLE OFFICE 9449067612 Sundarraju.bsnl@gmail.com
    ACS1 Mr Ajay BIJAPUR 9449037567 ajaybalaji69@gmail.com
    ACS2 Mr Sourabh Agrawal CIRCLE OFFICE 9448470708 sourabh.bsnl@gmail.com
    ACS3 Shri Uttam MOBILE SERVICE 9448010055 uttamsy@gmail.com 
    ACS4 Mr. Chandran Thomas MPLS NOC 9449850480 chandrandt@gmail.com 
    CIRCLE FINANCE SECRETARY Mr Vinod Bansal NCNGN Bangalore 9449856089 bansal_vinod@yahoo.com 





  • AIGETOA All India Conference at MYSURU on June 17,18,19.

    June 17 :2nd Circle Conference 9am to 1.30pm at RTTC Mysuru.
    4pm to 8pm Senate Bhavan Mysruru university
    open SESSION CMD BSNL,DIR CFA,CGM.PGMs and MPs,VC Mysuru univeristy atending.

    All association leaders attending.

    All DRs of karnataka attend with full strength make program grand  success.

    June 18,19 AIC CHQ  AGM at mysuru RTTC Mysuru.

    With Best Wishes.
    AIGETOA KTK Circle body and Core Committee of AIC Mysuru.

    Invitation Card

  • AIC MYSURU June 17,18,19 arrangement updated by Email/Whatsup.

    Dear DRs of

    karnataka circle maximum DRs are confirmed attending 2nd Circle conformance on 17 june 2016.

    Circle body/District body members  core committee members are also confirmed for  three days work for AIC Mysuru.

    Core committee members are completing all the pending works by Sunday.

    Invitation cards sending to all SSA by courier.

    Posterers.Poster2 Poster1 



  • Rule 8 cases of AP circle issued.

    Dear All

    Rule 8 cases of AP issued today circle administartion,

    MP circle already issued,pending Rule 8 will be issued soon after completion of all formalities. JTO Rule 8 AP

  • Preparation of AIC Mysuru Activites planed sent to All Core committee members

    Dear Friends

    As per AIGETOA CHQ Instructions activities planed/completed sent to all Core committee members Verify and Update.

    1.Deligation List of SSA.

    2.AIC Fund collected must be deposit to circle account.



  • AIGETOA Karnataka 2nd Circle conference and AIC MYSORE June 17,18,19

    Dear Friends

    After 4 Years  again AIGETOA Karnataka circle  Conducting All india conference on june 17,18,19

    (AIGETOA CHQ CWC Meeting was successfully conducted on June 17,18  2012  at Hotel Atria Bangalore)

    Now again We are conducting AIC mysore ,

    All India CHQ Leaders and CS/CP/CWC members already confirmed and Management side CMD,DIRs,CGM,PGM,Sr GMs attending.

    June 18 joint open session UF AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA at Manas gangotri auditorium.


    Core committee formed for successful conducting AIC mysore.

    All Circle and District body members and Volunteers Give the participants list

    CHQ Notice:.148_Notice for AGM

    Circle Norice:Notice for Circle conferance

    Special CL: splc lAIGETOA