AIGETOA KTK Meeting Details.

Dear Friends

1.AIGETOA Bijapur SSA meeting held on Saturday  attended by DS Vivikanda and AFS Ajay balaji and members, all DRs extended full support upcoming Hunger strike 03 Feb at corporate office.All DRS agreed decided to collect the monthly subscription of Bijapur SSA Sep to Dec early and deposit to circle/CHQ.

2.AIGETOA KTK Circle office Branch meeting held 

 Attended by CP,CS VP4,ACS2,DS,Br FS, and members all the members expressed their full support hunger strike  03/02/14.

3.AIGETOA KTK Mangalore SSA meeting held on Saturday by DS Chetan and DP Rahul expressed full support.

4.AIGETOA KTK Raichur SSA meeting held on 19/01/14

at TRC Raichur. Meeting attended by ACS1 Nagraju C ,ACS2,Prashnath  Gaurav,CVP2 Basavraj and DRs of raichur SSA. All the DR of Raichur expressed their full support and ready to participate any call from Circle/CHQ.