• Massive Dharna at Circle Office on 30th July

    It was heartening to note the participation of members from the nook and corner of BGTD on the second day of the dharna called by CHQ. More than 100 members gathered.

    The issues for which we are agitating were explained at length by

    CS Shri Manjunath

    DP Smt Lata Jain

    DS Shri Chandran

    BVP Shri Prashant Gaurav

    An open session followed with sharing of views by Executive Member Smt Smitha.

    ULS3 ULS4







  • Hubli SSA body re-organised

    The Hubli SSA body of AIGETOA was re-organised to give new vigour to the local participation pertaining to the on-going country-wide agitation.

    The new body is as below:-


    District Secretary Mr. Gunasekhar R 9483502445


    Asst District Secretary Mr. Uday Kiran G


    District President Mr. M Venkatrao 9449858185


    District Vice President1 Mr. Rameshwarrao G


    Organizing Secretary Mr. Sobhan Babu P


    District Treasurer Ms.  Ambika


    Executive Body Member Ms. Ranjitha


    Executive Body Member Mr. Suresh L


    Executive Body Member Mr. Bhanu Pratap Singh


    Executive Body Member Mr. Balaji Rao K

    AIGETOA KTK welcomes the new body and assures full support and co-operation.


  • Dharna at KTK Circle Office on 29th July

    In support of the Dharna called for by CHQ and considering that all of us are not able to reach Delhi as per the call, we have gathered at our Circle Office. Our CS Shri Manjunath submitted a memorandum to CGM highlighting our issues and requested him to take it up with BSNL Corporate Office. More than 60 members were together and shouted slogans which caught the attention of all at CGM’s office.

    ULS1 ULS2 BGE1

  • Pictures of the agitation at BG East


    100% of DRs at BG East Telephone Exchange were out of office in support of the main agitation programme at BSNL Corporate Office. With this National NOCs are shut for the second week. AIGETOA KTK salutes the brave hearts. BGE2

  • Gulbarga district body formed

    AIGETOA KTK welcomes the new district body of Gulbarga SSA. Congratulations to the newly elected members. We are with you!


    1 District   Secretary Mr. Suresh   Kondabathula, JTO (MS), Gulbarga 9449833515 ksuresh520@gmail.com
    2 Asst District   Secretary1 Mr. Farhad Alam, JTO   (DRC), Gulbarga 9449833374 alam76@gmail.com
    3 Asst District   Secretary2 Mr. Rashmi Ranjan   Patra, JAO, Gulbarga 9483504834
    4 District President Mr. Seetha Rama Rao   Kolanu, JTO MS (O&I), Gulbarga 9483540444 seetharam.kolanu@gmail.com
    5 District Vice   President1 Mr. Manoranjan   Muduli, JTO, STR, Gulbarga 9449836121
    6 District Vice   President2 Smt. Bharati Tankala,   JTO (CDMA), Gulbarga 9449837622 bharati.tankala@gmail.com
    7 Organizing Secretary Mr. Bobbili Surender,   JTO (BB), Gulbarga 9480272233 bsurender880@gmail.com
    8 District Treasurer Smt. Saritha Sunil   Janagama, JTO (IPTAX), Gulbarga 9449067877 harshapr6@gmail.com
    9 Executive Body Member Mr. Sunil kumar behara, JTO   (Computers), Gulbarga 9483524411
    10 Executive Body Member Mr. Rajesh Pyna, JTO (STP), Gulbarga 9483545566
    11 Executive Body Member Mr. Navsheel Pandey,   JTO, Shahapur 9483500215
    12 Executive Body Member Mr. Kandi Ashok, JTO,   Sedam 9449399960
    13 Executive Body Member Mr. Naveen Goud, JTO,   Chincholi 9449036504
  • Letter to be submitted to your Unit


  • Letter to Circle Administration to extend support to our struggle

    Letr to CGMT 27.07.2013

    All DS/DP are requested to pass on this letter to the local administration.

    Friends, this is a do-or-die battle. Muster support and agitate till our genuine issues are resolved.


  • AIGETOA BIDAR SSA Body Submitted to TDM Bidar Today

    Dear Friends

    AIGETOA  BIDAR SSA Body formed on 21/07/2103 in the presence of AIGETOA KTK CP Mr Ashok.Y.Shigli and the same day CS Manjunath B G Called  DS over phone and assured all kind of support from AIGETOA  Circle body .

    Today DS  Mr   P.Mohan Rao and Mr  Devidas Biradar along with body members  submitted SSA body  list  to TDM Bidar  and TDM  Shri  Sudhakarudu Assured   to extend all  type of support to  AIGETOA BIDAR SSA.

    1. District Secretary                                        :  Mr   P.Mohan Rao   SDE  Bidar

    2.Assistant Distrcit secretary 1              :  Mr Bheem Reddy  JTO Basavakalyan

    3.Assistant Distrcit secretary 2             :  Mr .K.Rambabu,JTO,Bidar

    4. District President                                       :  Mr  Devidas Biradar,JTO Bidar

    5. District  Vice President 1                       :  Mr Mr.K.Gangaiah,JTO,Bidar

    6. District  Vice President 2                      :  Mr.Swami Mailaram, JTO(G),Bidar

    3. District treasurer                                       :  Mr  K.Karthik,JTO,Bidar

    4. Organizing Secretary                               :  Mr P.Peddababu  JTO Bidar 

    Executive body members   :

    1.Mr  D.Komaraiah                    :  JTO CDOT Bidar

    2.Mr G.Naveen Kumar           :  JTO OFC Bidar

    3.Mr  Azaruddin                          :  JTO MS Bidar

    4.Mr  JTO P Sai Krishna         :  JTO SDCA(P) Bidar  

    5.Smt  Krishnaveni                   :  JTO STR Bidar.




    AIGETOA CHQ GS R.P SHAHU Clearly Explained and discloses how others working for themselves(pensioner assn) not allowing even to raise our demands.They are main screenplay directors for today fate of GEJTOs. Unfortunately some of DRJTOs/DRJAOs(Due to fear of transfer and posting) still with them which will be confessed to tomorrow by our self. Be Unite to win all legitimate demands.

    In Some SSA of Karnataka received complaints leave not sanctioned by Administration by(GM/DGM/AGM) Ask them they are safer side getting  ransom salary/pension work for BSNL not against Direct recruited employees. We are not made any Dharana/protest rally just taken leave and protested for self respect. If situation not improve next week negative impact on BSNL services and among employees relation. We are not asking their salry we are fighting for our own rights as other PSU.