Shri.Ashok Y Shigli Circle president and Sundar Raju Circle secretary  had meeting with  Shri.Angadi DGM(Admin/HR) KTK circle and Shri. Shanbhag AGM(HRD)  in the after noon of 30.03.2016 and  discussed about status of Rule-08 transfer cases. Circle administration  informed that consent letter is received from AP circle rest of the circles have not sent any intimation letter. KTK circle is waiting for the reply from other circles and also the AP circle letter will be forwarded to SSAs for necessary action.

    From Association side we will put our effort to get the reply from other circles at the same time we request All other circle JTOs  to pursue  their case at home circle.

  • CHQ Update.

    GS AIBSNLEA, President AIGETOA and AGS AIGETOA today met Director (HR) discussed the issues. We apprised her about the resentment growing into the minds of the executives of BSNL due to continued delay by HR managers on the settlement of the pending HR issues and non-implementation of Khan Committee Report on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and implementation of E2 and E3 pay scales. Director (HR) appreciated the concern and clarified that matter has been discussed with CMD BSNL and on that basis very soon decision is to be taken on implementation of E2 and E3 Pay scale. On the issue of CPSU cadre Hierarchy, it was informed that shortly a presentation will be given to CMD BSNL and thereafter the decision in the same shall be taken in consultation with representative association. We impressed upon to give the first presentation on Khan Committee recommendations on CPSU cadre Hierarchy. Director (HR) assured that based on the Khan Committee report only, a decision shall be taken.We further reiterated our stand on MT recruitment and requested her to take necessary action for the cancellation of MT RRs as committed in the minutes. Director (HR) told that she shall be discussing the matter with CMD BSNL.

    We requested to issue the promotion orders from DE to DGM to fill up the 587 DGM vacant posts and also informed that about seven DEs eligible for DGM Promotion are retiring on 31st March and hence the orders should be issued by tomorrow to protect their pensionary benefits. Director (HR) mentioned that CPC work is in progress and the promotion orders will be issued by tomorrow i.e. 30th March 2016.

    The Team also met PGM Radio, chairman of the CPC and requested him to expedite the CPC work. He immediately called AGM CPC and signed the minutes of the CPC. Hence, the promotion orders can be issued by tomorrow.

    Thereafter, the team met CMD BSNL also and explained about the issues i.e. CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and implementation of E@ and E3 Pay scales on the basis of Khan Committee report. We also told him that we have complete faith on his assurances over all the issues and the same should not be deviated by his HR team. CMD BSNL gave patient hearing and told us that all issues are being taken care of. CMD BSNL shall be discussing the issues with Director (HR) and the HR team on 31st March 2016 in the HR vertical meeting.

    During the discussion with CMD BSNL, we extended our sincere thanks and gratitude for issuing the promotion orders to fill up all the vacant DGM posts from Group B Level executives. CMD BSNL reciprocated our gesture and asked us to motivate all the newly promoted DGMs to take timely and Firm decisions in their day to day work and bring more and more revenue for BSNL.

    We further reiterated our stand on MT recruitment and requested CMD BSNL to direct his team to move the file for cancellation of MT RRs and DGM RRs as committed in the minutes. CMD assured to look into the same.

  • SDE Transfer order issued by CO on 24.03.2016

    Dear All

    SDE transfer order issued by circle office on 24/03/2016

    SDE  Transfer  order 2016

  • 22/03/2016: MEETING AT MPLS(NOC), BG EAST:-

    We were joined by other senior leaders in our sister unit BBNW – Shri. Laxminarayana, BP, Shri.Chandran, core committee member  and Shri. Durgesh, DAC member. At the outset, GM (MPLS) must have been taken aback by the united show of strength of the full staff of MPLS NOC. Work came to a grinding halt for about an hour and the field units were under temporary stress due to this

    Shri.Sundar Raju CS,AIGETOA, KTK, Shri.Manjunath, All india spokes person CHQ. AIGETOA,KTK, Shri. Shrinivas Kumar, District secretary, Shri.Laksminarayana BGTD BG East Branch president and all SDEs and JTOs of MPLS(NOC) had met Shri.Madanpuri, GM(MPLS) and discussed the HR Issues related to MPLS(NOC) and the meeting ended with an assurance from GM (MPLS) that all outstanding issues will be sorted out in a month’s time.Meeting ended with the vote of thanks by Shri. Nageswar, BS, BG East.

