• AIGETOA KTK Circle Body meet DGM and other Staff of Recruitment section and discussed about LDCE eligibility

    AIGETOA KTK Circle Body meet DGM and other Staff of Recruitment section and discussed about LDCE eligibility. 

    CS Shri Sundar Raju, CWC Shri Harishankar Tiwari, ACS Shri Prashant Gaurav and BS CO Shri Pradeep  meet with DMG in recruitment section and discussed about the LDCE eligibility for DRs having training after 1st July 2010.
    AIGETOA is pleased to inform that discussion was very positive and we are hopeful that all the DRs will become eligible for forthcoming LDCE, hence we request all the DRs to apply well within time. 
    Regarding delayed in PVR case, DRs need not worry as for eligibility to vacancy year Date of training will be considered.
  • GS writes CMD BSNL to consider following submission in view of LDCE for SDE (T) to be held on 15th Feb 2015

    • Extending eligibility to the candidates recruited in same batch.
    • Reducing the minimum passing marks to 45% instead of 50% as recommended by the committee.
    • Issuing detail syllabus and distribution of marks for each topic.
  • LDCE 2015 Coaching Classes Sunday 30.11.2014

    Dear Freinds

    LDCE 2015 Coaching Classes starts Sunday 10am

    Interested DRs give Details(Name/Mobile Number/Email ID/Stream)

    to 1.Email: aigetoaktk@gmail.com

    Contact Person 

    1.Mr T.S Manoj SDE MSC CMX 9448010199

    2.Mr Konda Sivakumar Boppe JTO NGN 9448094500
    Place:6th Floor Conference Hall NTB Bangalore 01




  • Forum of association and unions in BSNL ignite for indefinite strike with 20 points issues- no place for DR issues

    Dear Friends

    Forum of Association and Unions have served notice for organizational actions starts from 11 Dec-14 with indefinite strike from 3rd Feb-15. They have included 78.2% IDA merger benefits for pensioners and pension revision apart from various development issues. This association is not against strike and demands but direct recruits executives as well as non-executives must think about this biased concern for not including 30% superannuation benefits to direct recruits. All absorbed executives are getting handsome pension yet they are concern about their pension revision but what about direct recruits who’s retirement benefits are on stake.

    Just think, 2001 batch have completed 13 years of service in BSNL and they have hardly accumulated Rs. 14 lakhs in their EPF account wherein 50% i.e. Rs 7 lakhs are contributed from their own salary. If someone retires today after completing 13 years of service he will get only Rs. 7 lakhs benefits for his retirement which is even less than one month salary. If BSNL will not implement 30% superannuation benefits as ordered by DPE then at the end of retirement (total 30-35 years service) DR will get retirement money from BSNL which is equivalent to 2.5 years salary at that time that too if they have not withdrawn single penny from their EPF account for emergency requirement.

    Some associations of absorbed executives are luring directs recruits in open platform stating they are very much concern about their pension, pay scale and promotion issues and they are committed to resolve these issues but when time comes these issues do not get position even long list of demands. AIGETOA doesn’t have any complain to these associations and unions as they are not meant for direct recruits but it is really painful that some our own direct recruits are joining these associations and making AIGETOA weak. It is also beyond our understanding that SNATTA who is representing direct recruits non-executives has become part of this organizational action and not insisted for inclusion of 30% superannuation benefits for direct recruits.

    Friends, we direct recruits executives and non-executives are sufficient to resolve such justified issues, the need is to be aware of such issues and to get unite. Unfortunately this is not happening. Think once again and keep fighting for our entitlements who knows one day all DR will get unite and things will get settled.

  • AIGETOA BANGALORE SSA meeting Held at NTB.

    Dear Friends

    AIGETOA Bangalore SSA meeting attended by DS Srnivas kr MC,and DRs form Circle office/NTB/BG East/Mobile service/NGN.

    1.Circle/CHQ/DRs issues updated to all DRs present in meeting..

    2.DS Bangalore SSA Planed to conduct  Bangalore SSA body meeting within 15 days and update paid/Unpaid members list.

    3.LDCE Coaching class schedule planned by experienced DRs who are working in specialized fields.

    All interested DRs give their name  by Email  aigetoaktk@gmail.com

    Coaching classes arranged next Sunday  at NTB/Circle office/BG East

    4.LDCE Eligibility issue will discussed with DGM Admin and CHQ for clarification.

  • AIGETOA BANGALORE SSA meeting on Saturday evening.

