• CGMT Grants special leave for Circle Conferance.

    Dear friends

    CGMT Karnataka granted special leave for attending Circle conference all DRs of karnataka circle apply CL.

    Speci leave order by CGMTaigetoa


    ALL DRJTOs/DRJAOS Welcome for 1st Circle conference.



    Route Map:

    Venue:The Atria Hotel  

    No.1 , Palace Road, Bangalore 560001.

    Karnataka .

    Stay arrangement and any information Contact:

    AIGETOA KTK  Org Sec : 1. Mr T.S Manoj Mobile 9448010199

     AIGETOA KTK VP             2.Mr Rohith Ghour Mobile 9448010047



    Dear Friends

    Most of DRJTOs/DRJAOs asking queries why AIGETOA KTK Organizing in Hotel instead of BSNL Auditorium/Conference Hall 

    Only answer is we are not interested disturb office  full day(9am to 5.30pm)working day.

    Circle Conference /AGM  event Association internal matters privacy will not get to discuss issues in detail infront of others.Some of members worried to pay CCF for AIGETOA because they are dual association members s also and oportunist nature not supported DRs Dharana also creating negativity/missguide geniune members.

    AIGETOA FUND  STATUS: 14 DRJTOs Went to Delhi 10 days and Expense made by Circle(Only 200 paid members ).

    AIGETOA KTK Also contributing  extra expense Rs 500 requesting from members to meet one time event every 3 years.

    Now members strength  increased more than 500 and shown full, confidence  on AIGETOA we need to show  unity in front of management and GS RP Shahu .

    More than 60 DRs coming from Rest of Karnataka to participiate 

    Total we are expecting more than 150.and more than 20 guests.




  • AIGETOA BANGALORE SSA Re-Organised to cover All Units.

    Dear Friends

    One Bangalore with all units new Bangalore SSA Body Re-organised.

    DP Smt Lata Jain  CS Manjunath,Branch Sec BG East Mr Prashanth Ghorav met PGM(BGTD) and submitted body includeds all units(BGEAST/STR/STP/QA/BGTD Rural/Urban).

    PGM Shri Nagraju assured all kinds of Co-operation to DRJTO/DRJAOs  for betterment of BSNL coming days.





    District President Ms. Lata Jain SDE IPTAX


    District Vice-President – I Mr. Gnanesh Kumar SDE STR


    District Vice-President – II Ms. Sareeta Nayak SDE BB ULS


    District Vice-President – III Mr. C. R. Ananth SDE MPLS NOC


    District Vice-President – IV Mr. Vamsi Krishna SDE Hebbagodi


    District Secretary Mr. Chandran Thomas SDE MPLS NOC


    Asst. District Secretary – I Mr. Vinod Bansal SDE PCM ULS


    Asst. District Secretary – II Ms. Pallavi SDE BTM O/D


    Asst. District Secretary – III Ms. Bhageerathma JTO STR


    Asst. District Secretary – IV Mr. Naren Raju JTO P3 BBNW


    District Finance Secretary Mr. Venkateshmurthy SDE STR


    Asst. District Finance Secretary – I Mr. Rajesh Kumar JTO MPLS NOC


    Asst. District Finance Secretary – II Mr. Jason Pereira JTO QA


    District Organising Secretary – I Mr. Durgesh Kumar SDE BBNW


    District Organising Secretary – II Mr. Manjunath G JTO TXN KOR


    District Organising Secretary – III Mr. Ashutosh JTO Ramanagar


    Executive Body Member – I Mr. M. Raju SDE MPLS NOC


    Executive Body Member – II Ms. Hima Bindu SDE KOR


     Executive Body Member – III Mr. Manik K JTO MPLS NOC


    Executive Body Member – IV Mr. Jose Jacob JTO MS


    Executive Body Member – V Ms. Shubhada JTO IT JNR


    Executive Body Member – VI Mr. Rahul JTO VIJ




  • AIGETOA Karnataka calls for Nominations from DS/DP/members

    The  CP, AIGETOA Karnataka calls for nominations from Talented, experienced and having     leadership qualities from the paid members  for the posts in Circle body. Conditions are as below: 

    1. The member should be endorsed by the District body or District secretary.
    2. The member should have the support of the other members in the district and elsewhere.
    3. The Nominated member should be a paid member to AIGETOA up to Aug 2013.
    4. Ability to take leadership and discuss with management at all level  and solve the issues of

    DRJTO/DRJAOs of all  batches in assigned areas.

    5. Please submit the Nomination Paper:  Addressed to CP AIGETOA KTK   with the details work experience of the nominated person in brief by the Supported members (DS/DP/members) in concurrence with nominee.

    6. Circle organizing committee will decide the posts/office bearers to be nominated area-wise.

    Nominations are sought from the District secretaries for the

    1. Best performing officer for the betterment of BSNL in any field such as Technical, Accounts, Marketing or Customer Care etc, Kindly give a write up or brief of the works carried out by the officer.
    2. Best performing SSA Body: Well organized and maximum paid members.
    3. Best contribution to AIGETOA in Karnataka Circle.
    4. Best sportsperson if any.
  • Karnataka Circle Conference Highlights.

