Meeting with EPF commissioner , KR Puram Branch Bengaluru by BSNL

Circle secretary AIGETOA-Shri.Sundar Raju, AGM(Admin) KTK circle-Shri.Swaminathan, AO(Taxation)-Sri.Mahadeva, AO(EPF)-Smt.Suman bala had meeting with Commissioner EPF office K.R Puram Branch at 11.00AM on 14.03.2018 to discuss about two main issues and other issues.

1) EPF Training period: EPF Commissioner has assured to resolve the issue pertaining to EPF office and he will submit the Interest amount to be paid by the BSNL along with penalty by the end of April-2018.

2) EPF Higher pension contribution: EPF commissioner has said that this option was available in the year 2014 and now it is not open for the members of any organisation. we have demanded him for the reply in writing to BSNL. He has finally assured to give reply in writing  for the letters already sent from BSNL.

Miscellaneous: For correction of  Name, Date of Birth and Joining date of Members in EPF, Commissioner has advised to Submit online by Members.

All are requested verify EPF details and submit joint declaration to AO any correction: 

Joint Declaration EPF




EPF data

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