AIGETOA KTK CS Submitted suggestion to improving sales 3G data services.

Dear All

            We are elated that our idea is sought by the CGM regarding improvement of BSNL products and services.

            Many inputs were given by ingenious minds amongst us. There were suggestions ranging from personalized attention and time frame for customer support in the CSCs, developing the knack of zeroing into the target customers for niche services like blackberry, leased lines etc , professionalizing the call centers by educating the call center agents and asking them to use only BSNL services.

            There are demands seeking visibility of Brand BSNL by way of wide publicity & the universal complaint/fault booking mechanism to be educated to all customers.      

      Classifying the sectors and geographical areas based on revenue and hence focusing on these respective areas for improvement in core issues like Coverage, Feasibility, Reach, Visibility, Availability of Services/Products like EVDO data cards, Micro/ Nano SIMs ( GSM) etc. 

            Standard negotiation formula for bringing in more CUG/Corporate/Bulk customers.    

        Loyalty bonus and exchange offers for the loyal customers. 

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