• Karnataka circle issued for reimbursement cost of diary 2018.

    Dear all

    Circle administartion issued approval Karnataka circle issued for reimbursement cost of diary 2018..

    Diary 2018

  • CS AIGETOA Writen letter to CGMTkarnataka: Reg Pending issues of DRs of karnataka circle.

    Dear All

    AIGETOA CS Written letter to CGMT Karnataka circle on pending issues of Direct recruited executives of Karnataka circle.

    Any pending issue at Circle/CHQ send mail to Emaul: aigetoaktk@gmail.com

    1) Preparation of Rule 8 waiting list according Corporate Office guidelines  

    (Date of application criteria) .

    2) Clearing all Rule 8 waiting :JTOs those completed 5 years of service in Karnataka circle

         (after joining of LICE passed JTOs and Gate Passed JTOs)

    3)Publishing of intra-circle WL at Karnataka Intranet website

    4) EPF Training period interest is not yet deposited to respective accounts.  

    5).EPF Higher pension option for Direct recruited epmployees

    6) Superannuation Benefit for BSNL recruited Employees: calling of nominations is pending at

    7) Implementation of term insurance policy for BSNL employees of Karnataka circle

    8) PVR delay cases:

    Some JTOs of YOR-2007 and YOR-2008 have completed their Phase-I training before 01st July-2009 & 01st July-2010 respectively. After completion of field training provisional appointment order was not issued due to their PVR delay so there is 4-6 months gap between field training and appointment order date, this affects their seniority. So request you to rectify the same.

       9) Transfer policy of executives on long standing basis karnataka circle.

     10).Request transfer of JTO/SDEs not forwarded to Circle/corporate office/Non recruiting units 

    As per transfer policy  Maintain  WL at all level and foreword /publish on quarterly basis.





    BSNL Corporate Office issues letter for increasing the existing rate of employer’s contribution towards Superannuation Pension Scheme in respect of directly recruited employees of BSNL from 3% to 5% of Basic Pay Plus DA per month w.e.f 01/04/2017. Click Here for Letter

  • AIGETOA KTK 2018 Dairy inaugurated by Shri R mani CGMT karnataka circle.

    AIGETOA  2018 Dairy inaugurated by CGMT Shri R mani

    ACS Sourab Agrwal, and Rajkumar SDE CM met CGMT at circle office.

    AIGETOA 2018 Diary to Inagurated by Shri CGMT R mani

    1.DS/DP BGTD met PGM/GM admin on wished new year 2018 handed over 2018 diary

    2.ACS Chadran and BG east team met PGM MPLS/GM /DGMSTR  and handed AIGETOA 2018 Diary

  • AIGETOA Karnataka Circle Body Wishes Happy New year 2018.

    AIGETOA KTK Circle body Wishes all DRs of karnatka Circle

    Wish you happy New year 2018.

    1.AIGETOA KTK Diary 2018 sent to all

    All members collect.

  • AIGETOA KTK CS Written letter to Circle administration implementation of SAB


    CS AIGETOA has Written letter to Circle administration implementation of SAB

    SAB_Corp_office order


  • AIGETOA Bangalore SSA DEC Meeting Held at 16/12/2017.

    AIGETOA Bangalore SSA DEC Meeting Held on 17/12/2017 at NTB Conference Hall .

    DP Lata jain,DS Pallvilatha,DFS Shivakumra AIGETOA Members from BGTD,MS,STR/STP/CO/NGN BG East

    Circle body members attended.

  • Delay in processing of SAB Nomination from BSNL Recruits reg-

    SAB Implementaion in ktk (3).2017

    Letter to CGMT SAB

  • TWO DAYS STRIKE 12 & 13 DECEMBER, 2017


    12 & 13 DECEMBER, 2017


                                                                                        NO TOWER SUBSIDIARY FORMATION

                                                                                        PENDING ISSUES OF 2ND PAY REVISION

                                                                                        Make the strike with 100% participation.



    Update on E2-E3 court case:

    BSNL filed affidavit today. Court asked BSNL lawyer to file today in registry. Our Advocate argued that compliance from DOT side is not filed by Secy(DoT) but by some Junior officer of Haryana to avoid consequences. On this Hon’ble Judge directed DOT to file compliance Affidavit from Secretary DoT with Advance copy to our Advocate. BSNL has stated in its affidavit that they did not implemented the DoT presidential order as the same does not appear to be in line with DPE guidelines and may result in reduction of scales.

    The case has been listed for hearing on 31st January 2018.

    Click here for the court affidavit