• AIGETOA KTK Circle FY 2014-15.Reports sent to CHQ.

    Dear all

    1.AIGETOA KTK Circle account auditing 2014 -15 completed  by External Auditor: Report Sent to FS CHQ/Circle body members.

    2.CS Report FY 2014-15 and Problems of Karnataka circle and pending issues at CHQ/Suggestion/Feedback Sent to AGM Kolkota and all DS.

  • EPF for traning period to be paid for all direct recruits with penalty to EPFO by BSNL

    Implementation EPF pre inducation tarining period

  • Minutes of AIGETOA KTK Circle body meeting held on 01.08.2015

    Minutes of AIGETOA KTK Circle body meeting held on 01.08.2015 at NTB conference hall  from 5.30pm to 6.30pm.

    1.Homage  Late Shri APJ Kalam: All officer bearers and DRs observed one minute silence.

    2. Contribution of our members to Late Shri B. H. P. Marandi Fund.  AIGETOA DRs contributed Rs 10000=00 to WBTC Welfare fund.

    2. Status of LDCE/ DPC case discussed. 

    4. Status of Circle account upto July 31 2015. 

    5.Paid members/Unapid members  list SSA wise.

    6.Voucher/Expenditure Report from all SSAs for auditing      Circle account.

    7.SSA Body status/Action on In active SSA body.   

    8.Request Transfer JTO/SDEs  pending Discussed. 

    9.CWC AGM Kolkata participation  issues. 

    10.Circle issues Rule 8/Transfer JTO pending at circle.

    11.New SSA Body/Re-organization plan.

    12. Vote of Thanks: Mr Prashant Gaurav.