• AIGETOA Circle Executive body meeting

    2nd AIGETOA Circle executive body meeting 

    Venue              :     5th Floor Conference Hall, NTB, Bangalore

    Date                :     11/03/2017 (Saturday) 10 am to 3pm

    (Detail Agenda points sent to all by mail)

    Agenda points:

    1. Collection of Membership Forms in the new format

    2. Maintenance of Membership Register.

    3. Fund status Circle/CHQ SSA/Quota .

    4. Circle issues:

    Rule 8/Intera circle transfer/EPF/Security deposit/Service related    plan of action

    5. CHQ issues: Pay parity, SAB, CPSU hierarchy: plan of action

    6. Discussion on strengthening AIGETOA KTK Circle: plan of action

    Co-ordination with other Unions and Associations. stratgetic alliance on common DRs issues.

    7. Joint meeting with AIBSNLEA Circle body.

    8.  Assigning of work to all  CEC members

    9. Re-organisation of SSA Body/Formation of SSA body.

    10.  Formation of separate teams to give support and feedback to Circle body


    With Best regards 

    CP Ashok y Shigli

  • AIGETOA Membership & Deduction of Subscription Form

    1. Revised Declaration for Deduction of Monthly Subscription from Salary :

    The Clause of signature of controlling officer on the declaration form for deduction of monthly subscription is stands DELETED. Now the declaration form is to be signed by executive and Circle/District/Branch Secretary of the association only.


    2. AIGETOA Membership Form:

    All Circle/District Secretaries are requested to ensure that the proforma is filled in duplicate by all our members, signed by them and countersigned by the Secretary and one copy handed over to the administration, keeping the other copy with us.


  • UF AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA Had meeting with CGMT

    AIGETOA KTK CP  ASHOK Y SHIGLI, and CS AIBSNLEA S.K Hiramath Had meeting with CGMT on 09.02.2017.

    Submited Letter to CGMT karnataka circle regarding Rule 8,intra circle transfer and LICE postings,EPF etc. after detailed discussion CGMT ageerd to consider our points in total

    Letter to CGMT 060217



  • Grant of facility of Deduction of subscription to AIGETOA, the Applicant Association- regarding.

    Dear All

    Circle administartion issued Grant of facility ot AIGETOA

    AIGETOA Sub ktk

    AIGETOA-Sub Hq