United Forum(AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA)Had meeting with Circle Administration.

Dera friends

CS sundaraju,CP Ashok.Y.shigli,CS Aibsnlea and DRs had meeting with Circle administration regarding pending issues met GM(HR/Admin) and DGM (staff)

at Circle/SSA level already approval cases,

1. Releving of JTO/SDE transferred on intera circle

2.Injustice to JTOs who compleeted more than two years of service request not considered,

3.Improvement of OFC team at all SSA for providing better service alloting  matrials,power meter,splicing machine,dedicated team of SDEs/JTOs.Bangalore SSA more staff to FTTH team.

4.Improvement of EB taem for getting more new business in Bangalore/SSA

5. Sending to VCs to corporate office  JTOs who passed LDCEs exam.

6.Improvement of Mobile services  Karnataka circle  to improve mobile network services  specially in Bangalore where coverage/ call drops  issues maximum.