AIGETOA CEC Succesfull Meeting Imapct on karnataka circle.

Dear all

JTO to SDE LDCE 2007 almost all DRJTOs posted outside Bangalore in spite of vacancy available exist in bangalore SSA/Circle office because AIGETOA not exist at that time/options not considered.
Now Other associations not happy with the way DRJTOs passed in LDCE 2012 exam they want all posting continue as officiating.More than 180 officiating SDEs working,posting order clearly shows whenever regular SDEs joins revert back officiating.But unhealthy practice continuing in BSNL we will not tolerate this time at any cost.

AIGETOA Karnataka CP Ashok Y Shigli,CS Manjaunath,ACS Sundarraj met CGMT and requested retain all qualified GEs in karnataka.
Long standing SDEs order not implemented properly changed as almost every SDEs.
Now After CEC grand success of AIGETOA all associations working against DRJTOs,reliving of old cases more than 3.5 years from PGM BGTD.Circle office not relived single SDEs transfer and some orders modified/sent deputation when required.

They wanted show as well wisher of DRJTOs but never support DRJTOs some SSA DRJTOs joined due to personal benefit.
AIGETOA Karnataka circle writen letter to CGMT/GM(HR/Admn)