    Dear Friends

    Welcome our AIGETOA CHQ Team and once again  we need to show our unity/strength in front of the GS and BSNL management.

     Independent observer from AIGETOA CHQ

    Ø  Sh R P Shahu (GS CHQ)

    Ø  Sh Ravishil Verma (CHQ VP)

    Ø  Sh Satya Vardhan Rao (CHQ Joint Secretary South)

    We request All DS/DP and members to give name of participants List  before Monday to Org. Sec. Sh. T S MANOJ, Mob. No. 9448010199, tsmanoj1977@gmail.com/aigetoaktk@yahoo.co.in.

    The time and tide waits, but not the youth.



  • AIGETOA Members Database Online registered.

    AIGETOA Members Database from CHQ Karnataka Circle.

    All DRJTO/JAOs member/willing to be member of AIGETOA to filled online are  more than our expectation of  500 members.Total DRs 600 working in Karnataka who had shown faith on us. Thanks for their  faith and Support .

    The DRs who are not coming out of others (jail/others mercy for sake of transfer and posting)

    Those  associations are working day and night against Direct recruitees.   Some of them are full time leaders without working in the office and misusing of official facilities.  How the management can be silent  and not asking for  any explanation from them. We all are working part time  for welfare,Basic rights and genuine issues  of Direct recruited JTO/JAOs only.

    Take lesson from past experience and  understand  the situation and know who are our well wisher. Try to recognise the wolf  in the guise of lamb.  Appreciate,encourage and be supportive of the  Real working front.

    Believe AIGETOA and AIGETOA’ns who work for the upliftment of our Cadre and our Mother(BSNL)




  • AIGETOA Bangalore SSA Re-organisation.

    Dear Friends

    We all need to show our unity and strength of DRJTO/DRJAOs of Bangalore SSA. Bangalore SSA AIGETOA Body Re organisation planned on Tuesday 27/08/2013 Venue and time will be informed shortly.

    Those having eligibility criteria to lead DRs and solve the problems please come forward and take up the opportunity to serve to our DRs by DRs  under one umbrella.

    To play an active role in the association Bangalore SSA members includes Circle Office, BGTD, BBNW, STR, STP, QA, Bangalore Urban and Rural areas.

    Today Bangalore SSA body Re-organisation All the members welcome and make event successful.

    Venue:  Conference Hall NTB 5th Floor ,5.30pm


    Strengthen AIGETOA to make  things happen!






  • AIGETOA KTK Circle body Minutes of meeting.

    Organizing Committee for upcoming  AIGETOA Circle Conference.

    1.Rohith gour     VP AIGETOA KTK

    2.Jayakumar      CFS AIGETOA KTK

    3.T.S Manoj        Org Sec AIGETOA KTK

    4.Chandran        D T  DS AIGETOA Bangalore

    5.Lata jain             DP AIGETOA Bangalore

    6.Harishankar    Tiwari CWC member

    7. Prashanth gourav    Branch Sec DNW Banaglore

    8.Harsih S                    ADS AIGETOA Bangalore

    9.Charan                    Executive member

    10.Vinod Bansal     Executive member

    2.Welcoming of new SSA bodies formed to assure the full co operation AIGETOA KTK.

    3.Other interested SSA may organised meeting Circle representative ready to come meet all DRJTO/DRJAOs of every corner of karnataka.

    4.Nomination for CHQ and CEC/CWC members sought especially from active and experienced members.

    5.Transfer and posting of JTO/SDEs in Karnataka circle.JTO to SDEs  retained in karnataka with help of Administration  pending cases CGM recommended retain  in Karnataka.

    6.During AIGETOA Agitation program  others tried  hard to stop all  our agitation  never succeeded.All DRs irrespective of association supported all over Karnataka  Every DRs now their basic rights,Who is is well wisher who is  against DRs need not required explanation.

    Be United Together We  can,Together We have,Together we will


  • AIGETOA KTK 1st Circle Conference & Annual General Meet

    Dear Friends

    AIGETOA KTK  1st Circle Conference on 03/09/2013 at Bangalore.

    Our  Dynamic GS Shri R.P Shahu  jee Address the gathering along other CHQ office bearers.Every DRs of  karnataka come and attend listen motivating speech.How The problems of DRs taken at all level and monitoring every stage till final resolution.

    We are happy to announce  Circle Conference at Bangalore in vrry short period of time.

    All DRJTO/DRJAOs  attend in full strength  required.


    Click here to download >> AIGETOA KTK Circle Conferance Notice


  • Wish you all Happy Happy Independence day

    The flag of my country furls very high
    Other might have forgotten,
    But never can i,

    The Flag of my country
    Furls very high,