• AIGETOA Bangalore SSA DS Mr Chandarn and Smt Lata Jain met PGM BGTD and discussed the problems of DRJTOs.

    AIGETOA Bangalore SSA DS Mr Chandarn and Smt Lata Jain met PGM BGTD and discussed the problems of DRJTOs. DS/DP also met DGM(Admn), Sr. GM(admn) BGTD and submitted representation for retaining four SDEs of BGTD upto march 2012. BGTD  

    6 SDEs LDCE qualified SDEs(2007), who are transferred just becoause of other association pressure  earlier management retained.After successful CEC bangalore  june 17,18 we never expected such things to our members.AIGETOA members are targeted by other associations by all the way transferring them in the  middle of  financial year, which is totally injustice. We don’t want any such kind of politics against executives associations in BSNL.

    We are planning to meet CS AIBSNLEA,CS SNEA,DS AIBSNL BGTD on monday to  discuss and resolve. AIGETOA KTK CS,CP also met PGM,Contacted CS AIBSNLEA ,CS AIBSNLEA discuss the issue over phone and solve mutually to maintain better co-operation within executives associations in Karnataka.

  • AIGETOA Karnataka team met CGM on the 28th at 15:00 hours.

    AIGETOA Karnataka circle team had a cordial meeting with our Respected CGM on the 28th of June at 15:00 hours.CGM was positive throughout the discussion on various issues that we put forth.CS Manjunath, ACS Sundar Raju,OS Manoj and DS Bangalore Chandran were representatives from the association side.A few of the important points are listed below:-

    At the outset we thanked our CGM for participating in our All India CEC at Bangalore on the 16th of this month.

    As we mentioned in our previous update, the non-issuance of NOC was a major point which is affecting recent batches of DR JTOs. The CGM was appraised of the recent order issued by the Circle Administration blocking NOC completely. He promised to have a re-look at this and said that NOC will be given as per the existing rulings on this. We appraised him that other Circles of BSNL are issuing NOC without attaching any attendant conditions.

    In relation to the above point we also showed an order endorsed by our Corporate Office (in 2005) on the subject of Bond transfer while moving from BSNL to other PSU/Govt Department. CGM assured us that he will review this with the Circle Administration.

    It was requested from the association side to re-start processing of the Rule-8 waiting list. CGMT said that once LDCE posting is complete, we will have a better idea of the actual staff position. We requested that he take a sympathetic view of a few individual cases especially on the grounds of spouse working in different Circle of BSNL.

    TBP from E2 to E3 has not been carried out in KTK Circle. CGM said he will direct the concerned sections to expedite.

  • AIGETOA KTK CS,ACS,Org Sec met GM(Admin).

    AIGETOA KTK CS Manjunath,Org secretory TS Manoj,ACS Sundarraj,Bangalore SSA DS Mr Chandran,Org sec Diwakar met GM(Admn) and discussed the fallowing points.

    1)Status of vigilance clearance and special report for LDCE 2012 passed candidates.
    2)Relieving of 3 JTOs of BGTD who are selected for UIDAI.
    3)NOC for attending interview of DRJTOs.
    4)Relieving of SDEs Karnataka to other Circle.
    5)E2-E3 up gradation for SDEs of 2001 DR batch in KTK circle.
    6)Reply to Corporate Office order regarding the reversion of 10 SDEs of LDCE 2007.
    7)Request transfer Modification genuine cases..
    8)Status of SDEs applied sent to corporate office time to time.

  • AIGETOA CEC Meeting 2012 Bangalore Memorable Moments !!

    CEC Meeting Live Streaming Records:-

    CEC Meeting at Hotel Atria Bangalore 16th June 2012

  • AIGETOA RAICHUR SSA Body Submitted to GMT and AGM.


    Dear friends

    AIGETOA Raichur SSA entire SSA DRJTOs/DRJAOs joined AIGETOA(More than 40 Direct recruits)shown faith on AIGETOA CHQ Team Lead by GS RP Shahu and GP Shilou Rao.
    Today newly elected body members District Secratory Mr Basavraj Totta ,District President Mr Srinivasalu K met Shr K Madhusudan Rao GMTD Raichur & AGM(Admn) submitted Raichur SSA body list.GM assured all kind of support to newly elected body of AIGETOA.


  • AIGETOA CEC Succesfull Meeting Imapct on karnataka circle.

    Dear all

    JTO to SDE LDCE 2007 almost all DRJTOs posted outside Bangalore in spite of vacancy available exist in bangalore SSA/Circle office because AIGETOA not exist at that time/options not considered.
    Now Other associations not happy with the way DRJTOs passed in LDCE 2012 exam they want all posting continue as officiating.More than 180 officiating SDEs working,posting order clearly shows whenever regular SDEs joins revert back officiating.But unhealthy practice continuing in BSNL we will not tolerate this time at any cost.

