AIGETOA Circle body meeting held at NTB on 11/07/2017

AIGETOA Circle body meeting held at NTB  attended by 
Ashok Shigli  CP
Sundraju  CS
vinid Bansal  CFS
Manioj TS  Org Sec
Chandran ACS
 Sumitra  AFS
 Uttam  ACS
Jayakumar CEC member
 Shivakumar boppe CEC members/DFS BGTD
 Harish  DS NGN/CEC member
Ajay kr  ACS 
 Durgesh kr  CEC members
Agenda points Discussed 
1.AIGETOA KTK Total paid members increased after  salary deduction .
2. Fund status of circle account.
Circle account Fund: Updated to all circle body members.
3.All Circle and district body members concentrate New members addition and reorganization of  ssa body by Aug 31
.Taking non members to aigetoa  membership : As per Joint CEC Resolution non members  become membe of aigetoa.
4.Participation on strike 13 and 27.
All members participate by applying one day cl. 
5. CHQ. Issues
.Informed to JS south for early transfer fund circle /SSA quota. 
6, Finalization of AGM date.
 Decided to conduct AGM in the month of September.
 Date  will decided after verifying avilibility of  chq representatives. 
Circle body Vacant post and adding new office bearers at levels ssa/ circle body. 
7, SSA body formation and reorganization
where DS DP DFS transferred. CS plan shortly 
8, Meeting with joint forum  . CS will plan after discussing with CS SNEA. 
jointly visit SSA.
As per Joint forum resolution CS both association plan jointly visit all SSA.
Resolution of joint CEC held at Delhi on 18/06/2017