AIGETOA KTK Circle activly persuing all pending issues of DRs in karnataka.

Dear All

As per Letter submitted to CGMT all issues are actively considered by circle administration.

Letter submited to CGMT on 15/06/2017 :Letter to CGMT 2017-06-15

1.Now Rule 8 waiting published on 07/07/2017:Rule-8 WL as on 30.06.2017

and discrepancies send representation to Circle office. before 22/07/2017

Guidelines for Rule 8 waiting list Ref.procedure-for-R8-Request-Tfr.

2.Time bond Upgarde  status from circle:Time bond upgarde reply to corp office

3.VC of LDCE 2015 and DPC already sent.

4.Releving of JTOs Rule 8/intera circle :relieving JTO Rule8