Meeting with GMM STR by AIGETOA BGTD team

Dear All,
   Congratulation to one and all involved in taking up these issue with GMM STR. After a detailed meeting with GMM STR by AIGETOA BGTD team, most of the issues have reached a logical conclusion, except the updating of KYC. We hope that as per the commitment of GMM STR, same will also be solved in due course of time, if not AIGETOA BGTD team will take it up again with GMM STR.

*  Updating of KYC in UAN portal for EPF case is pending at admin side.

*  Non-Payment of Honorarium amount even after having sanction orders.

*  Asking for Doctor’s rubber stamp for Outdoor medical claim.

*  Tentative updating of 1.5Lacs under section 80C of IT returns.