United Forum of executives associations (AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA)Had meeting with Circle Administration CGMT,GM(Admin/HR),DGM staff Reg pending issues and improvement of services.

`Dear Friends

CS ,CP AIGETOA and CS,CP,CFS,VP, of AIBSNLEA Discussed pending issues of executives karnataka circle and  improvement of OFC team at SSA by supplying power meter/OTDR/Lown count cable/UY connectors.Seprate FTTH Team at Bangalore.

CS Sunadarju and CP Shigli  discussed the issues of DRs of karnataka circle.

1.Pending Rule 8 Cases of Karnataka circle. Sundaraju requested CGMT to consider all Rule 8 cases after 93 LICE passed JTO joined completion of training period and start the process early.

CGMT assured maximum cases will considered those who have compleeted 5 yers of service acording to waiting list.

2.Intera circle Transfer of JTOs. CGMT assured all the waiting list will be cleared this year.

CGMT assured intera circle waiting list cleared this year.

3. Forwirding of  JTOs applied to BBNW Bangalore :

CGM instructed  GM(Admin/HR) foreword application .

4. Tempuray deputation  JTO/SDE to different units.

CGMT assured all temp deputaion will be cancelled as per new guidelines.

5.DS AIGETOA Ramesh cases.

CGMT called the GM Bellary and instructed solve issue .Reveling of JTO Srikanth Bellary to Raichur.

 6.Releving of JTO/SDE transferred by 30.07.2016.

Circle administarion alredy issued letter yestrady releve all by 30.07.2016

7..CGMT seek co-operation of both assoacion/all outdoor staff to complete the inundation of MDF/Piller/DP details in CDR.

8.AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA Requested CGMT to consider the all the staff of Karnataka circle for sale of SIM/increase of revenue/improvement of services FTTH in all SSA.

Both association agreed to extend all support to management.