AIGETOA Hubli SSA body Formed.

Dear friends

The Hubli meeting conducted and was successful with the

presence of Mr Shilou Rao President of AIGETOA , Mr Nagraju ACS AIGETOA KTK

The following points discussed
1) Most of the DRJTOs members demanded to resolve the Pay anamoly of JTO Batch 2007 and 2008.
2) Some of JTOs EPF Balance sheet not tallied with the amt what
deducted from the salary. So asked the members to give personal
representation with all details to peruse the case at circle office.
3) Two members requested about the spouse case transfers . The AIGETOA assured them to get it transfers genuine demands.
4) There is no local major problems  facing at present any issue CS will discuss with Administration.
5) AIGETOA   clarified many other issues like medical bills reimbursement for indoor treatment,inter circle transfers  and other formal procedures.

The SSA body Unanimously elected as follows
1)  DP  : Mr Venkata Rao      Mobile:   9449858185
2)  DS  : Mr: Gunasekhar      Mobile:  9483502445
3)  DT  : Smt Soujanya           Mobile:  9449858195