AIGETOA GP and AGS visit to Karnataka under awareness and motivational prog

AIGETOA GP Sh  R.P Shahu and Sh AGS   Amith Roy visit to Karnataka under awareness and motivational programme :Vedios


MoM of AIGETOA Karnataka Circle held on 26/01/2014

A meeting was held on three main agenda points:

 Pay Scale and Pay Disparity.

 Retirement Benefit.

 Career progression.

The following members from Circle body were present:

Shri-             Sundaraju                     CS AIGETOA KTK

  Shri            Ashok Shigli                 CP AIGETOA KTK 

Dignitaries present from CHQ: 

Shri R P Shahu                                  AIP AIGETOA 

Shri Amit Roy                                    AGS AIGETOA 

Shri Manjunath BG                         CHQ Spoksperson 

Direct recruited executives and non executives  of Karnataka circle were present in the meeting. 

Meeting started with National Anthem on the eve of 65th Republic Day.

Welcome Speech was given by ACS-II Shri Prashant Gaurav, and three main core issues were discussed and explained in depth, especially elements behind pay disparity and negligence by BSNL management towards young executives of BSNL. 

CS Shri Sundar Raju addressed the gathering and apprised each member about the recent Circle achievements and steps taken to resolve circle/SSA issues 

Following were the MoM:

Shri Amit Roy addressed the gathering and apprised the members with following updates:

  1. EPF anomaly which was prevailing in BSNL when he joined, and struggle AIGETOA has put in order to resolve those issues.
  2. Members have shown full strength in historical August agitation and now Hunger strike is to show management that implementation has to be done immediately.
  3. Big injustice is done to DR Executive and Non Executive (i.e. TTAs) and we have to retaliate in such a way that not a single person in GoI, opposition, Media and management are unheard about our issues.
  4. Management says company is in loss and management cannot extend DR due, but why only DR JTO, JAO and TTA due should be stopped, stop it for all.
  5. Dealt with 30% superannuation, hurdles that were there in past, present due to management policies. He expressed that it is effecting all the DRs i.e. TTA also.
  6. Several steps were to taken to apprise CMD after August historical strike to update that the committees formed as going in wrong direction, but no concrete steps are taken.
  7. With commitment we will expose the sinister design of management, for At least 3 core issues related to DRs.
  8. Be ready for any call by CHQ and follow Circle and District body. 

Shri R P Shahu addressed the gathering and apprised the members with following updates:

  1. Apprised all the members that CHQ has served agitation notice i.e. hunger strike to management. He expressed the risk involved in going on hunger strike, but assured that CHQ is fully committed be whatever!
  2. Answered certain question that is in the mind of members. Like, what association has given to its members? Why we are not joining hands with other associations?
  3. Explained the background behind non standard pay scale and pension and how other association has betrayed DRs.
  4. Concern about the pay scale, and expressed that pay revision is meant for upgradation of the pay and not downgradation, hence at no cost we will agree without an end to pay disparity. He expressed that every employee is extended 50% pay hike why not the young comers who are backbone of this company and has long time to serve.
  5. Expressed his highest dissatisfaction with management and believes bringing pay parity amongst same cadre is not good and is a big financial loss for the company.
  6. Expressed that any company’s status rises with rise in the social status of its employees.
  7. Called upon all the members that either we should join this agitation now or we should start decreasing our daily livelihood status, otherwise people will face problems once they retire.
  8. If pay disparity is not ended then in coming days there might be a state of anarchy amongst same cadre, which is very bad for a company. Hence called upon HR wing of BSNL take intervene.
  9. Explained in depth about the forces in management who is the culprit behind non implementation of DRs Right in Toto.
  10. Explained the entire details of the 15th January 2014 interactive meeting with GM Estb. For 30% superannuation short falls. It was found that there was wrong calculation done and same was shown to the board. Shri Abimanyu BSNEU expressed his greatest dissatisfaction and has warned management for showing any manipulative data.
  11. Explained that why agitation is required and why it is required to be done in February. He explained that Lok Shabha elections are nearby and Code of Conduct will be imposed, then it will be difficult to get the demands in coming 6 to 8 months.
  12. Agitation in august was termed as historic and during that time CMD sir was giving assurance everywhere and also gave in written.
  13. Ignoring written agreement is like not obeying your own decisions. This was termed as Contempt of Court and we are filing Contempt of Court in the way of Hunger Strike.
  14. Explained in details how MT is like a sweet poison for JTO Cadre.
  15. Appealed to all the members that by shedding something today only one will get good social status after retirement, otherwise please change your day to day social status from today so that no problems are faced in future.
  16. Explained all the future course of action of upcoming hunger strike. 

Questioner session was arranged by Shri Chandran Thomas for all the present members: 

1)      Why are we not including DR TTAs with us? 

He explained in details that DR TTAs are also running on the boat similar to that of DR JTO, like 30% superannuation, Brining pay parity within TTA cadre. He expressed his willingness to include TTAs in this agitation because until the pay scale of executive is fixed properly pay scale of non executive will not get fixed. He extended his full support from AIGETOA side in future.

2)      Why not we are printing pamphlets and distribute amongst all the members so that those who are not into the agitation can also get educated? 

CHQ has noted this wonderful suggestion and will think in this perspective, considering economical status in purview. 

Issue pertaining to CHQ from Karnataka Circle was handed over to AIP by CP Shri Ashok Y Shigli 

Program ended with vote of Thanks by DS BGTD Shri Chandran Thomas.