• AIGETOA BIJAPUR SSA General body meeting was held at Conference hall on 22/12/2015.

    AIGETOA BIJAUR SSA Genral body meeting was held at Conference hall on 22/12/2015 .
    CS Sundaraju,AFS Ajay,DS Vivekand and DRs of Bijapur
    SSA attended and discueed the issues at SSA level/circle level.
    All DRs shown full confidence and support to AIGETOA KTK  circle body and CS of joint forum of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA to resolve issues at SSA/Circle/CHQ.

  • AIGETOA GULBURGA SSA Genral body meeting Held at TRC on 21/12/2015.

    AIGETOA GULBURGA SSA Meeting was held at TRC hall on 20/12/2012 .11 to 13:00 hrs 

    Direct Recruited JTO’S of Gulburga all section and DR-JAO’s  have participated in the General  body meeting and  re-formed existing  AIGETOA District body of Gulbarga in the presence of CS, AIGETOA KTK circle and CVP Basvraju and Kishore Reddy DS Raichur .

    The Newly body elected is as follows: -

    District President SHRI.G.BHASKAR
    District Vice President-1 SHRI.NARESH
    District Vice President-II SHRI.SUNIL
    District Secretary SHRI.RAMESH
    Assistant District Secretary-1 SHRI. FARHAD ALAM
    Assistant District Secretary-II SHRI.KARTHIK REDDY
    District Finace Secretary Smt .SARITHA.J
    Assistant District Finace Secretary SHRI.V.BHASKAR
    District Organising Secretary SHRI.SURENDER
    Assistant District Organising Secretary SHRI.SHRIKANTH


    Executive Body Member-1 SHRI.SEETHARAM.K
    Executive Body Member-II SHRI.RAVINDRAN
    Executive Body Member-III SHRI.NAVEEN
    Executive Body Member-IV SHRI.SHANKAR

     All the DRs of Gulburga SSA shown full confidence and faith on AIGETOA Circle body.



  • CGMT Approval for DIARY 2016

    Dear All

    CGMT Approval purchase of Dairy 2016. DIARY 2016

    All DRs are requested collect Diary from AIGETOA DS

    Supplied by AIGETOA KTK Circle

    With detail  information  useful to DRs working in all section and Message From   Shri P.Nagraju CGMT Karnataka circle Message to AIGETOA KTK .



  • UF(AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA)Deferment of Organizational Action programs.

    Dear all

    DRs of Karnataka circle  UF(AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA)Deferment of Organizational Action programs.

    In response to the PGM SR letter number BSNL/7-3/SR/2015 (1&2) dated 14.12.2015 and the positive gesture shown by CMD BSNL and Director (HR) in the meeting held with the representatives of United Forum of BSNL Executives’ Association comprising of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA for the settlement of the demands on long pending HR issues submitted by United Forum, United Forum expresses its confidence on the firm & time bound assurances given by the Head of the Organization and decides to defer the ongoing action programmes for a period of two months. 

    Click here for letter


    The Minutes of the Meeting held on 11.12.2015 between BSNL Management and United Forum of BSNL Executives Association of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA’s representatives.

     Click here for Minutes

  • CHQ Update:MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON 11.12.2015


    The Minutes of the Meeting held on 11.12.2015 between BSNL Management and United Forum of BSNL Executives Association of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA’s representatives. Click here for Minutes


    Dear All

    As per CEC Delhi meeting Resolution all SSA visit of Circle body members 

    Mandya SSA Genral body meeting was held on 11/12/2015 at TRC 1st Floor Mandya.

    CS/CP/ACS DS and DRs of mandya SSA attended and dicuseed the problems faced at SSA/Circle/CHQ.

    Welcome speech by ACS Shri MADAN NELLORI and  Extended all kind of support from All DRs of mandya SSA ongoing agitation/Dharna.

    CS Sundaraju  Briefed about CHQ Delhi meeting details and CMD meeting at circle office .

    CP Ashok Y Shigli Addressed members assured DRs of mandaa SSA all kind of support.

    Shri Ramgegowda DS AIBSNLEA Present and assured all kind of support .

    All the DRs diceded to elect new District body to  take up issues at SSA/Circle level.

    Mandya SSA body Re-organised 

    1.District president Shri Nikesh Y K JTO  Pandvapura

    2.Assistant District president  Shri C.Shafeeq Pandavpura

    3.District Trsesurer  Smt Tulasi Vanamala JTO STR Mandya

    4.Assistant District Sec Smt C V Supriya JTO Srirangapattna

    5. Organsing sec Shri Madan Nelluri 

    Vote of thanks : DP Nikesh urged circle body members regular visit to Manday SSA.


  • Launch Hour Demonstartion Held all SSAs in karanataka.

    As per the call given by United Forum of Executive Associations lunch hour demonstation held at all SSA HQ in karanataka .

    IMG-20151212-WA0024 IMG-20151211-WA0021 IMG-20151211-WA0029 IMG-20151211-WA0041 IMG-20151211-WA0047 IMG-20151211-WA0048 IMG-20151211-WA0049 IMG-20151211-WA0061 IMG-20151211-WA0065 IMG-20151211-WA0066 IMG-20151211-WA0068 IMG-20151211-WA0069 IMG-20151211-WA0100 IMG-20151212-WA0021 IMG-20151212-WA0023


  • CS Circle office meeting with CMD BSNL and Submited Memorandum Reg Ongoing agitation UF.

    Submited memorandam on Behaf of UF AIGETOA AND AIBSNLEA Circle office meeting CMD

  • AIGETOA KTK CS/AP Visiting all SSA.Programme Finalised.

    Dear all 

    Circle and District body members and DRs of Karnataka circle

    AIGETOA CHQ CVP Shri Laxman and CHQ Ordg Sec(South) Shri Sridharbabu CS/CP and Circle body members visiting all SSAs

    As per discussion with all District body/SSA Co-ordinators  programme Finalized make necessary arrangement at SSA.


  • United Forum further decides to hold demonstration during lunch/closing hours on 11th December, 2015 (Friday) at all SSA

    United Forum further decides to hold demonstration during lunch/closing hours on 11th December, 2015 (Friday) at all SSA/Circles/BSNL CO in continuation to the earlier notified agitation programs. All the CHQ/Circle/Branch office bearers are requested to ensure successful holding of the agitation programs.

    The demands are as under:

    • Immediate withdrawal of the MT recruitment notification (SRD) dated 05.11.2015, scrapping of the MT, DGM RRs altogether and implementation of the recommendation of the committee headed by ED(NB) on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy in BSNL and standard E2 & E3 scales for JTO, SDE Equivalent executives.Resolution of various other long pending HR issues

    1. A:30% Superannuation Benefits to Direct recruits,

    2. Rule-8 transfer cases,

    3. Pay loss to JTOs/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007 and fixation of pay in respect of departmental outsider (TTA) appointed as JTOs, conduction of various CPCs in a time bound manner,

    4. first time bound upgradation in four years,

    5. declaration of LDCE results, notional pay fixation of all upgraded pay-scales w.e.f. 01.10.2000,

    6. post based promotions to PS to PPS/Sr. PPS, settlement of Pay Anomaly cases where junior executives are drawing more pay than senior executives,

    7. special recruitment drive for hard tenure/shortfall circles, restructuring of AD (OL) cadres,

    8. finalization of new SDE RR 2014 in line with association suggestions and other long pending HR issues submitted earlier.