    Minutes of the meeting will be uploaded shortly.

  • 21/03/2016: MEETING AT MPLS(NOC), BG EAST:-

    Members of AIGETOA working in MPLS NOC were under stress due to Mis-management and requested the association to take up their long pending issues. GM (MPLS) Shri K. S. Madanpuri was sent a formal request for meeting with agenda points on 21st March 2016 from our CS Shri. Sundarraju as a followup to the previous request already sent by our DS Shri Srinivas Kumar earlier. GM (MPLS) was avoiding giving an appointment despite several requests over the last 4 months. The issues were also piling up causing dissatisfaction among the executives of MPLS NOC both among our members an non-members. As we are in majority, we decided to fight unitedly to make our voices heard. Our CHQ Spokesperson Shri. Manjunath BG heeded to our call and led the march to the O/o GM (MPLS) at the given appointment time of 16:00hrs on 22nd March 2016.


  • 19/03/2016:- MEETING AT BBNW, BG EAST :-

    Shri.Sundar Raju CS,AIGETOA, KTK and Shri.Ashok Shigli, Pres. AIGETOA,KTK, core committee member Shri.Chandran, BG East Branch president, Shri.Laksminarayana had attended the meeting conducted by the BG East Branch. BG East Secretary Shri.Nageshwar had welcomed Association leaders and all Branch Members to the meeting.

    The following points points were discussed:

    1) RULE -8 transfers of JTOs:

    2)Consideration of Request transfers of JTOs who have completed 2 years of Service from one SSA to other SSA(Inra-Circle transfers):

    3) EPF for the training period:

    4) Members Grievances:

    Meeting ended with the vote of thanks by Shri. Nageswar, BS, BG East.

  • AIGETOA BG East Meeting Held MPLS NOC Bangalore.

    AIGETOA BG  East Branch  Meeting held at 6Th Floor MPLS NOC  attend by CS Sundaraju,CP Ashok.Y.Shigli,Chandran Core committee Bangalore SSA BG East Banach body members Branch Sec Nageswar rao,Branch president Laxminarayna,Branch finance sec Vivek Asti and DRs of MPLS NOC,BBNW attended.

    Welcome Speech By Branch Sec Shri Nageswar Rao.He appreciated the circle body functioning in Karnataka circle taking all issues to Administration regularly.How Rule 8 cases taken up by Circle body to PGM/CGM in the presence of  district body  members and active DRs participation.

    Shri Sundaraju updated  the Rule 8 issue/Request transfer issue of karnataka circle  and assured all the issues of DRs  will be taken by AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA jointly.

    All the services issues in the field  must be taken up at branch level, if issues not resolved within time period Circle body will alwayse take it up higher authorities to solve early.

    CHQ issues. E2/E3,30%SAB,CPSU,LDCE  result declaration.

    AIGETOA CHQ already had meeting with CMD BSBL,DIR HR for early implementation, He assured CHQ taking care of all batches and future of DRs also.

    Interaction with DRs  atteded meeting many members raised Rule 8,EPF Training period,EPF Transfer discussed .

    Bracnh President : Laxminarayana explained  the way of BG East body functioning and assured all kind support from BG East MPLS NOC and BBNW unit coming days.




