ALL DRs of karnataka circle open your Eyes go through letter submitted . Whether AIGETOA opposed RULE 8 ?

Dear all

DRs of Karnataka circle

Some of DRs misguiding  by saying they only did Rule 8/only did intra circle transfer, AIGETOA opposed Rule 8 and AIGETOA Anti-DRs association.

Let us  open their eyes,

In BSNL, AIGETOA is the only one association working for 100% DRs  members.

we are not having any hidden agenda to protect.

After AIGETOA Intervention and Vigilant fallow up only everything was transparent.

AIGETOA Karnataka circle has never and ever opposed Rule 8  process

instead we started everything before they realise the importance of DRs and Rule-08.

Now without AIGETOA DRs they cannot dream to resolve issues at every level.

Letter to CGMT Reg Rule 8 by AIGETOA KTK.

(Letter submited to CGMT on 12.05.2017 Copy :ltr to cgmt 12.5.17 Reg rule 8)