• AIGETOA Belgaum District body met DGM(Admn)

    AIGETOA Belgaum District secretary Mr Samsher Singh ,District president Mr Vithal K Jadhav,Dist treasurer Mr  Ravindar singh,Mr Rahul met DGM(Admn) and submitted AIGETOA Belgaum district body. DGM(Admin) assured all kind help to DRJTO/DRJAOs of Belgaum SSA.

  • AIGETOA RAICHUR SSA Body formed.

    Dear all
    AIGETOA Raichur SSA Body formed more than 30 member supported and full confidante on AIGETOA CHQ/SHQ CS Manjunath BG,CP Ashok Y Shigli Attended meeting,Some of DRJTOs not attended due to work exchange/DG problem but extended support to CS Manjunath over phone,Some of DRJTOs out of station all extended support this maximum support form North Karnataka after bangalore.

    Raichur SSA Body

    Raichur SSA Body

    Click here >> Minutes of Raichur SSA meeting




  • Core committee for CEC formed .


    CEC 2012 Karnataka Bangalore - CoreCommitee

    CEC CoreCommitee - KTK

    Dear All

    AIGETOA KTK Circle body CS Manjunath BG,CP Ashok Y Shigli,CFS Jayakumar,Org Sec Manoj T S,Web Sec DP Shivakuamr,Jyjesh and Bangalore  DS Chandran thomas,DP Lata jain, Dist Org Sec Diwakar,Assit DS Harish,Shameem,Andrew Vargashee attended and  passed resolution and formed Core committee for CEC .


  • AIGETOA Circle body meeting at NTB

    AIGETOA KTK Circle body/BGTD Body meeting today evening to to discuss and plan for AIGETOA CHQ CEC (Central executives committee) meet AT BANGALORE ON 16TH & 17TH JUNE 2012.

  • AIGETOA Central executives committee(CEC) meeting AT BANGALORE ON 16TH & 17TH JUNE 2012

    As decided earlier by AIGETOA CHQ, (CEC) Central executives committee Meet is to be held at Bangalore, Karnataka on 16th & 17th June 2012.  Notification for the CEC Meet will be issued shortly. All Circle Secretaries and CHQ office bearers should plan their journey accordingly as per schedule.

    AIGETOA Karnataka circle body thanks for AIGETOA CHQ Team for selecting Karnataka  Bangalore CEC meet.All the DRJTO/DRJAO/SDEs of Karnataka circle get ready for Big event in Bangalore.

  • EPF statement of BGTD 2009-10 Ready at respective DDO.

    AIGETOA KTK Circle taken up issue of BGTD  members with PGM/EPF commissioner, after continuous effort   EPF statement 09-10  available all are requested to collected from respective DDOs after two days.

  • AIGETOA KTK CS,CP,DS Met GM(Admn),AGM(Staff) at Circle office.

    AIGETOA KTK CS Manjunath,CP Ashok Y Shigli,District Secretory Bangalore Chandaran Thomas  Met GM(Admn),AGM(Staff),DGM(Staff) discussed issues of DRJTOs/DRJAO/SDE at circle office bangalore .
    Minutes of meeting held with GM (Admn), KTK CO on 22nd May 2012
    1. Rule 8 Transfer cases
    We requested GM(Admn) to consider more number of cases and especially the genuine cases/spouse cases/deputation for one year. 
    2. Mutual Transfer cases
    GM(Admn) said that Circle Office will issue orders after receiving report from the other Circles. 
    3. Clarification on recent orders issued in the KTK Intranet affecting young DRs
    (a) Rule-8 application to be allowed only after 5 years
    There was a concern among our junior batches if even Mutual Transfer would not be allowed. GM (Admn) allayed these fears and said that Mutual Transfer would continue to be considered. He advised however that the partner be chosen with care as recently there was a case in which the candidate from the other Circle backed out  after the case was processed and orders issued. 
    (b) NOC for applying to other PSU/Government jobs
    We impressed upon GM (Admn) that this order has caused a lot of discomfit among the youngsters in our organisation. GM (Admn) once again highlighted the circumstances in which this order was issued – acute shortage of JTOs in KTK Circle. We impressed upon him that it would not be right to block the career aspirations of youngsters. We also conveyed that NOC is required at the time of application itself and not post selection. This means that not all candidates who apply for NOC would be able to leave the organisation as they may not be selected. Finally GM (Admn) said that the respective GM can issue NOC. 
    This association shall continue to take up cases of members who are affected on case to case basis. Our young friends need not be dis-heartened by the recent orders seen on KTK Intranet. 
    4. SDE Transfer cases
    GM(Admn) said all the request transfer cases sent to corporate office.
    5. EPF issue
     GM(Admn) will instruct AGM from Circle Office along with concerned AO to hold meeting with EPF Commissioner for solving statement related problems of Circle office/BGTD/Mobile services.
    6.CEC (Central executives committee) CS Manjunath and CP Ashok Y Shigli is planning to  conduct CEC meeting at Bangalore. GM (Admn) agreed to be present. Our invitation is extended to Respected CGMT also. 
  • AIGETOA CHQ is planning its CEC meet in southern region

    Dear All 

     AIGETOA Planned CEC meet in southern, this will be great event never conducted southern states we request all the members arrange meeting at each SSA and inform to CP/CS AIGETOA KTK.


  • AIGETOA KTK CS,CP Met Data Network GEs .

    AIGETOA KTK CS Mr Manjunath CS,Mr CP Ashok Y Shigli attended meeting at Data network at Bangalore East 6pm 10/05/2012.

    District Secretary Mr Chandran Thomos  Explained the need of association in BSNL at present situation and District president  Data Network Mr Durgesh  urged members come united at one platform solve problems at all levels. All the GEs present asked queries about current status of BSNL, Future of GEs in BSNL Mr Manjunath BG Explained the Karnataka circle taken issues to management and CHQ resolve the problems. All the members shown faith on AIGETOA and full confidence on coming days in a better way Karnataka circle.


  • AIGETOA BGTD Meet on 5/05/2012

    AIGETOA Bangalore(BGTD+Mobile Service+Circle office)
    Arranged meeting on 05/05.2012 at NTB 5th floor at 5.30 pm.To discuss the issues related DR-JTOs/DR-JAOs/SDEs.All members are welcome.

    All the members outside Karnataka are facing any problems reg EPF/Transfer/Field problems send detail to CS/CP or by Email@aigetoaktk@yahoo.co.in.