    One of the friendly association…Oh …DR friendly Association…..has been making a lot of Hue and Cry about nothing….They even forgot the basic rule of verifying the facts before writing on their website…despite of differences in opinion. We considered them to be a responsible association… but their recent utterances…are forcing us to think otherwise…

    They have mentioned that NTPC is following a policy where an executive is promoted in same grade ….sir that was happening when the DPE order was not issued….after issuance of the DPE order which prohibits a PSU to have multiple grades in Single Scale, NTPC management rectified its promotion policy to fall in line….and now in NTPC when an executive is promoted to next grade,it is always to the next scale and never in same scale…

    But opposite is being demanded by our friendly association…instead of seeking amendments of the promotion policy at E9 scale in BSNL where multiple designations are there (Addl GM, GM, Sr. GM, PGM, CGM, etc..) they are demanding for introducing the similar anomaly at E3 level and they call themselves the crusaders of the Executive Cause…This is despite the fact that they are well aware of the fact that DoT has ordered recovery from the executives who have enjoyed increment at promotion in the same scale…citing the same DPE order…the aforesaid order was shown in the meeting and captured in minutes also and it was informed by management side they will not be giving increment in E3 to E3 promotions DPE and DoT orders prohibit it.We honestly fail to understand their motive..why they want to mislead their own members ( DoT recruited executives of 1993, 1994, 1998 etc. batches)…what to say about their concern for DRs. We once again leave it for the executives to verify the facts…

    Now with loss of words.. same association is misleading people by telling that AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA wants E2 from 01.10.2000…we once again clarify that we don’t want any deviation from KHAN Committee…we request the friendly association to show one place where KHAN Committee has written that Executives will be in E3 scale for 10 years…

    All we are demanding that Khan Committee recommendations be implemented in totalityi.e of replacing E1A to E2, and E2A to E3 be implemented. Nothing needs to be touched in EPP..it takes care of this as it states that first upgradation will be given in 4-6 years and subsequent upgradations in 5 years..where is the need to modify…who is asking to modify. Management is convinced of our submission…then why it is hurting the friendly association…why they are telling that they will not allow Sr. SDE and SDE scales to merge. Why they are saying that if at all merger be there. It should be in Sr. SDE and DE scale…it means they want a non-functional scale to merge with the next higher scale just to satisfy their ego and that the fact that the time period to reach DGM scales for young executives shall be getting reduced by 5 years vis-à-vis those who got E3 before 01.01.2007…where does the same generosity goes..when it comes to the benefit of DRs..why their hearts are burning…and they are calling us selfish people… Now it is for people to understand who is asking for cascading effect and who is acting as Road Blocker…and who is selfish…

    Which constraints and which ground realities…they are talking about…. there are no constraints as such…and management is also understanding our point of view. Then why it is hurting the Executive Association…why they are not supporting our view. What loss it is causing to them…its beyond our understanding…actually the only ground reality is the fact that they cannot digest the younger executives reaching the DGM scale five year earlier…if they were so sincere in their approach..why they didn’t disclosed the fact that management has conveyed that the increment with the so called upgradation in E3 to E3 will not be given…what is conspiring behind closed doors…sir….why this sudden change of heart in all matters….why suddenly they want MT….Why they want DGM recruitment….slogans of fresh..…n Young blood…why what happened….whether they also want to say that our blood has become rotten….why what our executives are not capable according to them or what….or they are just trying to infuse negativity and confusion in to the minds of the younger lot….they have named NTPC on their web-site…why they don’t want to emulate NTPC promotion policy….why suddenly they have started echoing the agitation warnings… we request them to stop playing with the careers of thousands and thousands of DRs…we may forgive them….but history will never forgive …

    They mention that Juniors reaching E3 scale in 10 to 11 years is a huge motivation… we also agree.. we supported it…but why it bothers them when the same executive gets the E4 scale also five years earlier….why they want the gain achieved in E2 scale to be loss of Five years in E3 scale….why it bothers them when the same Junior gets more motivated…then they start singing the song of merging Sr. SDE and DE scale…it proves our point that all they are interested in keeping the younger lot…in the same situation in which they are ..We want to tell them…Don’t try to befool the younger Lot….sir…act like a big brother…like AIBSNLEA did….remember….our proposal is not causing any loss to seniors….it only benefits the Junior,,,,,but their proposal is causing loss to Juniors as well as Seniors in terms of Financial losses…Career Losses…emotionally….and many such losses which may arise in future and are unforeseen today with next revision…..

