• AIGETOA KTK circle Meeting with Circle Administration

    AIGETOA KTK circle office bearers consisting of CS-Sundar Raju, CP-Ashok Y Shigli, ACS-Ajay Kumar Pidambarthy,  CEC Member- Manjunath B.Ghad meeting with Sr GM HR/Admin KTK circle Shri. Ashok Agrwal, DGM HR/Admin Shri. Angadi, AGM(HRD) Shri.Swaminathan in the chamber of Sr.GM HR/Admin office on 05.02.2015 at 11.30 Hrs and discussed the following issues:


     1)    Rule 8: we requested to clear the Rule 8 cases ( more than 215 ) pending in circle office as  LICE passed JTOs and GATE JTOs have joined the Circle. GM Admin informed that the Approved 55 rule 8 cases will be relieved in the month of March-April 2018 and Again Rule-08 will be revived in the month of April-2018. CGMT KTK circle has written a letter to Corporate office to post more number of SDEs to Karnataka circle up to the extent of JTOs relieved from Karnataka circle.

    2)    EPF training period: List of 05 SSAs was shown to us which have already deposited the interest part and the remaining SSAs will be done after discussing with GM Finance.

    3)    EPF higher pension: GM Admin will arrange meeting with GM Finance and discuss the matter and also intimate AIGETOA KTK circle. He has asked AIGETOA member also to meet with EPFO along with Accounts wing.

    4)    PVR delay cases: A detailed representation was sought by administration to fix the Date of Appointment. The effected DRs should submit their name and other details to Shri. Ajaykumar Pidambarthy, ACS in Mob: 9449037567

    5)    Longstanding SDEs: We requested Administration to stop the transfers as it is not neither benefiting employee nor Employer. A detailed representation was sought by administration in this regard. 

    6)    JTO/SDEs request transfer: SSAs are not forwarding JTO request transfer to circle and Circle office is not forwarding to corporate in the name shortage of staff, so We asked maintain WL at all level and forward the application.

    7)    SAB  implementation: Circle administration has to endorse the application to SSAs so we met Shri.Unnikrishnan, DGM(Finance) KTK circle  and submitted the corporate office circular to him. Also we met  Shri.Mahadev AO/ERP and discussed matter.

    8)    Implementation of term insurance policy to all executives and Non executives like MP circle: GM admin will discuss with DIR HR to implement on all india basis.

    9)    Security deposit refund: GM( Admin) informed that all the cases are done as and when JTOs are completing the tenure.

    10.) Intera circle request of JTOs. GM admin assured all pending cases completing this year

     Any New request pending will be maintained WL  publish for information to all.

  • Whole day Satyagraha for 5 days from 30.01.2018



    Update on Group Term Insurance at CO :

    JF leaders consisting of AIP SNEA shri A A Khan, AGS AIGETOA shri SK Pathak, VP AIGETOA shri Vivek alongwith CS AIGETOA Delhi Circle met GM Restrucuring Shri Ashutosh Gupta. According to him, management is trying hard to get quotation from LIC division Delhi. It is expected that Quotation would be received soon.

    We requested them to ensure completion of formalities by this month end



    All Unions and Associations of BSNL served notice to Secretary, DoT and CMD, BSNL for agitational Programme: 

    Agitation Programme :

    1. Whole day Satyagraha for 5 days from 30.01.2018. The starting of the satyagraha will be marked by the paying of SHRADHANHJALI at Gandhi Samadi at New Delhi on 30.01.2018 by the leaders of All Unions and Associations of BSNL.

    2. Indefinite Work According to Rule from 30.01.2018.

    3. Massive March to Sanchar Bhawan on 23.02.2018.

    Charter of Demands :

    (1) Settle:-

    (a) 3rd Pay Revision with 15% fitment from 01.01.2017.

    (b) Settle pension revision.

    (c) Settle leftout issues of the 2nd PRC.

    (2) Roll back the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company.

    (3) No reduction in the retirement age from 60 to 58 and no VRS.

    Notice for Trade Union Actions. Click here


  • AIGETOA KTK Meeting with GM Admin Circle office on 25/01/2018

    Dear All

    As per CS Sundaraju letter reagrding pending issues of Direct recruited excecutives of karnataka circle

    Meeting appointment has been seduled on 25/01/2018 at 11.30am.

    All Circle/District body members/DRs Any issue pending send Mail with details( SSA/Circle office)

    With Details/Suggestions/Feedback early.

    Email ID: aigetoaktkgmail.com


  • Karnataka circle issued for reimbursement cost of diary 2018.

    Dear all

    Circle administartion issued approval Karnataka circle issued for reimbursement cost of diary 2018..

    Diary 2018

  • CS AIGETOA Writen letter to CGMTkarnataka: Reg Pending issues of DRs of karnataka circle.

    Dear All

    AIGETOA CS Written letter to CGMT Karnataka circle on pending issues of Direct recruited executives of Karnataka circle.

    Any pending issue at Circle/CHQ send mail to Emaul: aigetoaktk@gmail.com

    1) Preparation of Rule 8 waiting list according Corporate Office guidelines  

    (Date of application criteria) .

    2) Clearing all Rule 8 waiting :JTOs those completed 5 years of service in Karnataka circle

         (after joining of LICE passed JTOs and Gate Passed JTOs)

    3)Publishing of intra-circle WL at Karnataka Intranet website

    4) EPF Training period interest is not yet deposited to respective accounts.  

    5).EPF Higher pension option for Direct recruited epmployees

    6) Superannuation Benefit for BSNL recruited Employees: calling of nominations is pending at

    7) Implementation of term insurance policy for BSNL employees of Karnataka circle

    8) PVR delay cases:

    Some JTOs of YOR-2007 and YOR-2008 have completed their Phase-I training before 01st July-2009 & 01st July-2010 respectively. After completion of field training provisional appointment order was not issued due to their PVR delay so there is 4-6 months gap between field training and appointment order date, this affects their seniority. So request you to rectify the same.

       9) Transfer policy of executives on long standing basis karnataka circle.

     10).Request transfer of JTO/SDEs not forwarded to Circle/corporate office/Non recruiting units 

    As per transfer policy  Maintain  WL at all level and foreword /publish on quarterly basis.





    BSNL Corporate Office issues letter for increasing the existing rate of employer’s contribution towards Superannuation Pension Scheme in respect of directly recruited employees of BSNL from 3% to 5% of Basic Pay Plus DA per month w.e.f 01/04/2017. Click Here for Letter

  • AIGETOA KTK 2018 Dairy inaugurated by Shri R mani CGMT karnataka circle.

    AIGETOA  2018 Dairy inaugurated by CGMT Shri R mani

    ACS Sourab Agrwal, and Rajkumar SDE CM met CGMT at circle office.

    AIGETOA 2018 Diary to Inagurated by Shri CGMT R mani

    1.DS/DP BGTD met PGM/GM admin on wished new year 2018 handed over 2018 diary

    2.ACS Chadran and BG east team met PGM MPLS/GM /DGMSTR  and handed AIGETOA 2018 Diary

  • AIGETOA Karnataka Circle Body Wishes Happy New year 2018.

    AIGETOA KTK Circle body Wishes all DRs of karnatka Circle

    Wish you happy New year 2018.

    1.AIGETOA KTK Diary 2018 sent to all

    All members collect.