• Releving JTO transfer on Rule 8/intera circle by 30/06/2017

    Dear All

    JTO Transfered on Rule 8/Intera circle must releve by latest 30/06/2017

    Circle administration issued letter to all SSA.

    relieving JTO Rule8 and inter circle


  • JTO Training order of LICE passed JEs.

    JTO Training Order



    06.06.2017- notification agitation15.06.2017-

    Notice of Dharana to CGM KTK – Copy 2

  • AIGETOA Welcomes Shri R Mani joinning as CGMT karnataka circle.

    AIGETOA Welcomes to CGMT Mani

    CP Ashok Y.Shigli,CFS Vinod Bansal,,Org Sec Manoj ACS1 Sourab Agrwal,ACS2,Chandrann,ACS3Uttam Yaligar,ACS4 Ajay,DS Circle office Deepa jain,DP Circle office Nirmala,DFS Rajkumar  and DRs of circle office.

    AIGETOA KTK Circle and District office bearers and members of circle office welcomed 

    Shri R.Mani CGMT karnataka circle  assure to always extend constructive co-operation for betterment of our beloved organization and submitted letter to consider issues of Direct recruits of Karnataka circle.

    Letter to CGMT c 2017-06-15

  • The preparatory meeting of BSNL Unions and Associations,Karnataka Circle Held on 14/06/2017

    The preparatory meeting of BSNL Unions and Associations,Karnataka Circle took place held on 14/06/2017 BSNLEU office at CGM Office premises. Circle Secretaries, Circle Treasurer, Dist.Secretaries,Dist.Presidents, All India Office bearers of BSNLEU; FNTO; SNATTA; SNEA (I);AIGETOA;BASE (I) participated in the meeting and unanimously decided to make a grand success of the agitational programmes chalked out by New Delhi CHQ of BSNL Unions and Associations, with regard to 3rd PRC and other related issues. The minutes of the meeting held today is circulated to all the participants( Kannada version.

    14.06.2017- BSNL Unions & Associations

    CP Ashok shigli,DS Smt Deepa join, ACS Chandramn attened.

    All DS attend meeting at SSA level and prepare for dharna programme

    strike poster



  • Historic Joint CEC of SNEA, AIGETOA and BASE(I)

    The Joint Circle working committee of the three associations was held at SNEA BHAVAN, Sahakar Nagar, Bangalore on 9th June 2017 under the President ship of Veteran Com B S Venkateshmurthy, Circle President SNEA Karnataka. Com Ashok Shigli, President AIGETOA shared the dias and conducted the function in grand and most focused and purposeful way. Com K Sebastin, Convenor, Joint Forum of Executives’ and General Secretary SNEA, Com Shankar General Secretary BASE(I) and Com RavishilVerma, General Secretary AIGETOA were the distinguished guests on the occasion.

    The proceedings commenced with the invocation. Com S B Nagavi, after welcoming the guests and the house gave a brief report of the progress and development of SNEA Bhavan.

    Com RavishilVerma GS AIGETOA, explained on the seriousness of the issues on the agenda and its full accomplishment depends on our full energy participation in the forthcoming days. He has explained that the Joint Forum of SNEA, AIGETOA with other executive associations is moving with clear vision and full confidence of achieving the common issues drawn out in our demands.  He also cleared the apprehensions raised by members regarding the progress w.r.t. social security and 30% SAB.

    Com S Sebastin, Convenor JF and General Secretary SNEA, in his address elaborated the present position on all the issues vis-a vis Standard Pay Scales, 30% SAB, promotions from JTO to SDE and  SDE to DE, uniform 4 year first TBU, Pay parity and particularly on the move of BSNL CO, the Dir HR and CMD who are presently in line with the demands of JF and represented vehemently to DOT that they are with the executives’ and needs them to be resolved to improve the performance of the company and motivation of the staff and executives.

    Com Sunder Raju CS AIGETOA has briefed the details of the agitationprogrammes  by the JF conducted in Karnataka and declared to strengthen the bonding of JF in the coming days in CHQ as well as Circle issues.

    Com PandurangNayak, JSS spoke and explained the role of youngsters in the present circumstances and their future is fully depended on the seriousness with which each one of us take this programme and actively participate.

    Com Shankar, GS BASE(I) assured the full support in the coming days and all their circle/SSA units will take active and 100% participation as their issues being taken care of JF.

    Both the GS, made it very clear that their path of negotiation with the management was paved, by the mass CL of more than TWENTY FOUR THOUSAND EXECUTIVES as part of JF call.  GS AIGETOA claimed the selective threat of disciplinary action of management is a feather in his cap for his success in  consolidation of executives’ support, to which GS SNEA  assured the house that the action on AIGETOA leadership will be nullified in total at any cost. Both GS have appealed to all the activists not be complacent but be prepared for any short notice to hit back to the management by our organizational action if situation so demands. When some leadership in the fag end of his service takes a narrow view to defeat the success of larger issues, their members have every right to take a considered comprehensive stand in the larger benefit of executives and this message should reach down the line.

    As such presently we are much concerned with the stiff competition and price war we are facing in the industry, the JF will strive hard to utilize all methods to convince MOSC, DOT, BSNL and if they fail to be sincere and honest at any stage, we will be and we must be ready to react.

    Com Ashok Shigli, Com B S Venkateshmurthyhave delivered their presidential address and both endorsed the view of CHQ.

    The meeting adjourned sine die with a resolution of working with strong bonding in the circle for achieving the local and CHQ issues.

    Com Jayaprakash Javali DS BGTD extended vote of thanks.


     Glimpses of Joint CEC Meeting of SNEA/AIGETOA/BASE(I) <<<View>>>


  • Congratulations to Shri. Harish S on being recognised by CMD for developing LFMT service on NGN

    It is a great honour to the DR community in general and AIGETOA in particular to highlight the achievement of its star performer – Shri Harish S. He has done excellent work in CDMA, GSM and now NGN. He and his team of 4 DRs in NGN Bangalore have developed and launched the LFMT service single handedly. They have succeeded where vendors failed. This shows that BSNL has great in-house talent in the telecommunications field. All of these initiatives are powered by the dynamic young talent of BSNL. AIGETOA applauds the achievements of its member – Shri Harish who has and continues to hold various responsible positions in its Bangalore chapter. 

    Shri Harish was recognized for his outstanding performance in the recent HOCC at Delhi by CMD BSNL. 




  • AIGETOA KTK Emergency CEC meeting and JF meeting on 09/06/2017.

     Dear CEC Members & DS/DP/DFS,

    As per the provision of AIGETOA Constitution & Bylaw , notice  for an emergency Circle executive meeting inclusive of District office bearers ( DS / DP/ DFS ) & District executive members is  hereby  issued .

     GS Sri. Ravisheel Verma will address the combined CEC meeting of JF followed by Open Session to members & other executives

    Venue :- SNEA Bhavan, Sahakaranagar, Bengaluru

    Date  :-   09-06-2017

    Time :    11:00 AM till End

    AGENDA  of  meeting

    1.  Organizational matters of  Association

    2.  Discussion on HR related issues

    3.  Any other issues with the permission of the chair.




     NOTE: All circle body, district body members /members are requested to make preparations to attend the meeting.