Circle Conference and AGM of AIGETOA KTK


It was a historic occasion at Atria, Bangalore on the 3rd of September 2013 when about 150 members of AIGETOA KTK gathered to share their views and showcase their strength to the Management.

The highlights of the day are as below:-

The event started at 10:00AM with an icebreaker in the form of self-introduction of all the members gathered. We were overwhelmed by the support from delegates from all other SSAs of KTK.

Our ACS Mr. Nagaraju from Bellary delivered the keynote address. He extensively covered all the burning issues of DRs in BSNL.

Other DS/DP and some active members shared their experiences on the ground situation in various SSAs. They are en-listed below:-

Mr. Biradar from Bidar

Mr. Rahul Agarwal from Belgaum

Mr. Basavaraju from Raichur

Mr. P Rahul from Mangalore

Mr. Madan from Mandya

Mr. Seetharam from Gulbarga

Mr. Ajay from Bijapur

We are proud that we have un-earthed the young tigers of both BSNL and our Association as quoted by one of our speakers.

Our Guests of Honour arrived after 11:30AM and it was then a time of informal interaction over cups of hot tea and coffee. Those who were able to grace the occasion with their presence included - Shri. A. Mukhopadhyay, CGM QA, Shri. P. Nagaraju, PGM BGTD, Shri. S. Shenoy, Sr. GM EB, Shri. D. M. Ezhil Buddhan, GM BBNW.

On the arrival of our Chief Guest – Shri. R. K. Misra, CGM KTK we launched into the formal programme for the day.

Our comperes for the day – Ms. Lata Jain and Mr. Prashant Gaurav welcomed all those present. The dignitaries were welcomed on the dias and presented with a flower bouquet. This was followed by the traditional lighting of the lamp by all dignitaries signifying the beginning of a new chapter for BSNL and AIGETOA in Karnataka. The well known prayer song was led by Ms. Pallavi and team with the participation of all.

Our CP, Mr. Ashok Shigli, addressed the gathering. He touched upon the recent strides that we have made as an association. The topic of discussion for the day was – “Upliftment of BSNL & Future Challenges and Role of DRs in BSNL”.

PGM, BGTD addressed the gathering and stressed on the need for good customer care.

Our DS Bangalore Mr. Chandran touched upon the recent historic struggle at Delhi. He suggested how the management may open a path for the DRs to play a larger role in the organisation. He highlighted that change was needed in the outlook of both the management and our members for the upliftment of BSNL.

We had invited the officer bearer of other associations to grace the occasion. AIBSNLEA CS, Mr. Andheli was present and re-counted the days of old and the previous struggles in the organisation and for the cadre.

CGM QA shared a technical point of concern on the maintenance of batteries in our telecom network. He emphasised that this area is to be looked after by the employees as well as the management. Further he spoke improving customer care initiatives.

CGM KTK re-emphasised the theme of our prayer song – Hum na soche, humme kya mila hai, hum ye shoche, kiya kya hai arpan. He called upon us not to give excuses of shortage in equipment such as modems etc. but to dedicate ourselves to satisfy our customers. He also cautioned that most associations focus only on transfer issues and this is not a healthy trend.  He quoted from the Bhagwat Gita and advised us youngsters to dedicate ourselves.

Our CS Mr. Manjunath welcomed our GS Mr. R P Shahu onto the dias. He spoke on the potential that our cadre has and how the management is yet to fully exploit it.

Our GS Mr R P Sahu, highlighted on all the issues for which the recent struggle was called for and concluded. He emphasised that such agitations are not to our liking but there was no option left. He elucidated all the steps taken to highlight these issues over the past 3 years in an amicable way. It was only as a last resort that we were forced to take the path of agitation to make our voices heard. Our basic demands and genuine demands cannot be ignored.

Sr. GM EB addressed the gathering and spoke about the good-will that BSNL has among enterprise customers. He said that we need to strengthen Service Assurance and Service Delivery to match our competition.

GM BBNW addressed the gathering and assured us that the genuine issues would be taken care of by the management in due course. He noted that the BBNW staff are sensitised to take care of L1 infrastructure such as battery and not just upper layer devices.

A memento was presented to all the dignitaries as a token of our appreciation for sparing their valuable time and presenting their views.

A sumptuous lunch was again a time for informal interaction among all delegates.

The afternoon session started with an award presentation for following categories:-

Best Contributor to BSNL:- Mr. Shrimanarayan

Best Contributor to AIGETOA – Ms. Pallavi and Mr. Lakshminarayana

Best District/SSA body of AIGETOA – Raichur

Best Sportsperson of AIGETOA – Mr. Naren Raju

Our GS, Mr. R P Shahu spoke at length on the challenges faced by our cadre and the association. The doubts raised by our members was patiently clarified.

The new Circle body was unanimously elected. This time we have a good representation from the nook and corner of Karnataka!

Congratulations to the new circle body elected as per the constitution of AIGETOA .

                                 AIGETOA  Karnataka   Circle Body
CVP1(Kolar region) Srinivas Reddy MOBILE SERVICE 9449855669
CVP2(Bellary region) Basavaraj Totta RAICHUR 9449853933
CVP3(Belgaum region) Seetharam MOBILE SERVICE 9483540444
ACS1(Bellary Region) Nagaraj C MOBILE SERVICE 9448010009
ACS2(MPLS NOC) Prashanth Gaourav MPLS NOC 9483507035
ACS4(Mysore region) MADAN NELLORI MANDYA 9449048804
ACFS1(North Karnataka) Ajay BIJAPUR 9449037567
ACFS2(South Karnataka)        
Assit Organsing Sec Sourabh Agrawal CIRCLE OFFICE 9448470708
Web-Secretary HARISH S BGTD 9449991230
AUDITOR Latha Jain BGTD 9449027635
CWC MEMBER1 Harishanker Tiwari MPLS NOC 9449003023
CWC MEMBER2 Manjunath B G BGTD 9448465116