    They say that senior SDE scale is abolished…then recovery may take place..it shows theirmind set of misleading people…when EPP will not be touched..how come recovery will take place.. All executives will get their upgradation in Five years…what will be recovered…we fail to understand…..they say that Youngsters will lose one assured promotion. WhySo…who is stopping the youngsters to reach E7.E8..E9… or do they also agree that E7 cannot be reached by Group B officers.Do they also believe in that E7 is forte of a particular group…if not then why you’re making people afraid of a non existant fear…we firmly believe that nobody can stop us ( Those who have age on their side) from reaching the positions of Directors and Even CMD…then what stops them from demanding the E7 for upgradations..…Remember that is not cascading effect….they shall be asking only for promotions…what stops them…Management wants to implement just the Khan Committee recommendations. Why they want change in EPP for promotion from E3 to E3…i.e. E3 for 10 years… also to be approved. To stop…whom…can they tell us ….Who is creating problems….in implementation…

    We also fail to understand what makes them to write…the words… reversion/demotion of the JTO/JAOs from E1A to E1 and SDE/AOs from E2A to E2 is more demoralising …….arethey planning to be part of any such game plan just to prove their point.

    You talk about one promotion for executives. We talk about CPSU hierarchy….we talk of our executives reaching to level of Director/CMD..They want executives to be restricted at Sr SDE grade …..Do they really think that executives are that much fool that they will buy their argument….

    We also believe that they have a so called distinguished and chequered history of Fighting for the cadre…then what is the sudden change that they are advocating for something to be implemented in BSNL which has been rejected at other PSUs…their stand on other issues also lets us feel otherwise…but we don’t want to do that…..we want to keep respecting them as they were…    

    We request them to become big hearted. We request them to Act like a Big brother…and allow all of us to keep seeing them with respect…it’s our earnest appeal to them…we won’t be coming up any more arguments now…time will be the best judge…as we know and all know what is good and what is bad…we will keep on doing the good work for the executives of BSNL….. 

  • United Forum(AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA) Meeting with CGMT KTK circle and PGM(Admin and HR) KTK circle.

    UF Meeting with CGMT KTK circle and PGM(Admin and HR) KTK circle.  

    Shri.Sundar Raju, CS,AIGETOA, Shri.Andeli,CS,AIBSNLEA, Shri.Banagar, ACS, AIBSNLEA had meeting with Shri.Nagaraju,CGMT Karnataka circle and Shri.Venkateswar Rao, PGM(Admin & HR) Karnataka circle in the chamber of CGMT Karnataka on 15.03.2016 and discussed the following points:

    1) Rule-08 cases:

    We thanked CGMT KTK circle for considering 64 numbers of Rule-08 cases and requested him to relieve JTOs as early as possible. PGM(Admin & HR) assured Karnataka circle has written letters to Parent circle seeking their consent and also written letter to SSAs for vigilance clearance. after obtaining these two Administration will issue the relieving JTOs orders.

    2) JTO request transfer:

     United forum requested to clear JTO Request transfer waiting list of Karnataka circle and also requested to cancel the temporary deputations already issued in Karnataka circle. CGMT Karnataka circle assured to look into.

    3) Improvement of EB section in KTK circle:

    CGMT assured to post a DGM/GM level officer to EB section of Karnataka circle to improve the business in Enterprise business of Karnataka circle.




    BSNL Corporate Office has issued Minutes of the meeting held between Management and the representatives of the Executive Associations. Click here for Minutes of Meeting

    A meeting is scheduled to be held under the chairmanship of CMD/Dir (HR) with AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA on Tuesday 8th March 2016 to discuss the pay scale issue and the feasible implementation approach.

    Date Posted : 25 February 2016


    United Forum of Executives Associations comprising of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA write to Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL regarding most frustrating and de-motivating situation in HR functions of BSNL. Click here for the letter