    Dear all

    AIGETOA Bangalore SSA meeting organised on Saturday 

    Date :22/11/2014

    Time:5.30 pm to 6.30pm

    Plcae :NTB 5th Floor Conference Hall.

    1.Discuss the latest update at Circle/CHQ/DRs issues related Bangalore SSA. 

    2.Collect information from all DRs those interested to attend coaching classes in Bangalore (Circle office/NTB/BG East).(Name,Mob,Stream) Suggestion/Feedback.
    3.DRs who are  interested to take coaching classes voluntarily in specialized field welcome give your  name early.
    4.Individual members issues if any.





    AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA Meeting with CMD BSNL : 

    GS AIGETOA Shri R P Shahu, JS (Central) Shri Vaibhav Goyal, VP Shri Mantosh Kumar along with GS AIBSNLEA met CMD BSNL on 11th Nov 2014 and discussed about all the pending issues. CMD stressed on feeble financial position of BSNL is the biggest hurdle in resolving HR issues but at the same time he assured that legitimate issues like Superannuation benefits, Pay scale, and Promotional avenue will be decided on merit. United Forum has also appraised about the dictatorship of CGM MP which has caused total unrest in MP Telecom Circle among all section of employees, he assured to look into matter with CGM MP.

    Date Posted : 15 November 2014


    GS AIGETOA has submitted views of direct recruits on the matter of finalization of standard pay scale. Click here for letter

    In view of various orders and recommendations Association justified E2 pay scale for DR JTO/JAO w.e.f. Oct-2000 and E3 pay scale w.e.f. 01-01-2007. Meeting of committee on finalization of pay scale and CPSE cadre hierarchy is rescheduled on 17th Nov 2014.

    Date Posted : 15 November 2014


    United forum of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA has submitted common views on switching over to on-line examination in BSNL. Click here for letter

    BSNL is presently conducting 36 examinations in Executives and Non-Executives cadre. United forum is in the opinion that these examinations were proposed in DOT time when there was monopoly in telecom but now in competitive market there is no relevancy of such examination rather promotion must be based on individual performance. United Forum has proposed only three exams.

  • LDCE for JTO to SDE Notification Issued BSNL CO.

    Dear all

    Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE) 2014 for JTO to SDE(T) under 33% quota will be held on 15th Feb 2015. Notification issued by BSNL CO. 

    Click here for Notification

    Date of Examination     :   15th February’2015
    Start of online Application  : 14th November’2014 (00:00 Hours)
    Close of online Application  : 13th December’2014                                                                          (24:00 Hours) 

    Click here for the Notification of LDCE-2014

    Click here for the Syllabus of LDCE-2014

    Click here for the SDE(T) Recruitment Rule

    Click here for eleigibility clarification Letter-1

    Click here for eleigibility clarification Letter-2


     We are also planning to hold group class/discussion for LDCE aspirants JTOs with our experienced colleagues.

    who are working taken coaching classes in LDCE 2010 and shown good result.

    Classes in Bangalore NTB/BG East/ some major SSA on holiday/Sundays .

    Complete Details Updated Soon


  • URGENT : RE-COLLECTION OF INTER-CIRCLE TRANSFER REQUESTS :Re-collection of data in respect of Pending Rule-8 transfer cases in JTO cadre

    from AIGETOA CHQ

    As per the discussion with GM (Estt.) CO New Delhi, additional two fields are added (Reason of Transfer & Date of Application) in the earlier online form for inter-circle transfer requests. Members are requested to please re-fill in the following online form within two days so that association shall have complete data in respect of pending Rule-8 transfer cases in JTO cadre. This data is urgently required to follow up the pending Rule-8 transfer cases .

     Click here for Online Form

  • Joint Coordination comitee of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA CS had meeting with AGM(HRD)&DGM(admin).

    Dear friends
    CS  shri Sundar Raju, CWC shri Hari Shankar and  Shri H.Y Andeli CS  AIBSNLEA had meeting with AGM(HRD)&DGM(admin) on 10/11/2014.
    Discussed on problem faced by executives who completed 5 years in getting the security deposit Amount i.e Rs 5000 from the circle office.After explaining the issue,AGM(HRD)convinced to take the applications from concerned admin sections without DD receipt & also informed that no written letter is issued from circle office to individual sections demanding the same.
    Discussed With DGM(Admin) about the Rule-8 transfer cases & stressed that the process must start .He agreed to take the spouse cases on priority basis within the waiting list.
    We expressed our worry before admin over the delay in relieving of a DR Shri.Bala Gandi from Mandya SSA after issue of transfer order also.