• Meeting with PGM(HR & Admin) on 29.01.2016:

    Dear all

    In continuation to previous meeting held on 27.01.2016,  Shri.Sundar Raju, CS AIGETOA KTK circle  had meeting with Shri.Venkateshwar Rao,PGM(HR & Admin) KTK circle on 29.01.2016 and discussed regarding relieving of JTOs under  Rule-08 Transfer. Finally PGM told that Karnataka circle will try to clear the waiting list up to the Year 2005 recruitment JTOs.

  • AIGETOA KTK Circle and District body members held Meeting with CGMT.

    AIGETOA KTK Circle and District body members attended the meeting with CGMT from 2.30pm to 4.30pm.

    Shri P.Nagraju CGMT , Shri Venkateshwar Rao PGM(HR/Admin) and Shri Angadi DGM)Staff),.Shri Janardhan Rao GM CFA attended meeting.

    CS Sundaraju welcome CGMT and PGM(HR/Admin) by presenting bouquet on Behalf of Circle and District body members.CS Sundaraju Explained to issues in details to CGMT in the presence of PGM and DGM staff.

    DRJTOs facing lot of problems in Karnataka circle due to Rule 8 transfer not happening since 2009. CS Explained the other circles like MH,Tamilnadu,ITPC pune,Chennai cleared Rule 8 waiting list.

    CS Explained the DRJTOs are working at all field, some of DRs facing lot problems at Home place(Taking care of parents/joining  spouse/childernes education mother language).DRJTOs/DRTTAs are taken responsibilty upto SDE level where  regular SDEs not posted. 

    CGMT given postive assurance on all issues related to DRs and improvement of BSNL services.

    AIGETOA KTK CS,CP,AFS,Disticr body members from  Raichur,Belgaum,Bijapur,Kolar,MPLS ,MPLS NOC Bangalore and Representatives of SSAs are attended.

    Main Agenda points discussed.

    1.Consideration of Rule 8 Transfercases of JTOs in karnataka circle.

    2) EPF :Implementation of EPF Coverage for pre induction training period.

    3) FTTH :


    5) Improving BSNL Services in Karnataka circle.

    Click here for lettrs 1.:Letter  Improving BSNL Services in Karnataka circle.2.:Dev suggestion



  • Meeting with CGMT Re-secduled on 27/01/2016

    Dear all

    Circle ad District body members  meeting with CGMT Re-secduled on 27/01/2016.

  • CGMT Karnataka Shri P.Nagraju Given appointment to AIGETOA on Monday 25.01.2016 @2.30pm.

    Dear all

    Circle /District body members and DRs of Karnataka circle.

    As per AIGETOA KTK Circle body resolution  taken on 09/01/2016,CS  Sundaraju met CGMT on 14/01/2016  and taken appointment with CGMT  to discuss Long pending DRs issues of Karnataka circle and Improving BSNL Services in Karnataka  on 21/01/2016 at  2.30pm.

    Main Agenda points 

    1) Rule-08 transfer:

    2) EPF :

    3) FTTH :


    5) Improving BSNL Services in Karnataka circle.





  • AIGETOA KTK CEC Meeting First week Feb at Bangalore.

    All DS/DP and Circle body members prepare for the CEC meeting at Bangalore in first week of February 2016, if DS/DP is not able to attend then nominate any two members from your SSA.

    Date and Venue informed shortly.




    EPFO issued order regarding removing the grace period of 5 days-Payment of contribution by employers by 15th of following month. Click here for EPF Order 

    EPFO discontinues grace period for payment of dues. (Source : The Times of India)Click here for news

  • AIGETOA KTK Circle body meeting was held at Bangalore on 09/01/2016.

    AIGETOA KTK Circle body meeting was Held at NTB conference hall  on 09/01/2016.

    CS Addressed the meeting and discussed pending issues of SSA/Circle/CHQ.

    CP Ashok Y.Shigli,CVP Basavraju K ,DS/DP/DFS of SSAs and DRs members of Bangalore SSA also present.

    After discussion with all DS and Circle body members fallowing resolution taken by circle body.

     1.Rule 8 Cases of Karnataka circle.It was decided that all DS/DP and Circle body members meet CGMT shortly.

    2.Request transfer of JTOs within circle.

    CS Explained the details of meeting held with circle administration and list published CS AIGETOA along with CS AIBSNLEA regularly meeting circle administration for all issues at circle office.

    3.Shortage of JTO/SDEs at Raichur SSA

    4.Refund of Security deposit of DRs.

    5.Circle/CHQ issues:It was deiced to take up issues to GS and AIP.






  • New year Greetings of Shri P.Nagraju CGMT KTK circle.


    Dear AIGETOA office bearers, 


    New year Greetings of CGMT KTK circle for our association

    CMT GM  1 greetings 2016