AIGETOA Bangalore meeting held on 15/02/13 at NTB.

AIGETOA Bangalore SSA meet held on 15th February 13 at NTB Bangalore 5.30 PM TO 7.30 PM.   

AIGETOA Bangalore SSA  office bearers and active  members were present. The meeting started with the welcome address by our DP Ms. Lata Jain.  

1.CS Mr. Manjunath, who graced the occasion and updated the progress made in obtaining E2-E3 TBP orders at the Circle office.

2.A discussion on the various aspects of the MTRR 2013 was held with the active participation of all gathered members. Suggestions were obtained from members for better future of DRJTOs . 

3.LDCE posting issue: AIGETOA KTK Circle already in touch with CHQ latest updates. 

4. Monthly Subscription of members status has improved and appreciated by our CP Mr. Ashok Shigli. He impressed upon the district body and DFS Mr. Venkateshmurthy to target unpaid members to ensure regular collection of subscription. BG East branch has made an impressive start in this direction with more than 40 subscribers as submitted by the BFS Mr. Rajesh Kumar.  

5.DS Mr. Chandran enquired about the status of issues affecting 2007/08 batches such as pay anomaly and confirmation of JTOs who have completed two  years of regular service. 

6. All the members proposed to meet at different locations to keep the moral of our members high and to the solve problems if any. 

7.EPF Issue. CS Manjunath explained that problem OF BGTD, Mobile services, DNW circle are resolved already and the Circle office EPF issue taken with administration several time not solved because concerned officers are busy ERP work. AIGETOA KTK circle decided in the last meeting held at circle office to meet EPF authority and resolve the issue early.

8. AIGETOA Bangalore  SSA body members were assigned task to contact all members/Non members  and to collect any individual problems at field level and brought to notice of DP,DS.  and requested to  Arrange meeting at all units of Bangalore monthly.