Truth is always bitter

Truth is always bitter and it seems that it has become indigestible to other associations. Never the less we are overwhelmed to know that our website is closely monitored by some of our counterparts (not enemies). AIGETOA KTK doesn’t believe in confrontation, but if someone wants to confront we are not backing off, confronting behaviour of others gives us strength to work for betterment of DRs in Karnataka.

Who is trying to gain mileage by cheap tactics was unearthed on 20-09-2014 when Mr. Balagandhi who is a  active member of AIGETOA Mandya body, his name appeared on other association website. Please find the snapshot of the same.

Click Here.

We can also take a letter from Mr. Balagandhi and put it up here, but we don’t want to harass DRs by such cheap tactics. If people read the name carefully they can identify the difference of Com. and Shri. used before the name, mistakes generally happen when people are not speaking  the truth.

Regarding transfer request of Ms. Deepika Singhal, AIGETOA KTK body came to know through our DRs of Kolar that there is a lady trying for transfer to Bangalore from Kolar on spouse ground since long. Seeing the genuine ground of the case and the hardship that she has faced because of mistake of Kolar admin we couldn’t have backed off, by not getting her name included in our request list of intra circle transfer. We are DRs association and will do anything to work for betterment of DRs. It is because of joint constant persuasion of AIGETOA KTK and AIBSNLEA KTK that the recent intra circle transfers have been possible; otherwise the list was getting long day by day without any one getting transferred. Fathers of success are always individual perspective and we leave on the individual to decide that how transfers have been accomplished. Credits are not extracted but earned. It is always given by others and let DRs of KTK decide who is trustworthy.

There are several other truths and proofs which when unfurled will open true faces of people but we are not here to fight amongst each other simply in the name of credit, we only get pleasure when someone deserving gets benefitted without other old means of transfer.

If someone is really bothered for DRs of Karnataka then let there be a joint effort by all executives association to get the Rule 8 cases cleared in Karnataka which is biggest pain in the hearts of most of the DRs of Karnataka. Doors of AIGETOA are always open for all and this we have shown with our recent endeavours.