• AIGETOA KTK BGTD & Mobile Services Conferance 26.08.2011

    Dear friends

    AIGETOA Karnataka Circle  BGTD & Mobile Services District Conference Held @Auditorium PGM Office Bangalore.

    All members of BGTD & Mobile Services, Data Network,STR,Circle Office were present.

    More than 40 DR-JTO/SDEs and DR-TTAs   participated

    AIGETOA CHQ President Shri Shilou Rao,AIGETOA ,KTK Circle body members attended meeting  ended at 9.30 pm.

    BGTD and Mobile service reorganized the Body.

    We would like to express a big  congratulations to all.

    Newly Elected body of Bangalore SSA (BGTD,Mobile  Services,STR and Circle Office)

    Slno Post District body Name Working as Mobile Number
    1 District President Smt Lata Jain GEJTO (IPTAX) NTB Bangalore 9449027635
    2 District Secretary Mr Chandan  Thomas GEJTO( MPLS) STR,Bangalore 9449850480
    3 Vice president Mr Gnanesh Kr SDE(DTC)NTB,Bangalore 9449016515
    4  District Finance Secretary Mr S Franklin SDE(ERP) Circle Office Bangalore 9449017027
    5 Assistant District Secretary Mr Harish S GEJTO(CDMA)NTB Bangalore  9449791230
    6 District Organizing Seccretary Mr Divakar BM GEJTO(IT)BGTD 9449008008


  • AIGETOA KTK Circle meet and BGD District Conference.

    Dear friends

    AIGETOA Karnataka Organised Circle Meet and BGTD District Conference  on    Friday 26/08/2011 at 5pm.

    Venue:  Auditorium,6th Floor,Telephone house Bangalore.

    AIGETOA CHQ GP Shri Shilouh Rao
    Organizing Sec Shri Adi Govind
    JS(South) Sri.Satyavardhan & AIGETOA KTK Circle body members are participating .All are welcome to discuss the issues related to Direct recruited JTOs and JAOs of Karnataka.

    Contact Details:   1. Ashok Y.Shigli CP AIGETOAKTK   9449857589                                                                     2. Manjunath BG  CS AIGETOA KTK   9448465116

    Feedback : aigetoaktk@yahoo.co.in

  • Dear All AIGETOA Karnataka members

    Dear All AIGETOA Karnataka members

    Today is 18th August, the proud day for this association. The day when this association has created history at Jantar Mantar. The day of gathering of thousands of engineers and account officers through“OPERATION SACRIFICE” to raise the voice against corruptions involved in BSNL. Now the same day has come again and once again given us the chance to celebrate this occasion by joining hands for“INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION”. This association appeals all it’s member to give support to this anti corruption movement in following ways from today till movement is going on:

    1. working in the office by bearing black badges.

    2. Joining candle march before & after office hours.

    3. supporting activist in any ways possible etc.

  • AIGETOA emergency meeting of CHQ and Circle Representatives held at Delhi on 7th and 8th August 2011.

    All the participants unanimously reiterated complete faith in the leadership of GS Shri R.P. Shahu/President  shri NJP.Shilohu Rao and authorized CHQ to take any decision in regard to the various issues pending.

  • Minutes of AIGETOA KTK BGTD meeting was held on 04/08/11 at NTB 5th Floor.

    Agenda points discussed

    1. AIGETOA CHQ Emergency Meeting at New Delhi.

    Meeting attended by CP  Ashok Y Shigli CS Manjunath B G, Finance Sec K.Jayakumar, Organizing Sec T S Manoj, Auditor Lata Jain, VP Srinivas Reddy and members of BGTD and Direct recruited JTOs.

    CS Manjunath briefly discussed all points and urged all members to support AIGETOA KTK.

    2. Organizing   Secretary Mr T.S Manoj urged All Direct recruited JTO/SDE of all batches united to resolve issues with management.

    3. Circle body decided to hold meeting at all level Bangalore and other SSA next coming days.

    4. Data Network Team Lead by President Mr. Durgesh submitted demands to CHQ.

    5. Finally all circle body members and DNW NOC Team decided to Support the AIGETOA CHQ all the possible way to solve genuine demands.

    6. The next meeting after Emergency meeting informing to all members.

  • AIGETOA Bangalore SSA Meeting – 4th August 2011 05:30PM

    AIGETOA BGTD organized meeting on 4th August 2011 05:30PM at New Telecom Building  (NTB), 5th Floor.

    Agenda: To discuss views on Emergency Meeting 7th August 2011 at New Delhi.