• United Forum of executives associations (AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA)Had meeting with Circle Administration CGMT,GM(Admin/HR),DGM staff Reg pending issues and improvement of services.

    `Dear Friends

    CS ,CP AIGETOA and CS,CP,CFS,VP, of AIBSNLEA Discussed pending issues of executives karnataka circle and  improvement of OFC team at SSA by supplying power meter/OTDR/Lown count cable/UY connectors.Seprate FTTH Team at Bangalore.

    CS Sunadarju and CP Shigli  discussed the issues of DRs of karnataka circle.

    1.Pending Rule 8 Cases of Karnataka circle. Sundaraju requested CGMT to consider all Rule 8 cases after 93 LICE passed JTO joined completion of training period and start the process early.

    CGMT assured maximum cases will considered those who have compleeted 5 yers of service acording to waiting list.

    2.Intera circle Transfer of JTOs. CGMT assured all the waiting list will be cleared this year.

    CGMT assured intera circle waiting list cleared this year.

    3. Forwirding of  JTOs applied to BBNW Bangalore :

    CGM instructed  GM(Admin/HR) foreword application .

    4. Tempuray deputation  JTO/SDE to different units.

    CGMT assured all temp deputaion will be cancelled as per new guidelines.

    5.DS AIGETOA Ramesh cases.

    CGMT called the GM Bellary and instructed solve issue .Reveling of JTO Srikanth Bellary to Raichur.

     6.Releving of JTO/SDE transferred by 30.07.2016.

    Circle administarion alredy issued letter yestrady releve all by 30.07.2016

    7..CGMT seek co-operation of both assoacion/all outdoor staff to complete the inundation of MDF/Piller/DP details in CDR.

    8.AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA Requested CGMT to consider the all the staff of Karnataka circle for sale of SIM/increase of revenue/improvement of services FTTH in all SSA.

    Both association agreed to extend all support to management.



  • Calling volunteer for inter circle transfer including hard tenure and other than hard tenure circles in the coming SDE promotion through LDCE held on 21.06.2015-

    Dear all

    Calling volunteer for inter circle transfer including hard tenure and other than hard tenure circles in the coming SDE promotion through LDCE held on 21.06.2015-Reg. STAF.

    All JTOs are requested submit option form urgently and send Softcopy scaned to agmpers2 and one copy to aigetoaktk@gmail.com

    volunteers passed JTOs

  • United Forum(AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA)Had meeting with Circle Administration.

    Dera friends

    CS sundaraju,CP Ashok.Y.shigli,CS Aibsnlea and DRs had meeting with Circle administration regarding pending issues met GM(HR/Admin) and DGM (staff)

    at Circle/SSA level already approval cases,

    1. Releving of JTO/SDE transferred on intera circle

    2.Injustice to JTOs who compleeted more than two years of service request not considered,

    3.Improvement of OFC team at all SSA for providing better service alloting  matrials,power meter,splicing machine,dedicated team of SDEs/JTOs.Bangalore SSA more staff to FTTH team.

    4.Improvement of EB taem for getting more new business in Bangalore/SSA

    5. Sending to VCs to corporate office  JTOs who passed LDCEs exam.

    6.Improvement of Mobile services  Karnataka circle  to improve mobile network services  specially in Bangalore where coverage/ call drops  issues maximum.


  • AIGETOA BELGAVI SSA Meeting Held at Conferance hall GMT office Belgaum

    Dear Friends

    AIGETOA BELGAVI SSA Meeting was Held at Conference Hall on 20/07/2016.

    CP Ashok.Y.Shigli,CS Sundaraju,CVP Bapugouda patil  DS Rahul Agrwal,DP Ravindra singh and DRs from all over Belagavi had attended the meeting.

    Shri Rahul Agarwal on his Welcome speech Congratulated AIGETOA KTK Team for taken Rule 8 cases to CGMT and Intra circles and reveling from SSA. He explained how the DRs of Belgaum SSA working hard at every unit.

    DP Ravindra singh explained that the work culture of DRs in Belgaum and how they gained the confidence of DRs towards AIGETOA.

    CVP Bapugouda patil briefed about the CHQ issues standard pay scale,superannuation benefit ,CPSU,LDCE, issues to members.

    CS Sundar Raju addresses the members and Explained  that

    How the Rule 8 issues were addressed to CGMT,Karnataka circle with full support of all DRs of Karnataka circle,Explained that all other pending issues are already  taken to CGMT.

    GM Belgaum  has assured all kinds of support to Newly elected office bearers of Belgavai SSA in the meeting.

    Belgaum3Belgaum 1



    1,. DP Prabhakar DVP Badiger

    2.DS Mallesh Ganji.

    ADS1 Veerendra Kr Singh,

    Ads2 Ramraju

    Org sec Sadiah m

    District treasurer Vishwanath khade

    Executive member Devebdra Kr Shivaprasad Vineel Kr.



  • AIGETOA BGTD Newly Elected had meeting with PGM .



    AIGETOA BGTD DS Pallavilatha,DP Lata jain,ADS1 Vamsikrihna,ADS2,Mouni priyadarshnai,ADS3 Himabindu.CS Sundarju and CP Ashok.Y.Shigli 

    The AIGETOA BGTD Newly Re-Organised body had meeting with PGM and discuss the issues  at Bangalore SSA different field units which the concerned staff are facing in day-to-day routine maintenance.