    AIGETOA Karnataka CP Ashok Y Shigli,CS Manjaunath,ACS Sundarraj met CGMT and requested retain all qualified GEs in karnataka.
    Long standing SDEs order not implemented properly changed as almost every SDEs.
    Now After CEC grand success of AIGETOA all associations working against DRJTOs,reliving of old cases more than 3.5 years from PGM BGTD.Circle office not relived single SDEs transfer and some orders modified/sent deputation when required.

    They wanted show as well wisher of DRJTOs but never support DRJTOs some SSA DRJTOs joined due to personal benefit.
    AIGETOA Karnataka circle writen letter to CGMT/GM(HR/Admn)

  • Local calls at 1 paisa/2 sec to any network.

    L 1PS 2 SEC

    Local calls at 1 paisa/2 sec to any network with STV39 validity 30 days.
    BSNL MKTG CO Bangalore.

  • LDCE 2012 : Inter Circle Transfer Request Application Form

    GS WRITES TO DIR(HR) REGARDING LDCE 2012 INTER CIRCLE TRANSFER REQUEST CONSIDERATION.All the LDCE 2012 successful candidates those who are willing inter-circle transfers, please fill in the information below as completely and accurately as possible within 3 days i.e latest by 22nd June 2012, Friday.www.aigetoachq.org

  • AIGETOA CEC held at Hotel Atria on 16th June 2012, was successfully organized by Karnataka circle and Bangalore SSA body members.

    The Chief Guest was Shri. A.N Rai, Director (HR/EB), BSNL Corporate Office. Other Guests of Honour included Shri. P Raghavan, CGM Karnataka Circle, Shri. K Srinivasan CGM QA Circle, Shri. Subendhu Ghosh, PGM BGTD, Shri. Chandramouli, Sr. GM(Admn/HR), Shri. Nagavi,
    C S SNEA(I). All guests actively participated in the open session on the theme :- Talent Management for Contemporary Business Endeavors in BSNL.
    AIGETOA CHQ GP Shri. NJP Shilohu Rao, GS Shri. R P SHAHU and AIGETOA KTK CS Shri. Manjunath, CP Shri. Ashok Y Shigli, All CHQ leaders, Circle Secretary’s addressed the members. This is first time that DRJTO/DRJAOs/DRTTAs of all over Karnataka attended such a massive event in large numbers.

    Large number of members from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra attended. As for the SSAs of Karnataka, representatives from Belgaum, Bellary, Raichur, Mysore, Bijapur, Hassan, Mandya, Kolar and Madakeri were present.
    CEC & AGM Held was held at Telephone House auditorium on the 17th of June 2012
    GS R.P SHAHU Addressed CS/CP/CHQ members of AIGETOA to evolve the future plan of action in the coming days to ensure that the problems of GEs are resolved.
    GP Shilou Rao expressed his happiness at the way AIGETOA KTK has progressed within a short span of time.

    Members expressed the following views

    1. Karnataka Members expressed their problems: Most of DRJTOs have completed 10 years of service and yet very few Rule 8 transfer/spouse cases have been considered by Karnataka Circle. The waiting list is growing and pendency is in the range of 8-10 years.
    2. Some of the SSA pointed out the misuse of Departmental vehicles by officers (belonging to other associations) acting like absolute authorities in their area – their wife is using office vehicle for shopping, going to pickup/drop children to school, enjoying holidays and then asking DRJTOs to join their associations for safer side and better posting like GSM/MSC/Indoor. Their double standards need to be exposed.
    3. DRJTOs suggested relocation of BTS where less utilization of traffic to increase revenue. This needs to be considered by the SSA level and Circle level management.
    4. 2007-08 batches of DRJTOs expressed their problems: Pay fixation problem/NOC not being issued for applying to other Government Jobs/PSUs blocking career/Transfer Rule 8 made impossible by the recent orders on KTK intranet.
    5. DRJTOs of Karnataka/Bangalore are worried about LDCE posting: In 2007 LDCE (2005-06) passed SDEs were not posted in Bangalore due to some other association’s pressure to make ensure their DPC members/officiating SDEs get posted according to their choice.
    6. In Karnataka there are many officiating SDEs working in Bangalore/SSA Headquarters where as our DRJTOs/DRJAOs are not utilized properly and even their option is not asked before posting.
    7. In the case of long standing SDEs transfer, almost all SDE orders are modified according to their choice by lobbying at Circle office which is unwarranted of them.
    8. We are very concerned about the future of BSNL – how to make it a profit oriented company and our career progression. We are working without any fear and we don’t have any other hidden agenda.

    All the DRJTOs/DRJAOs must understand clearly that there is no one to help you in BSNL. You alone need to fight and get things done for you (A lion is always a lion). AIGETOA is the only association that can fight for and protect the interests of its members.
    Sir plz see this the link:-AIGETOA CEC ATRIA HOTEL BANGALORE


  • AIGETOA Karnataka circle Welcomes all members.

    Dear friends

    AIGETOA Karnataka circle Welcomes  all members coming to CEC Bangalore. Due to some reasons most of DRJTO/DRJAOs not attending and they are extended all kind of support to Shri Ashok Y. Shigli CP/CS Manjunath BG AIGETOA KTK.