CHQ Update.

GS AIBSNLEA, President AIGETOA and AGS AIGETOA today met Director (HR) discussed the issues. We apprised her about the resentment growing into the minds of the executives of BSNL due to continued delay by HR managers on the settlement of the pending HR issues and non-implementation of Khan Committee Report on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and implementation of E2 and E3 pay scales. Director (HR) appreciated the concern and clarified that matter has been discussed with CMD BSNL and on that basis very soon decision is to be taken on implementation of E2 and E3 Pay scale. On the issue of CPSU cadre Hierarchy, it was informed that shortly a presentation will be given to CMD BSNL and thereafter the decision in the same shall be taken in consultation with representative association. We impressed upon to give the first presentation on Khan Committee recommendations on CPSU cadre Hierarchy. Director (HR) assured that based on the Khan Committee report only, a decision shall be taken.We further reiterated our stand on MT recruitment and requested her to take necessary action for the cancellation of MT RRs as committed in the minutes. Director (HR) told that she shall be discussing the matter with CMD BSNL.

We requested to issue the promotion orders from DE to DGM to fill up the 587 DGM vacant posts and also informed that about seven DEs eligible for DGM Promotion are retiring on 31st March and hence the orders should be issued by tomorrow to protect their pensionary benefits. Director (HR) mentioned that CPC work is in progress and the promotion orders will be issued by tomorrow i.e. 30th March 2016.

The Team also met PGM Radio, chairman of the CPC and requested him to expedite the CPC work. He immediately called AGM CPC and signed the minutes of the CPC. Hence, the promotion orders can be issued by tomorrow.

Thereafter, the team met CMD BSNL also and explained about the issues i.e. CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and implementation of E@ and E3 Pay scales on the basis of Khan Committee report. We also told him that we have complete faith on his assurances over all the issues and the same should not be deviated by his HR team. CMD BSNL gave patient hearing and told us that all issues are being taken care of. CMD BSNL shall be discussing the issues with Director (HR) and the HR team on 31st March 2016 in the HR vertical meeting.

During the discussion with CMD BSNL, we extended our sincere thanks and gratitude for issuing the promotion orders to fill up all the vacant DGM posts from Group B Level executives. CMD BSNL reciprocated our gesture and asked us to motivate all the newly promoted DGMs to take timely and Firm decisions in their day to day work and bring more and more revenue for BSNL.

We further reiterated our stand on MT recruitment and requested CMD BSNL to direct his team to move the file for cancellation of MT RRs and DGM RRs as committed in the minutes. CMD assured to look into the same.