  • AIGETOA Banaglore SSA District Executive committee meeting Held at NTB 1.30pm TO 2.30PM

    Bangalore SSA meeeting Held at  NTB  DRs of BGTD,MS,,NGN,STR attend to discussed  issues of Bangalore,MS,STR.
    1.Bangalore  SSA  DS/DP/DFS report:
    2.Improvement of BSNL service issues in Bangalore transmission/Mobile service,CSC. Exchanges FTTH/CDMA discussed.
    3.Meeting PGM BGTD by district body with agenda points decided.
    4.CHQ issues slandered pay scale/SAB/CPSE/LDCE posting/Next LDCE.
    5.Local JTO/SDEs transfer cases pending at BGTD/STR
    6. Allotment of Quarters to JTOs/SDEs bgtd
    All the members decided to form Re-organisation  BGTD body to solve issues related Bangalore DRs
    BGTD/STR/NGN to meet administration regularly.

    BGTD Elected New body .

    District President Ms. Lata Jain BGTD 9449027635
    District Vice-President – I Mr. Venkateshmurthy STR 9449078777
    District Vice-President – II Mr Madhu Babu BGTD 9482073040
    District Vice-President – III Ms Saritha BGTD 9449850128
    District Vice-President – IV Shri Satish BGTD 9449015018
    District Secretary Ms. Pallavi BGTD 9449815162
    Asst. District Secretary – I Shri Vamsi Krishna BGTD 9482866200
    Asst. District Secretary – II Ms Mouni Priya Darsini BGTD 9449836433
    Asst. District Secretary – III MS Himabindhu BGTD 9449074422
    District Finance Secretary Shri Sivakumar Boppe BANGALORE SSA 9448094500
    Asst. District Finance Secretary – I Ms Kalyani BGTD 9448467790
  • AIGETOA KTK CP and ACS meeting with Circle administration.

    Meeting with Circle administration

    Ashok Shigli CP and ACS  Sourab Agrwal had meeting with Shri MV Angadi  Dgm staff reg pending issues of ktk circle.

    1. VC Ldce passed jto sending to Corp office.

    2. Reveling  of JTOs transferred on  intera circle and Rule 8.

    3. Consideration of temp transfers request deputation different circle on genuine cases.

    4.Security Refund JTO completed 5 years.

    5.Publishing of Rule 8 current list by removing transferred JTOs on Rule 8 and Cancelled JTOs

    6.Pending Rule 8 Cases consideration:


  • AIGETAOA Karnataka Circle NGN Branch Formed on 12/07/2016



    WhatsApp-Image-20160712 (1) WhatsApp-Image-20160712

    Dear Friends

    AIGETOA KTK NGN New Branch Formed on 12/07/2016 at NTB.

    Sundaraju CS AIGETOA,S.K.Hiremath CS AIBSNLEA Addressed the members.

    DRs of NGN Bangalore shown full confidence on UF AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA and assured all kind of support .Since both association signed joint agreement in 2014 at Hyderabad,.

    DRs of NGN interacted with both CS regarding earlier implementation of slandered pay scale,pay parity of post 2007 recruited DRs .SAB,CPSU and Rule 8  one way transfer, intera circle JTO cases,LDCE posting,LICE passed JTOs posting  of karnataka .

    CS AIBSNLEA Assured all kind of support to DRs of Karnataka circle and Rule 8 cases will be taken with management  maximum cases will be considered.

    CS Sundaraju assured AIGETOA Karnataka circle alondwith AIBSNLEA working every level at unit/Branch/SSA.

    United forum of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA sucssefully conducted Dharnaa programe at all over karnataka.

    AIC Mysuru Historic and CMD BSNL appreciated both association working for betterment of BSNL and taken all issues to CMD.

    All DRs are decided to form Brnach body to take up issues of members and BSNL servives to managmnet and UF.

    Bracnh president Dinakaran                SDE NGN

    Brnach Secretory  Harish S                   SDE NGN 

    Branch Fin sec Shivakumar boppe       JTO NGN

    Branch Org Sec Anish MP                      JTO NGN







  • AIGETOA BANGALORE SSA Meeting Held at NTB on 08/07/2016

    Bangalore SSA meeting at NTB

    AIGETOA Bangalore SSA meting Held at 5th Floor Conference Hall NTB.

    Shri Srinivas Kr MC,Smt Lata jain DP ,Shri Shivakumar boppe DFS and DRs of Mobile services,Circle office,NGN,BGTD,STR attended.

    Circle body members CS.CP.CFS and executive body members of circle and Bangalore SSA attended.

    All DRs expressed the full confidence on  Shri Ravishil Verma and Shri Laxman AIP CHQ. Newly elected circle body team resoving  issues of DRs allover Karnataka at circle/CHQ level.








  • AIGETOA KTK New circle body memebrs had meeting with Circe administration.

    DSC_0013 DSC_0012

    Dear Friends

    AIGETOA KTK New circle body members  had meeting with Circle administration Shri Nagraju CGMT,Shri Ashok Agrwal GM (HR/Admin),Shri MV Angadi DGM staff attended.

    All Circe body members present . CS Sundaraju expressed karnataka circle will cooperate with management coming days.

    CS on brief introduction meeting discussed the fallowing points.

    1.Releving all Rule 8 cases from SSA.

    2. Intera circle transferred JTO reveling

    3.Improvement of FTTH in karnataka circle Bangalore and major SSA.

    4.Improvement of EB section in karnataka

    5.improvement of Mobile network in karnataka