AIGETOA BG East submited letetr to KSCB Permissions to participate DSCB events Reg.

With reference to the above subject it is learnt that DSCB has scheduled various Cultural and Sports events from 25.03.2018 in BGTD. Also it has come to our notice that Non-BGTD staff are not allowed to participate in any of the Cultural and Sports events due to the reasons best known to the Administration. 

                It is to bring to your kind notice that Circle Office, Mobile Services, MPLS/NOC, BBNW NOC, STR, STP, NGN, QA, do not have their DSCB and hence Conduction and Participation in such events at this level does not rise at all. Hence the employees working in the above mentioned units will be deprived of all the Cultural and Sports events and to show their talents in respective fields and similar kind of event at all district Head quarters needed to motivate the employees and keep physical mental fit. 

            Participating in these kind of Cultural and Sport events among the various units of BSNL situated in Bengaluru will promote goodwill and cordial relation among the staff and will results in the overall improvement in staff relation resulting in improved productivity.  This is the only opportunity for staff of other units to interact with the BGTD staffs.  All these years, all the units were allowed to participate but suddenly stopping others is creating differences and bias towards other staff. in view of the above you are requested to allow other units to participate to promote goodwill among the employees.
                So we request your kind intervention in getting the necessary permission from DSCB BGTD for participation in events for various (non recruiting units) Circle Office, Mobile Services, BBNW, STR, STP employees working in Bangalore and these participants are ready to pay the necessary entry fees applicable for various events.


Thanking you,                                                                                                            


                                                                                                           (Sundar Raju )

                                                                                                                  CS, AIGETOA KTK


Letter to KSCB Circle office