• AIGETOA KTK General body meeting held on 21st November 2017


    A:Welcome speech: Shri Sundar Raju,CS, AIGETOA KTK welcomed Shri. DK Sahoo, AGS to this General body meeting that had the Circle and District body members of Bangalore present. He requested our Chief Guest to appraise us on all on-going issues to which our AGS readily obliged.


     B:Address by Shri. Deepak Sahoo, AGS, CHQ AIGETOA:He explained the reasons behind the formation of AIGETOA and also the purpose of our Association for BSNL recruited executives:

    1) E2-E3 scale issue: A case was filed in Chandigarh and AIGETOA has won the case. Along with this, we are pursuing with DOT officials and also with Minister to get E2 for JTO and E3 for SDE.JF(AIGETOA SNEA)  alongwith with his ,we are  also pursuing with Honorable MOC DOT Sec for settlement of E2 for JTO and E3 for SDE.

    Pay loss issue of  Post 2007 JTOs: Management has acknowledged the pay loss for the executives recruited after 2007. AIGETOA is actively pursuing the settlement of this issue as it affecting many young executives of BSNL. AIGETOA is exploring various methods like E2 Plus some advance increments to achieve this parity.

    2) CPSU cadre hierarchy: Management Committee has approved and it is sent to BSNL board. In this proposal, some aspects are not favourable for DRs. A letter has been submitted by our GS for review of the same. Eg: MT Recruitment, Cluster reporting,12 years of combined service in SDE grade

    3) SAB: AIGETOA has initiated this matter after studying 2nd PRC recommendation of DPE and taken it up with management from the year 2009 and various agitations were done to achieve the same. Till we get full 12%, our fight will continue. Recently SAB has been increased from 3% to 5%. 

    4) LDCE Postings: AIGETOA is working very hard to get the postings done for the LDCE passed JTOs. Whenever it is done, it will be due to the sole efforts of AIGETOA as we have seen in the past.

    5) DPC posting status: Judgement is reserved by Ernakulam court and we are waiting for the pronouncement of the same.

    6) MSRR court case: We won the case in Chennai with help of AIGETOA team of Chennai & Tamilnadu. This is a landmark judgement for our future promotions. 


    He emphasized that many such cases and issues were resolved exclusively by AIGETOA Eg: EPF Training period, Posting of LDCE in 2013 (specially the transfer and return of AP candidates from Calcutta TD), Stopping of MT.


    Members got their queries answered from AGS and achieved a deeper understanding of our issues. They are expected to communicate further down to members. We thank Shri Deepak Sahoo for patiently clarifying the doubts of all present. 


    7.AIGETOA aslo filed court case at Ernakulam JTORR 2014, 

    JTO RR case stay on clause 10 of jto rr 14(ie retrospectve date of implementation not possibli) pat $ status protected for  2001,20012,2005,2007,2008 of DR batches


    C. Fund status: CP Shri. Ashok Y Shigli has given details about the Karnataka AIGETOA account and will be disbursed shortly to SSAs.


     D:CS has given brief report regarding Karnataka circle issues:


    a) Rule-08: CGMT Karnataka circle of the opinion that Rule-08 cases will be considered only against out side JTO recruitment.170 GATE JTOs have joined the Karnataka circle, so only he will consider about 56 Rule-08 for this year subtracting 114 JTOs who are already relieved from Karnataka circle over the past two years.


    b) LICE passed JTOs in the SSA: After request from AIGETOA Karnataka circle, posting of JTOs was done to same SSAs and by considering their merit. 


    E. Preparation for HUMAN CHAIN Nov 23: It was resolved by the house that as this is for common issues, all the members should participate in full strength


    F. Vote of thanks: Shri. Chandran Thomas, ACS, has given vote of thanks to AGS along with Shri Prabhakar Choudhary, Calcutta Circle, circle body members and district body members present. He stressed that we have to learn from the example of Calcutta to increase our paid membership. 

    NTB Confernace hall on 21/11/2017

     DS NGN Harish Welcoming AGS Deepka ShaooCircle and district body membersAGS Deepka shaoo adressingcircle and district body members1

    MPLS NOC BANGALORE 22/11/2017
    MPLS Deepak addressing MPLS NOC bangaloreIntreaxtion with NOC members
  • AIGETOA Karnataka circle General Body meeting organised at NTB 21/11/2017

    AIGETOA Karnataka circle General Body meeting organised at NTB 21/11/2017 confernace Hall  5.30pm .

    Shri Deepak  Sahoo  CHQ AIGETOA AGS  will address Circle/District body /Gen members.

  • CHQ update:Decisions taken in the meeting of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, held at New Delhi on 14.11.2017.

    Decisions taken in the meeting of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, held at New Delhi on 14.11.2017.

    A meeting of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, was held at New Delhi today the 14.11.2017. Com. Chandeswar Singh, GS, NFTE, presided over the meeting. BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA, FNTO, SEWA BSNL, BSNL MS, AIBSNLOA, BSNL ATM, BSNL OA and BEA BSNL attended the meeting. The following decisions are taken unanimously.

    (1) The date of the human chain is changed, with a view to facilitate more time for the mobilisation. Now, the human chain will be held during lunch hour on 23.11.2017.

    (2) The strike notice for the two day strike, to be held on 12th & 13th December, 2017, will be served on the Management and the DoT on 23.11.2017.

    (3) At the circle level, a meeting of all the circle secretaries of the unions and associations should be held on 18.11.2017. The ways and means to effectively organise the human chain and the two day strike, should be discussed and decided in these meetings. (At the Corporate Office this meeting will take place on 17.11.2017)

    (4) The last date for submission of memorandum to the Honourable MPs has been changed to 30.11.2017. A copy of the memorandum to be submitted to the Honourable MPs, will be circulated within a day or two.

    (5) Posters and hand bills will be printed at the All India level, by the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, in English and Hindi, and it will be sent to the circles. The expenditure for these will be borne by all the unions and associations. The posters and hand bills should also be printed in the regional languages, at the circle level.

    (6) To effectively organise the strike, meetings will be organised in important centres, as per the following details. All India leaders of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL will address these meetings.