United Forum(AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA) Meeting with CGMT KTK circle and PGM(Admin and HR) KTK circle.

UF Meeting with CGMT KTK circle and PGM(Admin and HR) KTK circle.  

Shri.Sundar Raju, CS,AIGETOA, Shri.Andeli,CS,AIBSNLEA, Shri.Banagar, ACS, AIBSNLEA had meeting with Shri.Nagaraju,CGMT Karnataka circle and Shri.Venkateswar Rao, PGM(Admin & HR) Karnataka circle in the chamber of CGMT Karnataka on 15.03.2016 and discussed the following points:

1) Rule-08 cases:

We thanked CGMT KTK circle for considering 64 numbers of Rule-08 cases and requested him to relieve JTOs as early as possible. PGM(Admin & HR) assured Karnataka circle has written letters to Parent circle seeking their consent and also written letter to SSAs for vigilance clearance. after obtaining these two Administration will issue the relieving JTOs orders.

2) JTO request transfer:

 United forum requested to clear JTO Request transfer waiting list of Karnataka circle and also requested to cancel the temporary deputations already issued in Karnataka circle. CGMT Karnataka circle assured to look into.

3) Improvement of EB section in KTK circle:

CGMT assured to post a DGM/GM level officer to EB section of Karnataka circle to improve the business in Enterprise business of Karnataka circle.