AIGETOA KTK met CGMT and Sr GM(Admin/HR) at circle office.

AIGETOA KTK CP,CS,Org Sec.ACS met CGM sri P Ragavan 4.30 pm at circle office and discussed the issues pertaining to DRJTO/DRJAOs and SDEs of karnataka circle.

1. Rule 8 cases are pending: At present total 102 JTOs are in the Waiting list, we requested to relive more number of JTOs who have completed 5 years of service/spouse cases.

CGM Reply: CGM assured to look into the matter with open mind and discuss with Sr. GM to accommodate as many officers as realistically possible including spouse and other genuine cases. He patted the DR. JTOs for their exemplary work in the field and remarked that we are irreplaceable.

2. E2-E3 time bound up-gradation of SDEs who had qualified LDCE 2007.

Sr, GM Reply: The Sr. GM in the presence of CGM assured the cases are already processed and the orders will be released shortly.

3. Intra SSA transfer request is not considered for JTO/SDEs :

CGM Reply: He has suggested that the cases may be resolved with the respective SSA as per with transfer policy and already issued letter to SSA Heads.Any help can be extended for inter SSA cases considered  every year regularly according to requirement.

4. Release of JTO/SDEs requesting for deputation to other organization.

CGM Reply: Since the JTOs/SDEs are doing commendable Job hence are non expendable, the request for deputation is unlikely to be considered in the present scenario.

We thanked CGMT for giving appointment to discuss the long pending and genuine issue of DRJTO/DRJAOs of karnataka circle.We are expecting good result after this meeting.