AIGETOA KTK Circle body had meeting with circle administration.

AIGETOA KTK Had meeting with circle administration on 05.09.2017

Meeting attended by Shri R Mani CGMT KTK, Shri Ashok Agarwal GM Admin,shri MV Angadi DGM staff.

From AIGETOA Shri. Ashok .Y.Shigli CP, Shri.Sundar Raju CS,Shri. Chandran ACS, Shri.Ajay kumar Pidambarty ACS, Shri.Bapugouda patil CVP

The following Agenda Points were discussed:

A.Service related issues: 

1)      Internet services Through Cable TV

2)      Improvement in FTTH services and Laying of Copper cable at newly developed areas

3)      New OFC cable laying at BGTD and other SSAs for FTTH.


B.Circle related issues: 

1) EPF training period interest is not deposited to Members account by SSAs since long.

2) EPF Higher pension option to BSNL Recruits, it will be endorsed to SSAs, so District secretaries should see that option form is submitted to your EPF office from Administration. 

3) Preparation of Rule 8 waiting list according corporate office guidelines

    (Date of application criteria)

4)  Clearing all Rule 8 waiting : circle administration informed that next batch of Rule-08 will be considered in the March 2018. After joining of LICE and GATE JTOs.

5. Posting LICE Passed JTOs: Administration assured to post almost all JTOs in the same SSA,and  also assured that previous Batch JTOs whoever posted to other SSA will be brought back to their parent SSA.

 6) Intra and Inter circle transfer: Forwarding of Request transfer applications JTO/SDE request transfer must be forwarded to Circle office/Corporate office.(BGTD/MS to other SSA/ Non recruiting units/Circle/SSA) administration assured to write letter to SSAs and pesue

  7)  Maintain waiting list at all level  SSA/Circle ,Whenever new JTO/SDE joins request must  by considered on priority maintain transparency.

C.SSA related issues:

1)  Gulbarga SSA:

2) Belgaum SSA:

8)  Bidar SSA:OFC Maintenance team require new vehicles at SDCA it is only possible only after scrapping old vehicles. This work is pending since long time, due to proper documents not available for old vehicles.

9) Group Term insurance to BSNL employees in Karnataka circle, a copy is submitted to CGMT to implement in our circle.

10)Time bond promotion orders E2to E3 and E3 to E4. SSAs are not forwarding APARs.