• AIGETOA KTK meeting with CGMT on 26/06/2013

    AIGETOA KTK CP Mr Ashok Y Shigli,CS Mr Manjuanth,Org Sec Mr Manoj,ACS Mr Sundarraju,VP Mr Rohit gour met CGMT at circle office and Discussed at length the following points.

    1. We stressed on the Rule 8 cases that are pending and informed the Wait list being escalated to more than 105  now.We requested CGMT to relive the JTOs with most of them having family commitment and genuine problems.
    CGMT Assured to look into the detail and discuss with the PGM (Admin) for relevant actions.
    2. In Karnataka some of GM/DGM behavior and attitude is de-motivating towards the DR-JTOs the CS indicated that this may lead to agitational activities in coming days if such precedence is not nipped in the bud.
    CGMT Assured he will discuss with concerned GM and take appropriate solution.
    3. Gradation list of DRJTOs has not followed DOPT guide lines in KTK circle even though it is prepared after 03.03.2008.
    CGMT assured study the case and discuss with PGM.
    4.Posting of LDCE qualified executives. We requested the CGMT to consider the request transfer of JTOs having genuine problem and merit.
    CGMT assured as per vacancy requirement, the requests will taken up.
    We Thank the CGM for his patient listening and the intent to do the needful.

    AIGETOA KTK EMERGENCY MEETING at all SSA level and CIRCLE BODY meeting next week at the earliest.
    All DS/DP are requested conduct Emergency meeting at all SSA.Send Feedbcak=aigetoaktk@yahoo.co.in.

    1.AIGETOA BANGALORE SSA Meeting organised at NTB 5th floor 5.30pm on 21/06/2013.
    all members are requested attend meeting without fail to discuss the problems of DRJTOs/DRJAOs of Bangalore SSA.

    The agenda points discussed   
    1. Finalization of standard pay scale: 
    2. Implement 30% superannuation benefit in respect of Direct recruits. 
    3. Stop external recruitment above then JTO/JAO in the stream of Operation & Finance. 
    4. Implementation of time bound functional promotion in line with leading CPSEs. 
    5. Resolution of EPF anomalies. 
    6. Diversion of backlog LDCE vacancies. 
    7. At par Facilities to AIGETOA 
    8. All the members discussed the issue of DRJTO/DRJAOs facing  problem at SSA


    All the members of raichur SSA attend and discuss the problems of SSA and send feedback next future course of action on coming days.

  • AIGETOA Bangalore SSA Met PGM at CTO Welcomed to BGTD.

    Dear friends

    AIGETOA Bangalores SSA DS Mr Chandran,DP Smt Lata jain,VP Gnanesh,DNW Branch Sec Mr  Harishankar tiwari

    met PGM and welcomed to BGTD.AIGETOA KTK CP,CS also attended meeting.

    PGM Shri Nagraju appreciated the DRJTOs working in BSNL,AIGETOA KTT Team extended all kinds of co-operation to PGM coming days

    to improve the services in Bangalore from all section of DRJTOs.

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  • Memorandum submitted to PGM(HR/Admin)

    AIGETOA KTK,CP ASHOK Y SHIGLI,CS MANJUNATH BG ,Org  Sec MANOJ TS,ACS SUNDARAJU,VP ROHITH GHOUR Met PGM(HR/Admin) at circle office submitted memorandum against MT RR by ignoring interanl talent.Other SSA Bellary,Raichur,DNW,Belgaum,Bangalore SSA submitted memorandum today.All the DRJTO/DRJAOs be ready any organisational activities as per AIGETOA CHQ.

  • AIGETOA KTK meeting held with PGM at circle office.

    Dear all

    AIGETOA KTK CP Ashok Y shigli,CS Manjunath,Org Sec Manoj TS,ACS Sundaraju,VP Rohith ghour,VP Srnivas reddy met PGM(HR/Admn) and discussed the issues of DRJTOs.

    1.Request transfer of JTOs to other SSA/Mobile services.

    2.EPF issues circle office

    3.E2-E3 status

    4.VC of LDCE passed JTOs

    5.BSNL status from corporate office.

    We requested PGM(HR/Admn) VC of Karnataka circle send urgently LDCE result expecting shortly.

    LDCE for promotion to the grade of SDE – 33 percentage quota – VC status reg (2)




    It is to clarify that this association is not the part of proposed strike called by United Forum of Unions and Associations of BSNL and reason is already explained as we want implementation of standard pay scale of E2 for JTO equivalent and 30% superannuation benefit to all direct recruits along with the 78.2% IDA merger but strike is called for only 78.2% IDA merger. We know that 78.2% IDA merger will give benefit to the executives recruited before 01.01.2007 but many of our members recruited after 01.01.2007 are not going to be benefited with this issue