We were joined by other senior leaders in our sister unit BBNW – Shri. Laxminarayana, BP, Shri.Chandran, core committee member  and Shri. Durgesh, DAC member. At the outset, GM (MPLS) must have been taken aback by the united show of strength of the full staff of MPLS NOC. Work came to a grinding halt for about an hour and the field units were under temporary stress due to this

Shri.Sundar Raju CS,AIGETOA, KTK, Shri.Manjunath, All india spokes person CHQ. AIGETOA,KTK, Shri. Shrinivas Kumar, District secretary, Shri.Laksminarayana BGTD BG East Branch president and all SDEs and JTOs of MPLS(NOC) had met Shri.Madanpuri, GM(MPLS) and discussed the HR Issues related to MPLS(NOC) and the meeting ended with an assurance from GM (MPLS) that all outstanding issues will be sorted out in a month’s time.Meeting ended with the vote of thanks by Shri. Nageswar, BS, BG East.

Minutes of the meeting will be uploaded shortly.