• JTOs Time bond upgrade review list published for ACRs

    Dear all

    Circle office published time bond  review date 1.10.2013

    wef 1.04.2008 to 31.03.2013,ACRs,Special report forwarded to circle office.

    CR review

    List of JTOs due


  • Time bond up gradation reviewed.

    Dear all

    Circle office issued Notice Time bond upgrade CRs and spacial report required. TBP%20Notice

  • AIGETOA KTK Meeting with PGM(HR/Admin).

    AIGETOA KTK CP Ashok Y shigli,CS Manjunath BG,ACS Sundaraju met PGM (HR/Admin),DGM Staff,AGM (HR) and discussed issues of DRJTO/DRJAOs of karnataka circle.

    1. Mutual transfer cases list published on 22.04.2012 but Rule-8 status uploading to ktkint website.List published soon.
    2. Inter SSA transfer request for JTO/SDEs. Some of genuine cases considered as per requirement
    3. E2 to E3 time bound up gradation not yet done in Mobile services/SSAs JTOs.List for calling CRs process going on.
    4. Gradation list preparation as per DOPT guidelines.The process going on.
    5. Requirement of JTOs interested to work in Hassan SSA: Those interested to work  Hassan apply urgently.
    6. EPF Issue of circle office:Circle office EPF statement received by members any difference in amount write a letter to AO with details.


  • Issue of Confirmation in JTO YOR 2008(Pending)

    Dear all

    The fallowing JTOs confirmation pending due to Special report/VC require AGM HRD  Circle office.All the DS/DP requested verify  the details at SSA Special report/VC sent or not to Circle office .

    Calling of JTO CRs for Conf YOR 2008

  • AIGETOA KTK ACS Mr Sundaraju met PGM (Admin/HR)

    AIGETOA KTK ACS Mr Sundaraju met PGM(Admin/HR) at circle office Congratulated on his promotion as PGM.

  • AIGETOA KTK Team Welcomed CGM R.K Misra to karnataka circle.

    Dear friends

    AIGETOA Karnataka Team CP Ashok .Shigli,CS Manjunath,Org Sec Manoj,CFS Jayakumar,ACS Sundaraju,VP Srnivas reddy met and  welcomed CGMT to karnataka circle.

    AIGETOA Welcoomes CGMT t

    The first meeting of AIGETOA and the incumbent CGM has opened a new chapter in the long and cherished relationship between technical minds of the organization and a committed management. We were impressed upon a new show of face by the management which will not harp on the past but will show guts and gumption to take BSNL forward, determined to clear up the mess in different department and bring in the lost belongingness. At length the discussion went on about the future of BSNL in general and Karnataka Circle in particular which he painted in a very good hue. He assured of all the backing to AIGETOA representing a task force which is a class apart. He applauded the members for the workmanship, technical prowess and new thinking abilities that are out of the box which will culminate in orchestrating the neo growth saga of BSNL turnaround, which happens to be the current need. The ethereal quality of this new generation will surpass all the achievement of BSNL hitherto. The CGM observed a methodical approach already in place in all the works carried out by the Karnataka Circle and stressed upon need to tackle the paucity by self motivation. These words are only applicable for the Direct Recruits as the CGM sees and believes in this group which will partake the gargantuan responsibility of steering the ship to stability. The CS assured of all the help to the management to realize the goal, mission and vision which of late has been kept on sidelines and fringes. The CS along with the AIGETOA team guaranteed smooth functioning of the organization and to take all possible steps to ensure to grab and retain the top position for Karnataka Circle. The team discussed the various reports on the CGM dashboard, the reasons and the steps taken to curb the values and optimize the network especially in Mobile services. The keen interest and observations made by the CGM has elated our community which seeks to enhance the network capabilities and see in the new CGM a light of enthusiasm which will work in favor of genuine, hard and smart works. The CGM reiterated the need for enhancing the deliverability of BSNL services.   Let us enjoy and take responsibility of the work in this changed scenario and hope the management does its best transparently


    Record of discussion of meeting held with Director (HR) with AIGETOA on 22nd April 2013.minutes 22-april_Dir_HR0001