AIGETOA Karnataka team met CGM on the 28th at 15:00 hours.

AIGETOA Karnataka circle team had a cordial meeting with our Respected CGM on the 28th of June at 15:00 hours.CGM was positive throughout the discussion on various issues that we put forth.CS Manjunath, ACS Sundar Raju,OS Manoj and DS Bangalore Chandran were representatives from the association side.A few of the important points are listed below:-

At the outset we thanked our CGM for participating in our All India CEC at Bangalore on the 16th of this month.

As we mentioned in our previous update, the non-issuance of NOC was a major point which is affecting recent batches of DR JTOs. The CGM was appraised of the recent order issued by the Circle Administration blocking NOC completely. He promised to have a re-look at this and said that NOC will be given as per the existing rulings on this. We appraised him that other Circles of BSNL are issuing NOC without attaching any attendant conditions.

In relation to the above point we also showed an order endorsed by our Corporate Office (in 2005) on the subject of Bond transfer while moving from BSNL to other PSU/Govt Department. CGM assured us that he will review this with the Circle Administration.

It was requested from the association side to re-start processing of the Rule-8 waiting list. CGMT said that once LDCE posting is complete, we will have a better idea of the actual staff position. We requested that he take a sympathetic view of a few individual cases especially on the grounds of spouse working in different Circle of BSNL.

TBP from E2 to E3 has not been carried out in KTK Circle. CGM said he will direct the concerned sections to expedite.